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Episode 265: Nerdist Podcast
Rich Sommer Returns
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Rich Sommer Returns

Rich Sommer returns to the show! He talks about receiving Mad Men fan art and tells the story of meeting Sigourney Weaver, and they ask Siri some questions!

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  1. Siri says:

    Guys, I don’t know what “Siri” you were talking about in this podcast, because clearly I was not there 😉

  2. Ladybug says:

    For anyone who doesn’t remember the video making fun of Metallica over the Napster business:
    Grabasses bad!

  3. David Frederick says:

    Umm… Chuck D was on the OPPOSITE side of Lars Ulrich on the Napster debate. #JonahWrong

  4. Patrick LeJeune says:

    Charles Bronson is the greatest, long live power-violence.

  5. Livius says:

    I started crying because of Jonah’s story. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.
    Truth or Love with Courtney Dare, that’s fantastic.

  6. Alec says:

    Damnit, now I have to go and watch reruns of celebrity bowling.

  7. Rob S. says:

    Guys, size doesn’t matter. Chris had to give up his dog and his house to Janet? Man, that is rough.

  8. Mick says:


    Where can I find the Bronson Pinchot interview?

  9. Nick DePrimo says:

    My girlfriend and practically my whole family are going on a cruise to the Carribbean… TOMORROW (literally, tomorrow)! The coincidence of this podcast being posted today is BLOWING MY GODDAMN MIND! Great talk, dudes!

    That is all.

  10. “Here’s What You’re Thinking”, was it called?

    Thank you so much for this. I sometimes have fun ideas for things to just pick up and play while bored with no cards or space, just time. But I often forget them. This one I will not. It is pure creativity and enjoyment. Wonderful!

  11. Vincent S says:

    omg, fell in love to Rich Sommer from the first nerdist episode he was in. He just jells in the Nerd Trio so much. inbetween the episode on this write up, enjoyed *thumbs up*.

  12. Patty Marvel says:

    So how did Matt end up doing with his juicing? How long did he go and did he lose as much weight as he would’ve liked?

    As for the card game “Apples to Apples,” there’s a wonderful, evil version of that called “Cards Against Humanity.” The more twisted the players are, the more fun the game is. Below is the official webpage for the game and even a PDF version to download if you happen to have a lot of card stock laying around.

    Cards Against Humanity webpage:

    PDF of Cards Against Humanity:

  13. Bryan says:

    “Truth or Love: with Courtney Dare” I haven’t laughed that hard at work in a long time.

  14. David says:

    Did he ever finish his juice fast?

  15. Kristin says:

    I love Dixit!
    Just felt I had to put that out there.

  16. Kevin says:

    And there I was on my way back to liking Lars again. Damn it, Jonah.

    “Truth or Love with Courtney Dare ” has to be a title for something…SOMETHING!!!

  17. Melissa says:

    I saw Matinee in the drive-in too! And I’m from St. Paul, MN….I most likely saw it at the same drive-in as Rich. I’m going to pretend this makes me special!!

  18. Patty Marvel says:

    SHOOT! I just missed seeing him at last weekend’s CWRU alumni events (he graduated from here in 2005). Hope he brings it up on the podcast.

  19. Leah says:

    Chris you crazy perfectionist you. Ah well – great podcast regardless of the wait time. Rich Sommer is fucking awesome

  20. Steve says:

    The best part is you start off by saying i do not know when this is going up so i wont say who won the bowling match…. 5 month later

  21. Curtis says:

    I completely understand Rich’s freeze moment with Sigourney Weaver. I did that when John Lithgow told me he enjoyed my short film. There’s just some sort of panic you get and it kicks in the flight or fight function. Obviously, I’m like Rich and my brain tells me to run away as quickly as possible before I disappoint them.

    It kind of reminds me of when Troy met LaVar Burton on Community.

  22. JetpackBlues says:

    A ‘Murphy Brown’ is taking a dump at the Commonwealth Club in SF, writing “POTATOE” on the stall wall and walking out without flushing.

  23. Jerry says:

    Don’t worry guys, Google Now <3's the whole podcast crew even if Siri doesn't. 🙂
    Some screens for your enjoyment!

    Thanks for the great podcast!

  24. Suzanne says:

    Yay, Rich Sommer! Boo, skips around 48-50 minute mark.