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Nerdist Podcast: Ted Melfi
Episode 644: Nerdist Podcast
Ted Melfi
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Ted Melfi

Director/writer Ted Melfi chats with Chris, Matt, and Jonah about directing his movie St. Vincent, getting Bill Murray to be in the movie, and putting all his energy into making sure the kid in the movie was playing the right role. They also talk about TV and film changes today and remaking movies that were bad when they first came out!

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  1. Narrator says:

    I wonder did Bill use a little of Ted’s voice/accent for the character? It really sounds like Vincent himself is on here.

  2. Kate says:

    Hi Guys-just a thought on the theme of contacting Bill Murray. Chris has mentioned a few times that he has the coveted Murray number in his possession but has yet to use it. I imagine most people would be terrified to contact their hero but I think you should go for it. As a performer I’m sure you’ve probably taken more scary leaps of faith than you can count and you seem to be doing just fine! It sounds as if Bill responds to things that sound interesting to him in the moment. So who knows? Don’t overthink it-leave him a spontaneous message. I’m sure your genuine affection and appreciation for him will be apparent. If he says yes then great! If he doesn’t respond-keep trying. He just might not be feeling it that day. Go get your whale, Ahab!

  3. Nikki says:

    What if there were awards for seat fillers? …”And the winner of best Meryl Streep seat filler goes to:”—-PS I can’t imagine getting a text from bill murray!

  4. Tracy says:

    Really loved the movie.  Excited to listen to this.  Bill Murray rules!

  5. Grimmy says:

    I think the marketing would have been better if they went with the posters he made rather than the one on I especially like the one with the kid.

  6. Shanty says:

    The parade of white males on the Nerdist Podcast continues…

    • ericmci says:

      White – sure but male?  There are lots of women on the podcast. And besides what do you accomplish with this?  ‘OH right thanks Shanty we’ll change that right away!’

    • merrrrr says:

      Didn’t know that Gillian Anderson or Kate Walsh were White Men… thanks for the reminder.

    • mattey-cakes says:

      Hey Shanty (or can I call you

      a small and crudely built shack?), The podcast is free, don’t listen if you don’t like. There are a pant-load of podcast out there, find one of which guests list you approve ……

    • Crump's Brother says:

      Shanty, since you commented, it’s safe to assume you have either a computer or a smartphone. Having one of those things means that you possess 95% of the equipment required to do a podcast. If this podcast doesn’t have enough diversity for you, start your own. 

    • Mork says:

      lol next thing you know, you’re going to notice that it also seems like there are a disproportionately large number of Jews in hollywood.  hah!  There is no universal kitchen mixer guaranteeing an even distribution of human races in all areas of life.