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Episode 579: Nerdist Podcast
Rose McGowan
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Rose McGowan

The talented Rose McGowan talks to Chris about why she doesn’t like super hero movies, why she wanted to stop acting, what she has been doing since, and her directorial debut of the short Dawn. She also goes into great detail about her interesting and very non-traditional upbringing. She ran away from home at 13 years old and has lived a fascinating life ever since!

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  1. And I thought it was just me when my bullshit alarm went off.glad to know it still works.

    • I think a lot of the repulsion comes from people pigeonholing Rose McGowan as a Hollywood Celebrity. If she was billed as a vagabond or some other sort of badass like some of the guests on Duncan Trussell’s podcast (Chris Ryan comes to mind) there wouldn’t be as many questions about the veracity of her stories.

  2. Her “outrageous” stories were a bit of a bore. Clearly she holds those stories closely to drop casually and create some kind of intrigue. This is the kind of stuff that would make me roll my eyes at a party. “Ask me more, no I couldn’t possibly go on, but here’s another vaguery for you.”
    What really struck me was how this new persona of hers flies directly in the face of basically every project and appearance she became famous for. 
    Saying that she wasn’t excited to be on set with Tarantino? Really? Meanwhile you can check any quick google search of her at a myriad of events revolving around Grindhouse and she is having a ball, in make-up or out. 
    How about her whole relationship with Robert Rodriguez? Did she specifically ask that this wasn’t touched on? Otherwise it seems like a HUGE miss from Hardwick. Planet Terror! And the Barbarella remake campaign that fell on its face. 
    How can she think that the Rolling Stone cover was a dealbreaker when she’s remembered for such naughty moments as her see-through red carpet outfit at the MTV movie awards with Marilyn Manson on her arm?  
    Seems like she just got some new PR agent and is reinventing herself. The whole thing smacks of insincerity. Really a let down as I’d enjoyed all of her prior work. Boo. 

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Whoa. I’ve never been outright turned off by a Nerdist guest’s arrogance until this episode. If all the stuff she said is true or totally false and just for fun doesn’t really matter…her pompous tone and self-flattery is laid on thick. Too thick. 

  4. I hate Rose says:

    What a Narcissistic Asshole. I Made it through 35 minutes and has too turn it off. First time EVER I had to stop an EP. She is so full of herself its embarrassing.

  5. Bart says:

    I thought this Episode was terrible…. why would a guest lie? It was nothing Chris Hardwick did, but holy shit that was terrible. Some people defending her because she is a ‘strong woman’ her life was probably interesting enough without the B.S.

  6. GiveItAFeel says:

    <3 this podcast and the whole Nerdist network. Howerev, this episode’s guest seems to be a bit of a hypocrite and makes this episode unbearable to listen to. From the horrendously fabricated stories, to the arrogant tone at times. It left me wondering where that 35 minuets of my life went and, is there any possible way i could get them back. 1 out of 5 Nerdist Lazer Triangles  

  7. Rob S. says:

    A web series staring her as a private detective in an urban fantasy setting. Sort of like Dresden files/Harry Strange.  “Me is a pretty fun thing”

  8. Andrew says:

    It’s because pathological liars know they can’t embellish their stories too much before the flaws in them become obvious, so skip over them.

  9. Andrew says:

    There’s a difference between not bullying and calling out arrogant twats who seem to pathologically lie, or at least greatly embellish the past before skipping over it (before their outrageous, fake claims get looked at too deeply).

    Also one moment she loves random people from all walks of life and can get on with anyone, yet the next she doesn’t like cruises because “There’s people on them! I hide from people!”

    One moment she hates the excess of wealth, and yet then is on yachts big enough for helicopters?

    Rose McGowan can fuck off with her hypocrisy and needless exaggeration.

  10. Andrewa says:

    The truth about a nightclub made of ice in boiling hot Turkey? Sure they exist in coldish countries, but even the most powerful freezer would do diddly-squat in Turkey.

    That was where I knew she was faking at least some of it – you could hear her tone change to “Ok, I realise I just went a bit too far with that one. SUBJECT-CHANGE-BEFORE-HE-REALISES!”

  11. Andrew says:

    Tough =/= people who are hypocritical and exaggeratey. I’ve said my thoughts on those two points above.

    I love me a genuine, honest tough woman. I can’t stand hypocritical, exaggeratey men either. She doesn’t get a free pass from me just because she has a vagina between her legs and feminism.

  12. Steve says:

    Why does  “FREE Podcast” equal no negative criticism or complaining (even whining at times)? Silly.”Picky?” I was interested, then I was bored by a blow-hard. 

  13. Zach says:

    You are not alone. I doubt pretty much anything she said

  14. aremont says:

    Turkey’s first ice bar opens in Antalya

    Discussion in ‘Other Resorts of Turkey’ started by Mella, Nov 7, 2010.

  15. Pcm says:

    Crazy thing is that all of these things are true. I know you can’t trust a stranger on the Internet of things, but I know very first hand and just laughed that this was the list of dubious items. I hadn’t listened to the podcast yet and now I can’t wait.