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Episode 368: Nerdist Podcast
Rick Moranis
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Rick Moranis

The amazing and multi-talented Rick Moranis is on the Nerdist podcast! He talks about how he got into the entertainment business, why movies like Ghostbusters and Little Shop of Horrors are still so great, and his new album My Mother’s Brisket and Other Love Songs!

Order Rick’s new album My Mother’s Brisket and Other Love Songs!

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  1. Carrie says:

    Well this made my day! Thanks @nerdist!

  2. Carrie says:

    Well this just made my day! Thanks @nerdist!

  3. Bubbowrap says:

    I’m amazed at the number of ‘INTRO TOO LONG’ comments. Like, not only is it skippable, but I just kind of zone out for the 2-3 minutes that he’s doing the advertising stuff (Sorry Chris) that he needs to do to keep this amazing podcast going.

    Rick Moranis is one of my favorites so far. The stories he tells…just great. I’m sad that he stopped doing movies since I’ve loved pretty much everything he’s been in, but I’m glad that he didn’t go the usual comedian route of doing a ton of mediocre movies until we’re sick of seeing their name and chose to focus on his kids. Seems like a great guy, too.

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  5. Sayzon Turner says:

    SOS!!!! I am a huge fan of Rick Moranis, this is my first time being a fan of somebody and I really really realy really want to send him a fan mail. can any body PLESE help me with this? I have looked on the internet, and even called some people and they hung up on me. I would greatly appreciate your help thanks.

  6. Victoria Rivera says:

    AWESOME! I LOOOVE Rick Moranis. He is one bad ass dude!

  7. Lainelah says:

    This episode pretty much made my life. Beverly Schechtman, the amazing makeup artist that Rick talks about from SCTV, is my grandmother’s cousin! She was so thrilled to hear she was mentioned! On an unrelated note: Chris, you’re an amazing interviewer and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I’ve been listening since the first episode! LOVE you guys!

  8. dejm1 says:

    GREAT episode! Rick was always a favorite. His young kids used to come with their grandmother to rent videos from a video store I worked in in NYC and I always recommended them classic comedies, usually Saturday mornings. The one Sat. I was not working Rick came in especially to thank more for the great picks! Really nice guy and one of the best on SCTV!

    And WHAT IS WRONG WITH COMMENTORS HERE complaining about a long intro – it’s his show, not theirs, and it’s like barely 4 min. Gimme a break! TV talk shows you gotta sit through a long monologue and lame bits until they get to the actual interview. And fast forward if it bothers you, sheesh!

  9. Great episode! I always wondered what happened to Rick these past few years. I loved the DJ and SCTV stories.

  10. Patty Marvel says:

    Relished his DJ stories and could especially relate to the parts about doing EVERYTHING yourself and playing what I call “potty break songs,” though mine are never “Stairway to Heaven,” but re-remixes of dance tunes by New Order or Depeche Mode. Fark, there’s even a Prince single that goes on for, I kid you not, twenty-seven minutes (the VERY extended version of “America” off of “Around the World in a Day”). THAT’S the song you play when you had too much cheese.

    Okay, I’ve said too much.

  11. robin says:

    One of my favorite podcasts! I haven’t thought about Rick Moranis or noticed he was missing – but wow, he really was in so many of my favorite movies growing up. He seems like such a nice guy and he had such great stories. I hope he’s ready for a comeback!

  12. smoonie says:

    First time listener, I love Moranis and this was such a great interview! Very revealing, very funny. Thanks for this.

  13. Courtney says:

    Ah, I haven’t seen Strange Brew in like 15 years but I remember watching it on VHS and LOVING it. Rick Moranis is still just my favorite guy! Great episode.

  14. Sarasotan says:

    Just coming into say that we watch podcasts quite frequently, especially nerdist!

  15. Judith says:

    Hi name is Judith Glenn im new here love Ricks movies and he is very funny to and I think he is cute to. Looks like he dont make movies anymore why? Well got to go now Im at school tell Rick I said hi.

  16. Greasy Gary says:

    Jerry Todd should have a Blog!

    Loved the interview almost as much as I love Rick’s album “You, Me, the Music and Me”. Well done!

  17. Jae says:

    I loved this! I have been a fan of his since I was really little. I grew up watching his movies. Mr. Moranis is one of the many comedy greats of the 80’s and early 90’s that played a big part in shaping my sense of humor, for which I am grateful. Plus seeing him in Little Shop of Horrors got me into musicals. Now that I am older, I have introduced my daughter to some of my favorite movies and she is a fan as well.

  18. Shari says:

    I loved this interview. I know most people who leave comments tend to leave criticism and those of us who just enjoy it rarely chime in…. But I love this podcast, Chris, Matt, and Jonah and envy all the guests they get to meet and talk to! They are always genuinely interested in their guests and it is always a fun ride. I am a huge Moranis fan and could listen to about 4 more hours of this!!!!

    And to the complainers….no one is twisting your arm to listen, if you get annoyed by it so much you’re free to go fuck yourselves 🙂 (I’m just sayin)

  19. Mike Rogan says:

    Ken is right. I don’t know who this so called host is, the only reason I am here is to hear Rick Moranis, not this twit. Bad, dreadful, terrible intro of the interview.

  20. Lee Keeler says:

    Awesome. The man is incredible and his story so rare and fascinating. Nice work, Nerdist.

  21. Erin says:

    Hi Ken, podcasts aren’t radio. It’s an obligatory ad and you can skip it.

    Rick Moranis is a badass.

  22. Bobby G says:

    @Ken, I sure hope you fine your way out of that paper sack. Anyway, great interview.

    • Ken says:

      Rick…is GREAT. In my 20 years of on air radio, I have not heard an intro that goes on sooo long for no good purpose. I’m thinkin’ top 40 pop radio puke. I may be wrong but that was what the intro sounded like.

  23. Ann says:

    So much fun! He’s such a smart guy, wondered what he’s been up to.

  24. ryan says:

    Chris you are a very good interviewer, great podcast!

  25. mikey zero says:

    hey @fantas, eat a bag of dicks, rick was one of eststhe coolist guests ever, you must feel awesome talking shit about a FREE podcast, douche nozzle

  26. ErikH says:

    Growing up in a small town near Edmonton in the 80s, there were two things I loved – the Oilers and SCTV. Some of the scenes were filmed on our main street and it was always a kick to see the stores we shopped in for pet food or running shoes used as a backdrop.

    Thanks Nerdist for tracking down Rick Moranis. And thanks to Rick for such a great interview. His commitment to family and his unique outlook on life are really inspirational.

  27. Emily J. says:

    Well, that was quite the insightful podcast. I’ll have to disagree about Rick claiming that he’s not a good actor, because he will be awarded with SOMETHING for Little Shop of Horrors, which made me a huge fan of his for years. Whether Rick is on screen or living an enjoyable normal life, I still wish the best. =)

  28. frankmint says:

    That was fun. I am sorry he did not enjoy making Streets of Fire, it is has been a guilty pleasure of mine since it came out.

  29. ctocity says:

    This was one of my favorites! I knew the name and was excited to listen to the pod cast but when he started talking, it did not sound like him… or I should say, the characters he does! His normal speaking voice is beautiful! He speaks well and was so intelligent! I too could have listened to a few more hours of Mr. Moranis! Thanks Chris (and your team) for getting him on your show!

  30. amysrevenge says:

    Wow, this was a good one. Been a streak of really fun episodes the last few weeks.

  31. Lance the Logic Circuit says:

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    Step 2. If your mp3 player has an alarm function, set it for medication time so that you cease forgetting to take your mood stabilizers. Mental health is as important, if not more important, than physical health and you should really consider making a stronger commitment to taking your meds consistently so that you don’t harm yourself or others with destructive behavior that could have easily been avoided.

  32. Ken says:

    CAN the guy at the begining…SHUT UP and get on with it!FOUR minutes of blh blah blah. SHUT UP! Shut…UP.

  33. John says:

    Loved this ep, and I find his attitude to be refreshing.

  34. This was an excellent episode. Rick’s stories were fantastic. The world just needs more Moranis.

  35. gpv1.168 says:

    This made me vomit rainbows! Thanks!

  36. Stupid Boy says:

    God damn it.

    Just when I feel like I’ve finally cut Nerdist out of my life…

    A Rick Moranis shows up, seducing me into listening to Hardwick’s weak “interviewing” “skills”.



  37. Bill says:

    Au contraire, podcasts ARE listened to in Sarasota, FL.

  38. Shad says:

    Wow. Was not expecting this at all. What a treat. What a surprise.

  39. Ralph says:

    This was so great; the SCTV of the 80’s that use to come on after SNL was the best. Great job guys!!! I hope Rick M reads these comments to see how much we loved listening to his stories. I could listen to 10 hours of him telling stories of the SCTV days and character/skit development. his Merv Griffin use to kill me
    Just awesome

  40. Fellow says:

    Ah man… Dini Petty, Ken Finkleman… All the greats.