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Episode 476: Nerdist Podcast
Robert Kirkman Returns
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Robert Kirkman Returns

Robert Kirkman returns to the podcast! He talks about reading comics on the toilet, The Walking Dead Escape obstacle course, and what he has planned for the future of The Walking Dead, both comic and TV show!

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Meltdown Comics, an LA Landmark, to Close After 25 Years

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  1. PerungaXx says:

    I definitely have to agree about the segment regarding shows getting made and cancelled. I’m a huge Supernatural fan, so I’m very happy about it’s longevity, but that’s very atypical of shows I enjoy. There are dozens of examples of shows that were fantastic, but still got the axe. I recently finished the 2 lone seasons of Alphas on SyFy. Fantastic plot, great character development, X-Men style abilities, and it gets the axe so that SyFy can launch another ghost hunting show or a reboot of Scare Tactics. It’s really sad.

  2. fannypack says:

    I guess I’m the only one who didn’t like this episode, only because it felt like Kirkman was kind of being a bully. Like he was trying to be funny but to me it just felt mean. I haven’t listened to his other episode, so maybe its a ‘thing’, but I didn’t like it, it made me feel bad for Chris. Probs just being overly sensitive.

  3. Carly Hudson says:

    Ok, I listened again and made a list for anyone else interested.

    Chris and Robert talked about these books:
    – Saga
    – Chew
    – Sex Criminals
    – Manhattan Projects
    – East of West
    – Hawkeye
    – Y: The Last Man

    And Jonah mentioned these:
    – Sweet Tooth
    – Asterious Polyp

    • Brian Howard says:

      Thank you overmuch, Carly; I’ve read it twice, but every time I go to try and recommend Asterious Polyp, I have to relisten to the ep to nab the name.  

      I had thought they’d also mentioned Alice in Sunderland, but given your list and my own apparent incompetence, I’ll not be using Nerdist as the recommendation point. That book is DFW-ish in awesometacion, though, and I can only frown in disgust at my knucklwalkin’ expressions.  Oh well.. 

      I’m overlong in this; again, thanks, what you did was awesome. 

  4. Patrick Gaertner says:

    You guys should totally talk to Matt Fraction. I’ve heard him interviewed a few times on comics podcasts and that dude’s hilarious

  5. Carly Hudson says:

    Hey, LOVED this episode! Does anyone recall the names of all of the comics Kirkman and Chris suggested? I may just need to listen through again and make a list.

  6. Nikki says:

    y’all had me cracking up at my cubicle

  7. Andrew says:

    Since we’re talking weird crossovers, could we have Bob Saget worked into the Walking Dead where he is just alone in a house in front of two dead kids telling them about when he was younger and sleeping around a lot?

  8. Scully says:

    A post in which I nerd about the most inconsequential part of the interview. Talking about Chew and Y The Last Man in the same podcast! This warms the cockles of my heart. 🙂

    The only thing that could have made this better was a Locke and Key reference but I know you already did that a handful of episodes ago.

  9. Patrick P says:

    Breaking Bad + Walking Dead=Walking Bad!

    It would be great to do this combo show. It could start with Hank and Gomez climbing out of the ground.

  10. nate says:

    I had just bought a Mt Dew Code Red for the first time in years and was drinking it when I listened to this podcast. Kirkman was judging me.

  11. Weebee says:

    I think the show Finding Bigfoot is primarily motivated by Kirkmans first Nerdist appearance. Once those tardies find one I anticipate a squatch rape. FYI tardies, your dicks are going to look tiny when you force it to jerk you off with that huge foot.

  12. ThisGuyRightHere says:

    Chris brought up the Tommy Westphall theory. It touches a SHIT load of TV shows, including Doctor Who. It’s pretty neat when you read about it (it’s bull, but fun).

  13. Wolf says:

    Does he talk about Invincible I hope? We’ve all heard about The Walking Dead

  14. This episode’s chemistry was great-I was surprised by how hilarious and witty Kirkman is in person. His abilty to banter and confidently jab with you guys should help dispel the stereotype about the socially awkward, “shut in” style comic/graphic novel writer. I hope you have him back soon.

  15. Sebastian says:

    Chris, people in the middle ages (or before the invention of penicillin) dis NOT die at 35.

    You basically have given yourself the answer mere seconds after you role that myth again: child mortality was high. Insanely high. Only ten or twenty percent made it to 20. Now do the math. Two people grow up to be 80. Eight die within the first twenty years. 80+80+8*10 (10 is the median of 0 to 20) = 240.

    Boom. Life expectancy 24 for them all. Because expectancy is the median of all ages at death.

  16. Gary says:

    Chris, if you ever decide to get into acting, Y the Last Man’s main protagonist, Yorrick Brown, is the character made for you.

  17. Fran says:

    WTF you guys? I so laughed out loud during this episode… yes, a true LOL…. please keep up the crazy shit! Please don’t forget that us 60 year olds have a sense of humor! WTF is this shit about 35 being the age???? Fuck you guys! I love your show!

  18. Joe J. says:

    You guys should have Lauren Cohan on again. I just listened to her first episode recently, and she is just goddamn delightful.

  19. Kevy Metal says:

    Another great podcast! Kirkman is one funny fucker and this is up there for me with the Neko Case episode.

    BTW, Matt: I am 100% serious about the Canadian Women’s Curling Team “Love On Ice” reality show.

  20. JetpackBlues says:

    Jesus goddamn Christ on drums! Who the fuck was talking into the mic for over an hour?! This is a travesty! How dare you put out a podcast with CONTENT and GUESTS!

    A travesty, I tell you….


  21. alanso says:

    Hello fellow commentertainers. Here is my proposal:

    Person A. If you have a constructive criticism, proceed to suggest it in a calm manner, using a maximum of one exclamation mark per sentence.

    Person B. If you wish to issue a rebuttal, please show courtesy and for the love of our sweet, cuckolding Mary, Mother of God, please don’t slam your fellow man with sarcastic cries relating to ‘free content’.

    A. I get it, the podcast is important to you and you want to enjoy it as much as you can.

    B. I also get it, the podcast is important to you and you are a little defensive of Chris and over eager to White Knight him.

    It’s ok. We’re all here for the same reason. Let’s enjoy the goodness and try not to be the reason someone feels bad, today.

    *hands out flowers*

    *rides into sunset*

  22. AJ says:

    Great podcast!! I don’t listen that often, but I’m really glad I listened to this one. I was laughing pretty much throughout the entire show. The Walking Dead and Talking Dead can’t get here soon enough!

  23. Angelo D says:

    @Headphonehero great job complaining about the free content you just consumed…

    Awesome podcast guys. Keep it up. Thank you.

  24. Renidrag says:

    Great Show! Always love hearing Robert on Nerdist or Talking Dead, he is a great and funny guest. Keep up the great work and keep your head(s) up Chris, Matt and Jonah.

  25. michaelscott says:

    I never heard any microphone/cable banging because I was too busy laughing my ass off and being giddy with joy at this episode. Robert Kirkman was wonderful, and Jonah was WAY on in this one.

  26. Steph says:

    Chris, thank you for being awesome. Don’t worry about what shitty people say to you, about you or whatever. You are too critical of yourself. You are passionate about what you do, and maybe that is why people feel the need to bitch to you.

    Great podcast! Walking Dead and Talking Dead cannot get here quick enough.

  27. @HeadphoneHero: It’s a cable issue. No one is banging any mics. We are doing our best to fix it. We have since purchased a whole new mic/cable setup. Please calm down.

  28. Help keep our daughters safe from DJs! Ban the microphone!

  29. Headphonehero says:

    Why do they keep baning the microphone!!!!!! this is like the 5 episode in a row where the bang into the mic 200 times