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Episode 342: Nerdist Podcast
Stand Up Cluster 2013
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Stand Up Cluster 2013

It’s the annual stand up cluster at the NerdMelt showroom in LA! This year features the hilarious Ali Wong, Dan Telfer, Mark Little, Beth Stelling, Maronzio Vance, Aparna Nancherla, Ryan Singer and Ron Funches!

Recorded at NerdMelt on March 17, 2013

Artwork by Jenny Fine

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  1. Tillburg says:

    Seriously why can’t I get more Ryan Singer and Ron Funches in my life? These are magical men.

    I kinda wish Ali Wong would get different material. I really think she has potential but most of her material just makes me sigh a lot and rest my head on my desk.

  2. Jason says:

    Ron Funches is a magical man.

  3. Ellie J. says:

    I really shouldn’t listen to this while at work. The blow up doll story was great – I’m still trying to recover before playing the rest of the podcast. My face is red, tears in my eyes, trying not to laugh while coworkers are giving me weird looks!

  4. Amanda Hugginkiss says:

    I suppose I was a bit rude LJ. Sorry about that.

    It’s just that it’s so shocking to me that you would automatically assume Ali Wong was being serious about the things she said in her act. Irony is so deeply woven into comedy that it seems ludicrous to me that anyone’s first reaction to any comic’s on-stage comment would be offense. It’s standup comedy! That’s like walking out of a porno theater saying “Well I guess the plot was OK, and I liked some of the characters, but I don’t know if all that gratuitous sex was really necessary.” It misses the point, not only of the specific thing you just saw, but in a larger way it misses the point of the entire medium.

  5. Patty Marvel says:

    @Mike95 – Actually, that’s a darned good idea. If these clusters were done quarterly, more stand-ups would get exposure, Chris would get more content for his podcast and we the listeners would get more funny. My only concern is how big a undertaking these events are.

  6. Mike95 says:

    Why DOnt You Do These More Often!!!! These are the greatest & So many comedians could benifit from exposure like this. Ron Funches EVERYDAY!

  7. LJ says:

    I know irony is a tool comedians use, thanks.

    Perhaps, I didn’t get her intent (as I already acknowledged). Perhaps, it was her delivery. Or perhaps not everyone enjoys every comedic set. Y’all can still laugh at it even if we don’t. There’s no need to be rude. It won’t make me enjoy that set in retrospect. =)

  8. Casssandra says:

    I thought Ali Wong was hysterical. It’s a bit, people. Get over yourselves. =)

  9. Nathan says:

    Was hilarious podcast!!! 😀
    Laughed out loud and confused the rest of my class while we were scanning distant galaxies xD

  10. Scott says:

    Found it funny that we could hear everybody’s intro song for 2 seconds. Why did I find it funny? I dunno. *shrug*

  11. Pip says:

    Even if he is genuinely homophobic and/or misogynistic, that’s fine. It would be boring if everyone did something you agreed with.

  12. Stephen says:

    Ali Wong = Hack

  13. Amanda Hugginkiss says:

    You may be right. We shall have to agree to disagree. Either way, it being a comedy bit, I don’t think it’s right to make the assumption that he’s actually homophobic and misogynistic right off the bat without further evidence to back it up. I think he’s owed the benefit of the doubt.

  14. Kevin says:

    Wait…what was the Hipstimatic setting/lens that Chris recommended? I missed it…

  15. Ron Funches was my favorite. The show definitely made Monday a bit more interesting.

    I got to see CH on Saturday and this on Monday! What a fantastic weekend for comedy.

  16. Amanda Hugginkiss says:

    @LJ & Bassbone
    But really guys, irony is like a tool that comedians use in order to….. -yeah, actually no, nevermind, fuck it.

  17. BassBone says:

    Maronzio Vance bothered me, too. Oh look how gay I’m not! It’s a good thing I don’t like penis and a lady sent me a picture of her vagina, because that’s all they’re good for!

  18. LJ says:

    @BassBone, I’m right there with you. That set made my skin crawl. I hope I’m just missing the wink wink nudge nudge through my headphones.

    Everyone else was great!

  19. Kraken Attack! says:

    I love Ron Funches. I couldn’t help but imagine him as Cleveland Brown from Family Guy and The Cleveland Show.
    Ryan Singer and Maronzio Vance where hilarious.

  20. s mandell says:

    I was snickering at work.
    I would have full on laughed but as I mentioned I was at work and my co-workers think I am nuts enough.

  21. Patty Marvel says:

    Ryan Singer and Maronzio Vance are my faves! Their acts were funny AND they felt like they just flowed nicely. I want to know more about Singer’s dad because I live in Ohio and I work…well, law-adjacent. Wonder which city he’s from.

  22. Mateo says:

    @sam: LOL!

  23. Sam says:

    A bit of a mixed bag, but there were some solid moments. Also, I think that I find the idea of Chris’ standup comedy a lot more appealing than the reality of Chris’ standup comedy.

  24. Joel says:

    Ron Funches hell yes

  25. “‘Oh, hello Mr. Whiteface! I mean you no harm, so please don’t come at me.’ That’s a conversation I had with a kitty-cat several days ago. It’s also now the slogan for Black History Month.”

    Ron Funches, thank you for making me look like a lunatic in the back of Goodwill.

  26. I was snorting while riding the subway home tonight, just to not laugh out loud. I keep forgetting that no matter how crazy i may look, i’m never the craziest person on an NYC subway. thank you for this cluster, chris.

  27. C. Stuewe says:

    Ron Funches had me laughing so hard, I had tears running down my face!

  28. Anthony Httr Pickett says:

    Why would you want the internet famous guys Twitter -_-…

  29. Amanda Hugginkiss says:

    Well you see bassbone, irony is- ah fuck it.

  30. Patty Marvel says:

    @Jake – What city are you in? There’s probably a comedy club there and, if they’re like the ones in Cleveland, paying for one show may lead to free admission to others.

    I went to see Josh Blue at Hilarities* over the summer and because I filled out one of the customer survey forms, the venue’s manager has contacted me twice since then with the offer of free tickets on the “slow” nights (Thursdays and Sundays). I couldn’t make one of those shows, but Hubby and I and two of our friends got in free to see a comedian none of us had heard of and had a BLAST! The man had us all doubled over laughing several times and after the show I made a point of hugging the comedian, buying his CD and apologizing for the passive-aggressive asshole in the front row (long story).

    One suggestion – if money is an issue, go to the comedy show on a Friday or Saturday. If you go on one of the slow nights, you’ll be asked to buy a minimum of two items, which won’t happen on the nights the club expects to pack ’em in.

    *BTW, Hilarites here in Cleveland is RIGHT NEXT DOOR to a state-of-the-art bowling alley. Have I mentioned that before, Mr. Hardwick?

  31. @poser: his name is Adam Wilson, @theleanover:

  32. poser says:

    Who was the internet famous guy ? I cant find his twitter.

  33. BassBone says:

    Is it just me or was Ali Wong really annoying? We get it, you’re shallow and antifeminist. Next?

  34. Anthony Httr Pickett says:

    Umm…holy Dick balls! That was super funny. I just wish it was longer. Add a Rory scov and kumel set and it woulda creamed out my nose.

  35. LevelledUp says:

    Telfer was really funny at the beginning and end of his set but got boring in the middle when he started getting political. I think he just needs to edit himself better and he has real potential to become bigger.

  36. Jake says:

    Oh man, I look forward to this every year now and it has yet to disappoint.

    Ugh, I should really go see more stand up live. Why am I so damned lazy!?

  37. Curtis says:

    The “My arms are spiders” one got me good. Plus Ron Funches is a delight.

  38. Robin says:

    Glad I got to hear Chris tell a joke he wouldn’t tell in front of 16 yrs olds at Carolines on Saturday!

    These guys were all great. I was cracking up on my drive to work today. Thanks! 🙂