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Episode 322: Nerdist Podcast
Shadi Petosky
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Shadi Petosky

The guys welcome their good friend Shadi Petosky, who runs the FANTASTIC animation house Puny Entertainment and also happens to be going through gender reassignment.

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  1. Recent Listener says:

    Loved this! Love the guest, the insights, the stories, the honesty — so much grace and dignity in your warmth Chris & Matt (I think this was Matt, right?)

    So glad that Shadi shared with all of Us – xo

  2. Anna says:

    This is an awesome podcast! I’m a transgender woman in Minneapolis and just starting my physical transition. Shadi hit every point about beng trans. You guys did a very awesome thing by doing this podcast. I was on the verge of tears when it finished. It’s a scary journey, but now that I’m on my way, there’s no way that I could ever go back to the old me. If I wasn’t able to live as my true self, I truly believe life would not be worth living and probably wouldn’t last long. Now I’m finally excited about living for the first time ever in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Shadi says:

    @traciRN, made my night. Thanks for doing that work!!

  4. TraciRN says:

    I know I’m late to the party, but I have to add my thanks to Chris and Shadi for posting this. I work with teens and young adults going through gender transition (due to medical conditions), and the level of ignorance/fear in the general public is incredible. When a podcast with as large of an audience as the Nerdist takes on this topic, and does so in a non-exploitative way, it’s pretty awesome.

  5. Patty Marvel says:

    @TezaHud – You are officially the world’s coolest teacher.

  6. TezaHud says:

    This was one of the most amazing podcasts I’ve listened to. As a sex ed teacher who has been trying my damnest to champion the rights of everyone regardless of sexual orientation, this podcast made me so happy. How lovely it was to have 3 ordinary men talk to a transperson so openly without judgment. You should be proud! And Shadi, I wish you all the best for your transition!

    Luckily I get to teach at a non-denominational private school in Australia, and I’ve suggested that this podcast be part of the curriculum for 9th and 10th graders. I think it would be a great way to promote to understanding of people of all kinds of sexual orientation.

    Keep of the fantastic work! LOVE the podcast!

  7. Myfness says:

    Nature proves that there is safety in numbers. As more and more people become unwilling to be uncomfortable with themselves, whether that’s in the expression of their gender vs. their biological sex, or letting their inner nerd come more to the surface, the more numbers we all have to stand up to the hateful people too afraid to look beyond themselves to see another point of view. Thankfully, that number includes people who love us for who we are, no matter what that means. The more of us there are standing up saying, shouting or singing “We’re NOT gonna take it any more” the sooner the bullies and bigots become the minority who have to question if their own hatred, fear and lack of empathy is their own flaw or societies. Thank you Shadi for sharing your story with us, for being another voice saying, “Here I am, take me as I am or don’t, it’s on you,” and thank you Chris, Matt and Jonah for being an open forum for honest conversation about Shadi’s experiences. So many Nerds in our generation were bullied, and for some of us it was because we weren’t just Nerds, but we had/have gender identity issues as well. Every one of us who shares some bit of ourselves helps to validate others out there who are still in the throws of being comfortable with just being who ever they are, for whatever that means to them, and it can only increase our understanding of each other as well as our selves.

  8. Anoddood says:

    I am transgender as well and I just want to say thank you to Chris, Jonah, Matt, and especially Shadi for having a good conversation about gender and gender reassignment. It was respectful and fantastic to listen to. Thanks again.

  9. tamouse says:

    Hey, excellent podcast. Congrats, Shadi. So many comments struck home and “true”. One thing, the “not looking in the mirror” — when I had been on hormones a few months, I looked in the mirror, and for the first time saw myself looking back. It was so amazing. My tag line is “May you never see a stranger in the mirror.” and means to much to me.

  10. BassBone says:

    I don’t know why it is, but I’ve known and become friends with a number of transfolk in my life and I’ve come to a startling conclusion: They’re people living their lives as they see fit. The stigma against being trans is bullshit. I think if someone realizes they were born in the wrong gender and takes steps to correct that, it’s a beautiful thing. I support you, Shadi Petosky and I think you are a beautiful person.