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Episode 194: Nerdist Podcast
Tenacious D
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Tenacious D

Jack Black & Kyle Gass join Chris & Jonah at Swinghouse Studios in Los Angeles for a chitty chat about country music, making fun of other bands, and how to approach Michael Stipe at a party. PLUS! The D perform a couple of songs from their fantastic new album “Rise of the Fenix” as well as a couple of classics–one of which might melt your brain out of your ears with awesomeness. This episode is definitely “beyond the rim of the starlight!”

Pre-order “Rize Of The Fenix” today!

Artwork by Dana Lechtenberg

This episode is brought to you by Click on the radio microphone and enter Nerdist to start a no risk trial and get a bonus offer worth $110!

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  1. Alex says:

    In which Hardwick mentions loving Tropic Thunder but later jokes about the Blue Man group having “Blue Face”.

    Clearly he realises black face is insulting and wrong.
    So personally I am disappointed he’d promote Tropic Thunder as a good movie after RDJs flagrant example of it playing Kirk Lazarus.

    Apathetic racism.

  2. kamenriderstrongest says:

    what was the song Jack Black admitted liking despite it being a “shitty” one? i cant get it out of my head

  3. setlasmon says:

    awesome ‘cast, nerd-bros! loved it most when JB got tired of his point mid sentence.. buaaaaahahahahhaahaaaaa!

    just a note, not trying to get all Louis CK/Dane Cook about it, but Adam Carolla has been reaaaally big into the power-sniff lately. just sayin.

  4. Aeshir says:


  5. Julia Hays says:

    THE D! Wow, this was a great episode. I still remember coming home with their first album when I was in high school and memorizing it in a week. I still sing it in the car (vocals AND guitar solos, of course.) This was so much fun, and I loved the request for something a little different at the end. I’ve never heard them cover the Star Trek theme, and Jack’s voice sounds amazing on it. Can’t wait for the new album!

  6. Kiel says:

    Matt is gonna be pissed he missed this one-that ending was fucking awesome!

  7. KiddeStarr says:

    Holy Smokes!! That was an amazing podcast. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this. I love the D and this was just everything that is awesome in the world right now.

  8. JonBoy says:

    Awesome episode! So pumped for the new album!! It took no time at all for the guys to prepare for the songs, true (hilarious) musicians!

  9. Tommy Z says:

    That was the most awsome podcast episode i’ve heard in the longest time! I’ve always been a fan of The D, but after this episode, i’m actually gonna buy the new album!!! FULL PRICE EVEN! Everything about this show was awsome! give us more!

  10. amysrevenge says:

    I’m not gonna lie to you Marge, that last song was pretty special.

  11. Toonsmyth says:

    LONG LIVE THE D!!! Welcome back! We missed you! I have a reason to listen to music again! It breaks my heart that I have outgrown Weird Al, only because I don’t listen to the source material he parodies, but the D is TIMELESS and that’s what makes them so EPIC!!! Thank you for this podcast/preview concert!

  12. Angel says:

    This was… one of your best pod-cast ever! Even after all these episodes you still find a way to wow me…

    Also that ending! That ending was epic!

  13. Matt H. says:

    The whole thing was great, but SWEET BABY FSM THE STAR TREK THEME! That was awesome!

  14. DEE says:

    Methemoglobinemia and Argyia are both “blue person” conditions. I was fortunate to have seen one while working as a Nursing assistant! To The D: I support this cause…or you could go with this:
    Sound like this would make a great song! Thank you Nerdist for this awesome interview!

  15. Grimold77 says:

    Now that I’ve listened to the episode, the CSI team that is here to view the shattered remains of my mind would like to thank you, for now they know the POWER of the D.

    Gonna change my undies again…

  16. Grimold77 says:

    I haven’t even started the podcast and already my mind has been irreparably blown. I may never be the same again. Now to change my undies and listen.

  17. Ty says:

    Belknap must be so jealous.

  18. Joshua Cross says:

    In my opinion, this is by far the BEST Nerdist Podcast I have listened to. Jables and Kage, you guys are coming to Kansas City in July, and I am going to sell parts of my body, if not the whole thing, to be at that show. Jables you are my hero, and I wish I had even a small fraction of the talent you have. Kage, you also my hero, because you play the guitar like Dr. G plays drums, with all of heart, and like a god.

  19. Three Toes of Fury says:

    The D meets The Nerdist.
    [email protected]#$ING AWESOMENARDS!
    Oh man…and the final song that Chris asks them to play?!?!….its beyond a special treat…its day-making-goodness.

    Thanks dudes for continuing to burrow into the brains of your fans while we sleep, figure out the perfect guests that we’d like to hear, and then make it a reality.

    Peace .n. dont make the Rage-Kage angry.


  20. Aaron says:

    Nevermind, it is closed too. Hadn’t been there in years. That sucks.

  21. Aaron says:

    Guys, Mo Betta Meatty Meat Burgers is in the same neighborhood, it’s just now called Indulge Cafe. Same burgers, same fries.

  22. jeremyosborne81 says:

    I must apologize in advance, but I’m about to nerd-out on you guys … about Garth Brooks.

    However, this is the Nerdist website and I’m going to let my nerd flag fly about trivial crap that nobody cares about.

    The Chris Gaines project from Garth Brooks was not his idea. He was approached by Paramount Pictures to do the pre-soundtrack for a movie, The Lamb, as part of a marketing plan. Brooks provided the voice for the character. The wikipedia claims he was slated to play the role, which is untrue. Funding fell through and the movie was never made nor was there any follow up marketing, leaving the album to stand alone and Brooks to look crazy for doing it to those who don’t know the story.

    Personally, as a Garth Brooks fan, I think the album is very good and I’d probably rank it higher than Scarecrow or Sevens on my list of favorite Garth Brooks albums.

    Again, sorry to have to nerd-out on you but this is what living in Yukon, OK (where Garth Brooks grew up) at eight-years-old when Garth Brooks first album and through the release of his next three albums will do to a person.

  23. Corey says:

    You guys at Nerdist are killing it! Jonah, i also don’t barf from puking.

  24. The Dee says:

    Tenacious D – We REIGN!

  25. SEAN HAWLEY says:


  26. pbnews says:

    Nice Get!! I have yet to see the D guest on any other podcast (Kyle was on CDR once, but never the complete D).

    Thanks, dudes!

  27. duncan7 says:

    “Rise of the Fenix”

  28. Nick says:

    Excellent episode! I cannot wait until July when I see the D and Nerdist in the same weekend.

  29. Pedak says:

    Holy Amazeballs!