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Episode 199: Nerdist Podcast
Romany Malco
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Romany Malco

Actor, rapper entrepreneur and overall awesome guy Romany Malco comes on the show! He talks about using the internet as a platform to advertise ideas, does some accents for us and talks about choosing the roles he does. And who is the mysterious Tony??? Many of your Tony-related questions will be answered…

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  1. Maria says:

    I have to disagree with everything you say Sebastian. You have to look at the picture at a whole and not in one tiny box. What Romany said about America being a corporation he is completely right because all we want as Americans is to make money where as the rest of the world would rather live a happier life. Also, corn sugar is cheaper to make then cane sugar and we as Americans are fat and we need to do something. The way we eat need to change.


  3. Pat says:

    @Sebastian I was going to listen to this episode, but after reading your comment and listening to the first 20 minutes, yup I’m done. Well said.

    Big C doesn’t like to ruffle feathers and/or call guests out on their shit, which is fine. But I agree with you that to a certain extent he has a responsibility to write some sort of disclaimer and or provide some critique/reflection.

  4. Sebastian says:

    Chris, to be honest I am pretty irritated by this episode.

    Malco basically tells you how someone told him about the internet, how the became a Spammer on the Usenet, how he sold people “an idea”, e.g. he defrauded them of their money because he didn’t actually have a product to sell – making him one of the first people on the net to sell the equivalent of “an idea for boner pills” and how he made a lot of money with that.

    I don’t know… why is it that in this context you like what he says while when you’d get an email into your inbox peddling this holistic boner-pill bs, you’d understandably, rightfully go apesh*t about some ass**** thinking you’d be so stupid as to give him money for something that’s never going to work?

    Later on he tells you about how America is ruled by corporations. He has a good point there but hidden within that he tells you how the corn syrup (sugar) industry is allowed to call it natural while you can’t sell cinnamon for curing stomach ulcers. That is a) a false dichotomy and b) he basically told you that cinnamon cures stomach ulcers. You don’t have to have a degree in economics nor medicine to know that he is complaining that he nearly had to go to jail because he sold “natural remedies” e.g. non-medicine as medicine while comparing it to the corn industry selling something as “natural”, while the corn industry most likely didn’t tell customers it’s going to heal their dandruff. Or cancer. Or whatever.

    Then he goes into this angle where he has “a friend” who “gets insider information from the four most powerful people in Hollywood” – which is basically the best example I myself could think of for an angle to start a Ponzy Scheme. And all that after he told you how he sold fake boner pills on the internet. Mentioning half a dozen websites where people should look for further information.

    And all the while he tells you he won’t diss the Kardashians. No wonder he won’t. Because he’s one of them. Selling something that is completely fake. And you don’t notice him doing it, shifting the focus of the anger of people to a “common enemy” followed by his pitch.

    I think this episode of the Podcast is dangerous, because it’s unreflected. People who are young, who don’t know any better, might be enticed to agree to Malco’s way of thinking and with that you basically help someone who has no real substance to sell people the idea of getting rich or healthier based on non-scientific ideas. He’s basically another version of “just get famous and then peddle shit to the masses”. Which is really kinda sad.

  5. Tyrus Parker says:

    What an interesting dude. Wish I had some of that energy. Awesome episode. Malco fan from here on out.

  6. blair says:

    I was totally won over! While listening (while driving) I had to pull over so I could write down “I’d rather be an old man’s daughter, than a young man’s fool”.
    I know there’s a ’60’s song w/ sweetheart instead of daughter…but I like this sentiment better. Don’t just attatch yourself to any guy….
    But really there were so many things from this pdcst that made me think outside myself.
    Maybe I was just in the right headspace for once?
    Thanks for a great listen!!!

  7. Edmund Feliciano says:

    Dance hall reggae is the last thing I expected to hear on the nerdist, so was Buju Banton. It was pretty awesome.