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Episode 210: Nerdist Podcast
Scott Aukerman
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Scott Aukerman

Longtime friend and comedian Scott Aukerman comes on the show to talk about his new show Comedy Bang Bang on IFC and the dangers of the “cough button” while recording, and reminisce about the past with Chris!

Follow @scottaukerman on Twitter and watch Comedy Bang Bang on IFC June 8th!

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  1. Jason G says:

    Great Pod-God mashup!!!

    Now I’m only 57 episodes behind *pant* *pant*

    Damn you, Hardwick for your fecundity!!! #sarcasm

  2. Not Actually Thom Yorke says:

    Yeah it was more of a joke when I said it too. See ‘cus Chris said the thing and then felt bad about it and then he wanted to cut it, but he didn’t get the opportunity to ‘cus they made a callback to the thing that was in the part he wanted to cut. So the over the top hostile reaction to the thing that he said that he already felt bad about was, like, comedically ridiculous and stuff.

    Rule of Comedy #1737:
    Jokes are much funnier when they explained, especially when overexplained, and very poorly at that.

  3. Thom Yorke says:

    Sorry, I didn’t mean what I said before. I had a botched eye surgery when I was kid. Not a lazy eye, just dumb doctors.

  4. Flatulator says:

    Great interview. It seems challenging to catch Scott being serious and honestly answering questions, so this was a delight. POI N-WORD

  5. Matt Grandis says:

    Like Jonah and the other Matt, I am too busy for anything right now. So first — fuck you, life, for making me miss all the cool stuff. And secondly — what. A. Smackdown. Amazing. In the immortal words of Dr. David Bowman: “Oh my God — it’s full of bitch slap!”. But before I jump back into missing out on the good stuff and neglecting my own blog and stuff, I’ll just leave this here:

    I think this might still be of use in the future.

  6. Josh says:

    “In general, the folks who post on here are super sweet and cool.” What about funny? Are we funny, too, @Chris Hardwick?? PLEASE tell us we’re funny!!

    Oh man, I’ve been “@ed” by @Chris Hardwick! Never gonna wash my, uh, my, um, eyes out again? My brain out again? Christ. Uh, thanks! I guess that’s what I’m trying to say…

    Anyway glad to hear it, @Chris Hardwick! You BRING joy, so we your fans want you to feel joy! YAY joy! BOO grumpiness… YAY @Doc! Keep fighting the good fight, Venkman!

  7. Patty Marvel says:

    @Chris – Feel better, Big Guy? Sometimes you’ve just gotta swing a verbal clue-by-four to someone’s noggin. @Doctor Quemmento – Nicely done, good sir!

  8. @Chris
    WOW! Can I blow the smoke off your pistol there cowboy? Wait…but not, like, in THAT way….not that there’s anything wrong with….oh fuck it.

    Anyway I think I’m going to post this quemment before I’m tempted to gloat.


  9. Wendy says:

    @Ross I do not often expect my own thoughts & feelings to be perfectly articulated on an internet message board, but we are simpatico on the subject of one Mr. Letterman. I wish there were a better vehicle for today’s generation to experience those old Letterman’s other than poor quality Youtube videos. Thank you @Ross, for thinking like me! Anonymous internet validation for the win!

  10. @Josh: they absolutely do! I appreciate every single nice post, which thankfully make the vast majority of comments. In general, the folks who post on here are super sweet and cool. So thanks!!

  11. Ross says:

    Very interesting conversation, Chris. It’s great to finally hear from the person so many of the people in your industry/your generation refer to as a sort of “founder of the feast”(I now realize I could have been listening to his own online work, but I didn’t know to look for it; I only heard about the live shows in L.A., which I’m half-a-continent away from. SO, no pressure, but you are, in fact, my conduit to these people/shows/timelines–& I’m sure I’m not alone in this).

    I’m doubly impressed to _finally_ hear someone else point out what I’ve been yelling at the monitor for some time now, whenever those younger than myself cite various shows from the 1990’s or later as having “made irony mainstream”: it was Letterman. Period. Mr Aukerman is dead-on about how popular culture changed as word-of-mouth about Letterman’s anti-talk show spread. And it was truly a generational shift/rift; I was a college sophomore(just back from a European college choir tour, actually, & doing a rather smart-arsed version of a Brecht play at school) when “Late Night” premiered. It was weird, wonderful, mind-blowing absurdist TV, and it became as essential to what would, I suppose, now be called “hipster cred” for our generation(technically, the tail-end of the Baby Boom, but so completely out-of-synch with those traditionally called “Boomers” that we needed punk, 2nd hand chic from around the years of our birth, British New Wave comedy, nihilism & the like to wash the taste of their self-involved & self-righteous pop culture out of our mouths), as college radio would be in a few years. Those of us who resonated with Letterman’s deconstruction–especially those of us who loved those other NBC heralds of the coming irony sea-change, Tom Snyder’s “Tomorrow” and Linda Ellerby/Lloyd Dobbins’ “NBC News Overnight”–became obsessed with the show. Most people older than, say, 22-3 just didn’t see the point of a guest like Brother Theodore, or elevator races in 30 Rock, or a broken-glass sound effect for every tossed card, or the Thrill-Cam, or Alka-seltzer Suit–or his grim, snarky attitude. For them, “The Tonight Show” was still a “real” show, something that just seemed mostly tired & phony to us.
    That is when things _really_ changed.

  12. Josh says:

    Oh. My. God. Talk about enjoy your bury-troll! Better luck on WTF, @fantas! Wow.

    @Chris Hardwick I hope the funny/nice comments one day brighten your troll-free day in the same way your podcast(s) brighten our days!

  13. @Fantas!: Welp, I think the time has come. You have posted a lot of complainy/rude/oftentimes mean things so I say this with great sincerity: I think you have moved beyond our show. No no! NO TEARS!!! We’ll be okay. This show is definitely just not what you want it to be anymore, and only a foolish person would continue to listen to a show they were consistently disappointed in so they could complain about it. I know this website FEELS like it might be a virtual complaint desk, but I have conferred with the other folks who work here and we have determined that it is, in fact, not.

    While it’s true that Matt always had a job, he now has a much more intense one between producing and hosting Gadget Pr0n. Jonah as well on The Soup and other stuff he’s working on. When you say “people” don’t like it, you’re attempting to rally support behind what is really your opinion. In the end, I truly think you the people would be more satisfied with another podcast altogether. We are literally doing the best we can, but sometimes that’s not good enough for people (aka, you, aka, all the “people”).

    Thank you (“people”) so much for your years of listening and I am sorry that the show didn’t pan out the way you wanted. I would advise that rather than being a CONSTANT critic of pretty much everything we do, that you take that all that Mr. Grumpus energy and go make a thing exactly the way YOU want it! Then you can bitch about stuff on your OWN site! Doesn’t that sound AMAZINGLY FUN??? Problem solved! You’re welcome a lot!!!

    And remember! Simply being rude/negative just because you think anything too fun or nice should be smeared with poop just to even it out doesn’t make you real or honest–just a jerk!

    Farewell, o crusty hate mollusk!

    Sidenote: if you post even one more negative comment on my site, I’m going to replace the entire comment with weird factoids about random things, just so your posts will be of some use to someone.

  14. Not Actually Thom Yorke says:

    Dear Chris,

    Fuck you.

    Thom Yorke

  15. Tanya says:

    Mr. Mistrel shows up on itunes, but it won’t download onto my ipod and it doesn’t seem to show up here….hmmm?

  16. William says:

    Looks like someone is remaking Real Genius.

  17. Patty Marvel says:

    P.S. “The Hunger Games” book is even better than the movie. AND a few seconds were cut from the film to get lower ratings in the US and the UK ( ). AND if anyone is interested in a documentary about how absurd the movie rating system is, you can get “This Film is Not Yet Rated” ( ) from Netflix. You think the MPAA’s worry over violence is weird, wait’ll you see how nutty they get with hetero sex scenes verses same-sex bits.

  18. Chad H says:

    Scott is one of (Adam Corolla being the other) the main reasons I started following the Nerdist around (hiding in bushes climbing trees at night to watch him brush his teeth.) Kidding aside, I remember the Comedy Death Ray podcast where Chris and Matt guest hosted they talked about Matt and the golf cart.

  19. Patty Marvel says:

    @Fantas! – I’ll begin by saying I’m NOT trolling just so we’re clear. But I’ve gotta admit, I prefer when Chris solos. Nothing at all against Matt and Jonah, I just prefer one-on-one style interviews (more focused, maybe?). So there’s a little something for everyone here! Yippee! And of course, having all three riff during a “hostful” episode is delightful, so you have that. And, yeah, there’s the whole “It’s free and being piped directly into your ear holes” thingy.

  20. Charles H says:

    Chris could you please change your and Matt and Jonah’s lifestyles to meet the free podcast listening needs of Fantas! He can’t just sit around and listen to your podcasts that don’t have Matt or Jonah on them now could he. He obviously also could not have anticipated these lone Hardwick episodes when you mentioned that you were going to be out of town for a long period of time so you were recording a number to put in the bank. I think we can all understand that this is not an opt in feature and there is absolutely no way for someone to just not listen to a thing that they actively have to effort listening too. That is just a fact.

    tldr: gersberms.

  21. HowardLeDuck says:

    What are the chances that we may one day see a Nerdist vs. Earwolf celebrity bowling game?

  22. Josh says:

    @Fantas! Well, you didn’t call anyone out but @Chris Hardwick and @Doctor Quemmento, but I thought I’d chime in here as well for a little added perspective.

    Everyone who works on this site — from the entertainers on down to Katie the producer — are real people with feelings and emotions and sensitivities. Many of them talk about how they try and avoid some of the things that are said on twitter and comment threads like this precisely because of how it makes them feel. Yeah yeah, they’re grown people who can stand up for themselves. Doesn’t mean I can’t stand up for others. I’ve seen some of your comments around this website — there are times when you come across as fairly critical, and other times when you come across as straight up mean (such as your comment on Pete Holmes’ part 2 episode on Making It). In fact, I’ve only seen you say something nice on these comment threads once — and I totally agree, Connie Chung WAS great on The JV Club. Critical is one thing. Not nice is just not nice.

    You have to understand that we all know what happens. Guys like Chris Hardwick read posts like yours and are left with two choices — ignore you, and consider ignoring the comment threads altogether; or respond to you, and guys like you, which @CH does all the time. But that takes away from everyone else above who just want to enjoy themselves here and riff about funny or interesting or great things that happened on the podcast — or, God forbid, have GREAT conversations about religion or society or politics or philosophy or whatever. But instead we’re left arguing with Ebert.

    I’m not going to tell you that you don’t have a right to continue commenting in the manner that you do (I’m not a fascist!), but don’t you think it’d be more fun to send your critiques in e-mails, and use this forum for a different sort of discourse?

  23. Michelle says:

    I can totally see Chris as Chris Knight. I would pay to see that!

    “can you hammer a 6 inch spike through a board with your penis?…(a)Girls gotta have her standards”.

  24. @Fantas!
    Well, it is free. But in all honesty I think I owe you an apology. I’ve been sarcastic and snarky with you assuming that you’d get the message without me coming out and saying what I mean. Every communication has two parties, a sender and a receiver, and obviously I haven’t been doing my part as the sender in this instance.

    The point I’ve been trying to make is that there’s a way to approach people and communicate the fact that there are things that you don’t like about the product or service they’re providing without being a dick. Clearly, the more you’ve paid for the product or service, the more understandable it is when you get irritated that it doesn’t meet your expectation. In other words, when you’ve paid for something you’re more entitled to be nitpicky and upset when there’s something about it that you don’t like.

    With a free product, you haven’t paid anything, so you’re not entitled to anything. Of course if you don’t like something about it, or have a suggestion about how it can be improved, you’re welcome to say so, but it’s abrasive and impolite to do so in the same manner as you would if you had paid for it. If you go back and read your posts looking through that prism I think you’ll see how nitpicky and entitled your tone has been and perhaps it’ll be easier to see where I’m coming from.

  25. Fantas! says:

    Oh, and I wrote Christ instead of Chris just for you, Quemmento. xXx.

  26. Fantas! says:

    Going back to read other comments I’ve written and responses to them, I see that Hardwick responded and said he doesn’t even care about page hits or downloads that much. I was surprised by that based on what he’s said on the podcasts themselves, but that’s fine. I’m not trying to denigrate this podcast or this network, I just think constant praise is dull and useless and doesn’t reflect what people are truly thinking. I think the Christ/Jonah/Matt dynamic is critical to what this podcast is about. I’m sure the podcast will be fine but as a listener dating back to episode 15, maybe I’m a bit more aware of the changes as they go on.

  27. Nathan says:

    Chief Queef!

  28. Fantas! says:

    @Hardwick: I seem to recall Mira having a job before, no? In fact, it was a key part of the podcast banter. No one is saying “only do podcasts,” but they’ve been markedly absent from several at this point. Perhaps you can understand why people don’t like that?

    Anticipating Quemmento and “bawww, free.” Free is the model now. Go baww to Instagram.

  29. Michael says:

    How come there’s no link to the MP3 in the mobile theme? S’ok tho cuz I can use the standard site, but get the nerds on it post-haste.

  30. KT says:

    ugh, this is so not important, but “IN” was me not deleting an addition to the comment I made. Just left over letters.

    FIRST. IN. Blergh.


  31. KT says:


    I don’t even know what new music is anymore because podcasts are my thing of choice.

    This was the conversation I never knew that I always wanted.

    Earwolf and Nerdist both bring me so much joy. Thanks!


  32. Wendy says:

    Loved hearing Scottabot give props to Letterman. Letterman’s NBC show was indeed a cultural game changer. I would gladly pay huge sums of money to watch old Letterman’s as opposed to his current show.

  33. Joseph says:

    Chris, have you tried all of you buying a big house to live in, with your ladies, to save rent? You could call it the PodHouse! Truly a brilliant idea for a shitty, shitty reality TV sitcom. But I’m entirely sure that it would be more interesting than any I’ve ever seen.

  34. bastien says:

    You misspelled his name. It should say…

    Scott “Scottabot” “Hot Saucerman” “Hot Soccermom” “The Comanche” Aukerman.

  35. Adam says:

    Wow! I was literally thinking about this the other day wondering how long we were going to have to wait to get him on podcast. Seems like he would have been one of the early guests. Two titans of pod collide! Can’t wait to listen.

  36. Ludovicaa says:

    Great podcast, really enjoyed it. Scott is so funny and interesting to listen to

  37. Logan says:

    One of my favorite Nerdist podcasts of recent. Chris, you’re always so sweet with your guests, but I loved to hear you talk with Scott because there’s a comfort there that let’s you be a bit more…I don’t know, Chris-ish. And it’s great to hear Scott outside of Bang Bang. He’s a special guy.

  38. Rodrigo says:

    Job Schmob
    By doing this podcast Jonah and Matt will gain UNLIMITED free virtual hugs!!

  39. Johnny Mckerney says:

    If you made a venn diagram of my two favorite podcasts, they would overlap to form this episode.


  40. Kass says:

    A rough beginning to listen having just bought a Starbucks sized beverage. *sips Venti Americano*

    Episode victory, Chris & Scott.

  41. Don’t give up! Tell them that an income large enough to buy things like food and housing is overrated!

  42. Chris Hardwick says:

    Yeah, I still have been unable to convince them to quit their jobs and only do podcasts.

  43. Mae says:

    Aww no Jonah and Matt again…still great, but missing them anyways.