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Episode 181: Nerdist Podcast
Rob Riggle
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Rob Riggle

The super funny Rob Riggle comes on the show to discuss sports and comedy, the time Matt fixed his computer at the Apple store and his new movie 21 Jump Street, in theaters now!

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  1. Karin says:

    During this interview you discussed John Madden. FYI he lives in Pleasanton, CA and still attends Raiders games on a regular basis. He still has his own personal bus he travel in to games. A friends husband is his bus driver. 

    • Joe says:

      I think you’re referring to the more recent episode when Rob returns. Great bit of info nonetheless. 

  2. Gray says:

    The first Nerdist podcast I ever heard was Chris’s interview of Neil Patrick Harris. It was as well done and interesting as any interview I’ve ever heard on NPR or watched on tv. I became an instant fan.

    Since I like Rob Riggles, the next one I wanted to hear was his interview, but the multiple interviewer format is complete shit. I couldn’t stand more than 10 minutes. You guys talking over each other is madness. You crack yourself (not yourselves) up, constantly interrupting and interjecting.

    Pick ONE interviewer per interview. That is, unless you want to sound like the morning show on K-douche FM.

  3. ernster says:

    matt, it’s the konami code. you know better than that.

  4. Zachary says:

    What a cool dude!

  5. JMonken says:

    Great episode, as per usual. RR went to my high school, always loved him on The Daily Show.

    Rob and Jonah have very similar voices. Hard to figure out who’s talking at a couple points.

  6. Abbey says:

    I LOVE when Chris keeps recording after the official end. lol.

    One of my favorite episodes to date.

  7. KT says:

    I don’t know if the talk about Step Brothers made me laugh or if it was Matt giggling like a fool that made me laugh — regardless, I liked it. I love that movie so much!

    Riggle is an interesting person and this episode was A++

  8. pbnews says:

    Rob Riggle is a great guest. Thanks Nerdist!

  9. Justin says:

    Might I suggest something? How about just throwing a camera up during these Podcasts and putting that on the Nerdist youtube?

    Also, me likes Rob Riggle.

  10. John48221 says:

    “Hey you! Fat Jesus.”

    “In the FACE!!!”

  11. Eric says:

    Oh man was I ever laughing out loud at work when Rob was talking about Step Brothers. If there is any way to get him as a special guest for the Nerdist Live in ATL next week it would just make my day. I’ll be traveling down from Nashville just for the show, I cannot wait!

  12. Oh he DOES! It’s so rad.

  13. Pat says:

    Haven’t listened yet, but I’m hoping he talks a little about his time in the marines. Always thought that was a really interesting part about him

  14. Jack says: