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Episode 354: Nerdist Podcast
Rod Roddenberry and John…
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Rod Roddenberry and John Champion

Rod Roddenberry and John Champion sit down with Chris and Matt to talk all things Star Trek! Rod talks about growing up in a world ruled by Star Trek, what the show meant to them, and their podcast, Mission Log!

Listen to Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast!

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  1. Agyekum says:

    That was yesterday’s Google Doodle, too. If you click on the door and wait for the next frame then click on the litlte guy in red on the transporter platform, he cries. That made me laugh. The guy in red always dies. It’s a pretty elaborate doodle. If you click on the transporter it takes you to another frame with Kirk and the guy in red. Click on the tree and then on the rock. The guy in red suffers collateral damage with each action. And don’t you just love the elaborate hair on the Kirk character? Makes one think of later Shatner wigs.The scene is from an actual Star Trek episode. The one where Kirk has to battle a lizard-like alien with only the materials at hand. He makes a cannon out of a cylinderical object and stones then makes his own gun powder. He wins.

  2. Michael says:

    @Mister Limpit:
    According to Wikipedia, Gene Roddenberry had only one son: Eugene Wesley “Rod” Roddenberry Jr. (so “both sons”, Rod and Eugene, are the same person).

  3. Mister Limpit says:

    Hello, anyone? Serious question.

  4. Mister Limpit says:

    I am curious why they didn’t mention the Netflix stream able from Eugene Roddenberry. One would assume there would be some overlap between the two. Both sons seem to be on a journey to discover there fathers work and its meaning. I must be missing something here. Can you help me complete the puzzle?

  5. Infinitive Splitter says:

    Oh wow. To think, all this time I’ve been calling myself a nerd. Thanks to, uh, Trevor, was it?, I now know for a fact that I’m not a nerd because, like Matt, I’ve also missed an episode of one of my TV shows. Damn. I’m having a major identity crisis now. Trevor, I’m not sure when you were elected President and Supreme Chancellor of Nerdistan or who vested in you the power to make official proclamations regarding what constitutes a nerd and what doesn’t. It might have been while I was playing Magic the Gathering, which I must clearly give up now because I’m the nerd I thought I was. I hope none of my nerd friends find out. In any event will you please provide us with an official nerd rule book so that I can make sure I don’t break any more universal nerd rules that you made up off the top of your head that I wasn’t aware of? Thanks!

  6. Trevor Green says:

    Ok, I don’t want to be one of those people that questions the nerd credibility of the show host and his nerdy companions.

    But Monkeys, you have a few chinks in the nerd armor that just can’t go unanswered.

    When Matt said that one Sunday, you might miss a Game of Thrones episode and then watch it 20 years later. YOU HAVE TO BE JOKING!!! You were joking right? Nerds don’t miss an episode of their shows. In the years of broadcast tv that happened. If you are missing episodes and still watching the program your nerd cred is 0. Sorry Matt, I don’t care how nerdy you appear to others, that is just wrong. Did you miss Game of Thrones because you were watching the big game with Chris?

    On to Chris, who hasn’t seen Skyfall. Fine, you haven’t seen skyfall yet, I get it, you are a busy guy. You downloaded it on itunes!?! And you are going to watch it on an ipad on a plane!?!. No no no… you don’t watch a Bond movie on a tiny tiny screen. Just thinking about it makes my head hurt, if you have to watch it not in a theater you watch it on the biggest tv money can buy. Cause I know you can afford the biggest TV money can buy. You can afford 1st class, you can afford a new 4k TV with bitchin’ surround.

    You guys are making me sad. If I become a successful nerd will I abandon all reason and replace my nerd priorities with Palates.

    Maybe you guys are just LA nerds, and LA nerdom has a different ceiling?

    Chris, I’ll give you a pass if it’s just that in order to maintain a hot girlfriend you aren’t allowed to buy and watch Bond on a big tv, but she plays bioshock infinite so it can’t be that.

    Not trying to be a troll, you just blew my minds so I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents. Really, I just want to help. Matt, go to on demand or HBOGO and watch Game of Thrones in order FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!

  7. Samuel Powers says:

    It doesn’t exist LIam. Wish it did.

  8. Liam says:

    You should probably get some medication for that

  9. Samuel Powers says:

    A man who can’t say a word ending in “S” without whislting doesn’t ever need to have a microphone that close to his face.

    This episode gave me a migrane in less than 5 minutes.

  10. Infinitive Splitter says:

    More like Apocalypse (Three Centuries From) Now

  11. Liam says:

    Apocalypse Naked Now?

  12. Infinitive Splitter says:

    [meant to be read in the vocal styling of William Shatner]

    Captain’s log…stardate….oh who gives a…damn…anymore. I suppose…that I should really call it….colonel’s log…since that’s what I’ve….become. And not even…a colonel…but, rather….a KERNEL. A…….SEED….of something dark and…wonderful…..mysterious and….terrible. A mere POSSIBILITY…that has bloomed into a hideous and grandiose…..REALITY. Some might call this log…the mere…ravings of a….MADMAN! But others will no doubt….SEE IT…see me…for the GENIUS….I have become and embrace the….DARKNESS…in their own….hearts.

    The….horror. The….horror.

  13. Infinitive Splitter says:

    Or how about instead of Star Trek Into Darkness we have Star Trek: Heart of Darkness. Admiral Kirk comes a bit unhinged after reading a twentieth century Conrad novel. He changes his name to Col. Kirktz, pilots his flagship into an unexplored and treacherous solar system in the delta quadrant, and sets himself up as a cruel and fickle god brutally ruling over the natives who have only just mastered interplanetary flight. Picard is then tasked by the Federation with hunting down and terminating Kirktz with extreme prejudice.

    I would watch the shit out of that show.

  14. Admiral Kent says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Matt…set a new show in the future! Let’s see the Next, Next Generation. Set 80 years into the future…Borg implant communicators (Hell, Roddenberry himself wrote about Starfleet having implanted communicators way back in ’79 for the Motion Picture novelisation). How ’bout crazy shit where the Starships are almost a biological entity…tied to the crew (ala Tin Man). Every ship has an adroid…whatever! Make it so!

  15. Admiral Kent says:

    Did Matt have a lot of sugar and caffeine prior taping this?

  16. Brian says:

    Funny, I was just telling John the other day that he, Mary, and I needed to have the ultimate Trek Nerd-off with Matt lol

  17. Liam says:

    Love Mission Log and loved this

  18. Excellent episode! Mission Log is a pleasant part of my Sundays.

  19. Trey Morton says:

    Also, regarding characters questioning God…. Sheldon on Big Bang Theory continually pushes back against and practically mocks his mother’s Christian beliefs, but I’m not sure if there has been any fallout regarding this.

  20. LevelledUp says:

    Good podcast but I have to disagree with one tiny thing. At the point where you guys say that if a show questioned the existence of God today it would get a lot of shit… the title character on The Good Wife has flat out said in episodes that she’s an atheist and nobody in the real world cared. At least not to any noticeable extent.

  21. EDIT: Oh, and the name of the podcast is “Alohomora,” since I’ve been writing all day, my brain is currently goo, and it refuses remember things I have to fix in comments before posting.

  22. Listening to the episode now, and it’s been well worth the wait. It’s awesome so far. 🙂

    Also, I can’t believe I forgot this when I posted my first comment, but MuggleNet’s doing the same thing with Harry Potter that John and Ken are doing with Star Trek: They’re going through one chapter at a time, analyzing it, and so on and so on each week. (They just went from a two chapter, bi-weekly basis to a single chapter, weekly basis.) There are occasional “integrated” sponser mentions (at the beginning of some episodes), and the occasional crazy theory (get used to the question “Is it alive?” and I suggest you Google “deskpig”), but it’s a really fun listen, especially if you read as you go. I’d highly suggest it, if you’re interested in it. 🙂

  23. Very interesting, Doug. Definitely looking forward to that when I get caught up on current “Who.” As we were saying, science fiction allows certain freedoms, and I also think that a British audience might be more receptive overall to that kind of challenge than an American one – at least judging by demographics of belief/religiosity, etc.

  24. Doug says:

    Regarding a TV show questioning god, the second episode of this half of Doctor Who had the Doctor literally laughing in the face of a god that turned out not to be a god. Granted, that’s not directly questioning the existence of The God a lot of Americans believe in, but it’s on the way. Who kind of gets away with a lot of that blatant Objectivism though. BBC effect.

  25. Alec says:

    I feel Ken’s pain.

  26. Stop teasing, dad.

  27. Chris Hardwick says:

    Steve White who

  28. steve white says:

    John Champion who

  29. JetpackBlues says:

    @Jeff: Matt was supposed to have ‘secured’ them when he interviewed Frakes, Sirtis & Dorn on AOTS. But that’s no guarantee. Or maybe those are in the can and back logged. Who knows?

  30. Jeff says:

    Keep up the Trek talks, Hardwick! They are some of the best. You need to get Frakes and Sirtis and McFadden to complete the bridge crew, dammit!

  31. Infinitive Splitter says:

    Heh. They’re doing the spocker.

  32. Finally, after months and months of waiting, we finally have this episode!