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Nerdist Podcast: The Amazing Randi
Episode 654: Nerdist Podcast
The Amazing Randi
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: The Amazing Randi

The Amazing Randi talks to Chris and Jonah about how he came up with his tricks back in the day, how he figured out and performed them, and Johnny Carson smoking throughout every show. They also talk about the making of his documentary An Honest Liar!

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  1. amysrevenge says:

    Nice.   Love that guy.  I had a great “will he/won’t he” moment when Randi started talking about celebrity anti-vaxxers.  Good judgement to not say anything šŸ™‚

  2. ly000001 says:

    I heard there’s a big surprise twist in his documentary. Is it safe to listen to this episode without the twist getting spoiled?

  3. Woo Hoo! Got mentioned in the community cork board!

  4. Daniel Evans says:

    Loved this episode.. Keep them coming folks!

  5. klur says:

    I’d listen to a whole episode of  just Chris and Kyle’s opening banter. It’s adorable.
    The Amazing Randi only gets more amazing as time goes on.

  6. Nikki says:

    Chris, every time you talking about crunchy roll I get hungry.——I wasn’t familiar with this man before the podcast, but listened anyway out of curiosity. He is so sharp for 86!

  7. The Dude says:

    I love the nerdist and have listened to almost every episode, but had to turn this one off after the first ten minutes. If your a fan of his magic, great, but to hear him belittle people’s belief was heart breaking. I don’t care what you believe you have to respect other’s beliefs. Sorry I’ve never put something like this on here before either, but this episode really bugged me. 

    • Chris Hardwick says:

      You’re not listening with an open mind. He’s not belittling people’s beliefs. He’s belittling people TAKING ADVANTAGE of people’s beliefs and how, no matter how much proof you have that someone is conning them, some folks rush to give their money to fakers. It’s more about lying for profit. Same track as Houdini. 

      • The Dude says:

        Chris, Thank you for responding. You are right, and I should finish listening to the whole thing. It just at first felt like another Atheist calling people of faith stupid. Not something I ever expect from your show. Heck I like You Made it weird, but I expect religious talk from Mr. Holmes, and he has people from all sides of the discussion on. The other commenters just prove their own points about bigotry. You take a few examples and decide that all religion is bad because of this. Religion and Faith are good things, it’s what people do with them that are bad. 

        • Jarrod Egerton says:

          Well Dude , considering that today the Indiana Governor and Legislators just made it OK for the ‘Religious’ to discriminate against me, I’m not exactly inclined to say ‘I respect your belief’ am I? Thankfully I’m in Britain and have no intention of going to Indiana.

        • Julia says:

          Posting without listening? Just turn it off if you have a problem, but we should avoid rushing to judgement without even listening.
          If you listened, or if you read any number of psychological studies, you see that people of faith and atheists are susceptible to what was discussed. It’s part of the human condition. Look at the people giving money to 1-900 psychics. Look at the measles outbreaks in seemingly super liberal communities.
          And not that I subscribe to the eye for an eye style of discourse, but there are plenty of religious people who sit around and mock non-believers. There’s a prominent one in the headlines right now for doing it. “There are no Atheists in fox holes.” What do you think that is?

        • English Dave says:

          I’m not a religious person but I understand where you’re coming from. There are plenty of atheists and sceptics who fail to conduct themselves in a manner that pertains to the kind of tolerance and open-mindedness that they accuse their ‘opponents’ of lacking. I’m not necessarily saying Randi is guilty of this but I understand any initial reaction of defensiveness. I mean I agree with Dawkins’ position on religion but I have trouble connecting with him as a person, especially on Twitter where he comes across as crass and pompous. I admire Hitchens’ brutal takedowns of religious bigotry, but then he ruins it by turning into a war-mongering misogynist, especially in his later years. I guess my favourite ‘celebrity atheist’ (as daft as that sounds) would have to be Prof. Brian Cox who is suitably scathing of religious conservatism and its obstruction of scientific progress but yet still maintains respect for the history of various religious beliefs in the context of our evolution of the understanding of the world and the universe at large. I guess I’m saying that there are plenty of people, be they religious or atheist, who are good, normal people just living their lives who get caught in the crossfire of vitriol and horseshit.

      • Kevin says:

        I generally listen to ALL Nerdist podcasts and was hesitant to download this one at first because of all of the hatred I’ve seen spewed from many of Randi’s followers. I’ll give him a chance and listen.

    • Jim says:

      Forsyth Area Critical Thinkers (FACT)

      • Jim says:

        Well that was a fail. If you think everyone is entitled to their beliefs and should never be called out on them then are you ok with White Supremacists? Boko Horam? Naziism? James Randi’s purpose in life is to teach people how to think better not what to think. I modeled my own own organization FACT, based on his principles. People like anti vaxxers, anti-GMO radicals, faith healers etc hurt our society. Like my pop always told me, if your not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

    • Jarrod Egerton says:

      Why should we Dude? We don’t ‘respect’ peoples belief that they are willing to kill for their religion and bring on Armageddon and wage a Holy Jihad/Crusade.  I don’t respect someones bigotry and prejudice just because it’s wrapped up in their ‘Religion.’ It’s just a question of level. Randi isn’t belittling religion (although I’m more than happy to do so) he’s taking on conmen and women, to turn away just because they’ve wrapped themselves in the cloak of Religion, or spiritualism in the case of Gellar, would be a crime against humanity.

  8. Dai Kornberg says:

    He is one of the great atheists along with Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens…

    • Logan says:

      “The great atheists” is an off putting thing to read. I identify as atheist, but creating idols out of atheists seems too similar to religious structures that can be harmful. Maybe instead he is a great person. We can all relate to a great person.

  9. Kittnen says:

    I literally squealed when I saw Randi pop up on Stitcher under this podcast. I knew it would be a great episode, and it did not disappoint. Randi introduced me to skepticism and for that I am forever thankful. He truly is amazing and I can’t wait to see the film.

  10. erik says:

    Really enjoyed this. Gonna check out the movie.

  11. MikePGS says:

    Holy shit that’s an awesome picture of The Amazing Randi!

    • Greg Little says:

      Like a lone warrior, braving the elements of skepticism in a never-ending battle…………as long as we just temporarily forget about the James Randi Foundation consisting of his wonderful colleagues and piers šŸ˜‰ Chuckle!

  12. MrTingles says:

    For a second i thought this was a previously recorded episode with Terry Pratchett. Now I am sad all over again.

  13. Greg Little says:

    Good grief! So excited for Amazing Randi! Been hoping for this episode for a while now! Thank you SO much Nerdist Industries!