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Episode 328: Nerdist Podcast
Rich Moore
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Rich Moore

The amazing animation director Rich Moore sits down with Chris and Matt to tell some stories from his Simpsons days, talk about making Wreck-It Ralph, and explain how a cartoon character was based after him!

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  1. LTListenerFTCaller says:

    Okay, this comment is specifically because of the intros… I figured out why I strongly dislike Chloe when she’s included in the intros. Chris will start joking and I’ll laugh hysterically, then Chloe will tell Chris how dumb he and his jokes are. Every. Time. Which I interpret as her telling the people who laugh that they’re dumb for liking Chris’s jokes.

    Perfect example in this one: “Your segue ways are so stupid!”

    Really Chloe? Because I was laughing hysterically at Chris’s “I’m gonna wreck it!” and you just said what I find funny is stupid.

    Is this my own issue? Yes, totally. But is that why other people might not like her, too? Possibly.

  2. Writefast says:

    I love how Chris’s Gary Marshal sounds just like Gilbert Gottfried reading for The Godfather

  3. Kelli says:

    The Chloe intros feel like when there’s a teen couple making out in front of you at Starbucks. We get that you’re about to fuck but why do we have to be a part of the foreplay.

    I’m not trying to be a hater but these flirty intros are so often maybe it would be better just to make a separate Chloe & Chris show.

    Maybe have Chloe on as a guest for an episode so we get to know her and love her and she’s not just a little girl voice flirting with her Daddy while he’s trying to work.

  4. Vincent S says:

    I personally like Chloe and past Katie in the intros. It at least breaks that chuck of advertisement into something like-able instead of product tag-lines or Chris trying to wriggle in a new line for a company for entertainment purposes.

    You are great Chloe and I know you’re going to skim past these good posts and react to the less than impressed people of the world but I’m just going to type it because I’m a selfish dickhead. You are awesome and the opinions of the people who don’t want those intro, ultimately don’t matter because you aren’t hurting anyone and CHRIS is always doing them in front of you. So blame him :P. There’s a way to adjust the time on media players, so who cares.

    Haven’t finished this episode yet… gtg.

  5. Writefast says:

    And the Lost in Space theme was of course composed by John Williams. Full circle.

  6. John in Ohio says:

    Picked up Wreck-it Ralph last night. Loved it in the theater, love it even more after re-watching. Chris, LOVE the intermission clips. You’re great and you just keep getting better at what you do. You are becoming and “uber-host.”

  7. Derek Harju says:

    I really love when Chloe pops in on the podcast intros. You guys are goddamn-adorbs. My wife bought the Wreck-It Ralph Blu-Ray Last night because Chris was on the extras… Upon explaining that we don’t have a blu-ray player, her response was “WE NEED TO GO BUY A BLU-RAY PLAYER!”.

  8. toonsmyth says:

    Hey! Speaking of STAR TREK… Here’s something I uploaded just this morning! Not to blatantly plug myself, but I would hope that ALL Nerdists will appreciate this mash-up. Enjoy.

  9. Zac says:

    The Ferengi weren’t in “Encounter At Farpoint”, Mira, they first appeared in “The Outpost”, which was a few episodes later. And you have no idea how excited I am to correct you when it comes to Star Trek trivia.

  10. Matt, sometimes I dig a hole deeper when I shouldn’t, but this was a bit much!

    I wish one of you would have mentioned how important Wreck-It Ralph was to the video games industry. We’ve had a lot of lesser-quality video game-themed or inspired movies, and I was SO RELIEVED at how faithful and great and independent the film was. It opens the door to much more and further widens the audience of gamers. I also appreciated reading that Mario wasn’t included (this time) because there wasn’t a good place for him. Clearly this movie was put into the right hands. Thank you.

  11. B Mah says:

    Listening to Rich Moore podcast. Try Googling AKB48. Just saying…

  12. John says:

    I can’t be the only one who listens to Adam Carolla and Nerdist shows…Why is there animosity? Looking at you, Matt.

  13. Katie Rakoczy says:

    I really love this episode, it was most like a hostful because it ran away into a beautiful land of riffs (I’m so close to watching storage wars just so I can laugh harder at them).

    I’m disappointed that there’s no Wreck it Ralph commentary on the DVD and I was hoping that would be addressed. I was also wondering about the difference between this company and Pixar at Disney.

  14. toonsmyth says:

    So it’s not just me that doesn’t like the Bob McKimson Looney Tunes. Chris Hardwick obviously appreciates the difference between being a good animation director and being a true artistic genius like Tex Avery pr Chuck Jones. McKimson was too dependent on exposition and dialogue and did vaudevillian type gags, whereas Jones and Avery could convey volumes without a single word being spoken for the entire cartoon. That’s just my humble opinion, though.
    Awesome interview. Wreck It Ralph is a beautiful movie. I can’t wait to see it again with commentaries! Hope there is a sequel. Hope they DON’T attempt to adapt it into a 2-D cartoon for Disney TV!

  15. Alec says:

    Rich Moore was insightful and cool on the Futurama commentaries, so podcast is a guaranteed success.

  16. s1yfox says:

    This show was the bee’s knees 😀 But i really must say Chloe made this episode special! Please don’t exclude her from the intro or I will sad face pretty hard. Also, Awesome Joe Cocker voice, Chris… I hope that 3 seconds doesn’t cost you a pretty penny :S

  17. John G. says:

    This was a fun, fun episode.

  18. Dan McLaughlin! And don’t forget his faithful assistant/ Camera guy Phil. Dan had a quiet way and a Yoda-ish influence that helped shape my career.

    Thanks for the talk of the Animation Room at UCLA Chris. Good times!

    And please keep Ms. Dykstra in the intros. You guys are awesome.

  19. Amanda says:

    Love all the animation and art talk on here! Please have more animators and illustrators on the podcast. Just about to graduate with my BFA in illustration and it is so great to hear these stories about jobs and how things really work(ed) behind the scenes.
    And I’m sure Chris has mentioned taking animation classes before, but I guess I just never thought about it too much. Virtual high five! You are braver than I Chris as animation classes seem CRAZY intense.
    Also, Wreck it Ralph was an awesome movie.

  20. lucia says:

    mitch pileggi is on the new Dallas show on tnt.

  21. Curtis says:

    I’ll just say that if Chloe is a fabrication created by Chris that it’s very convincing. I was TOTALLY convinced when I met her on Friday that she was, in fact, a real person.

  22. Three Toes of fury says:

    AHHH!! the devil has targeted me thru Chris’s multiple personalities…and it knows my love of catchy bloodhound gang tunes! Im doomed. I need a new priest and and old priest! ” No-me-yo-ho-rang-ge-keyoo! The power of nerdist compells you! The power of nerdist compells you!!”

    Peace .n. Holy Water

    PS: Chloe…i may or may not have snorted coffee thru my nose while laughing at the translation of your message. well played sista!


    Illic ‘nulla terrena modo cognoscendi / Quod directionem facturi sunt … Illic ‘haud sciens in quo haerent remigando … Aut quo fluminis fluens … Est pluit, est NINGIT? Est turbine ventorum a-flantem? Non festucam lucis praebens officium … itaque periculum crescere … Sint ignes inferni a-radians? Est acidus MESSOR tonsionem? Ita! Periculum debet accrescens ‘causa remiges servo in remigando. w.w.

  23. Fat Donny says:

    “I’m gonna wreck it!” was genius. I nearly choked.

  24. Chloe says:

    @Three Toes of Fury:

    vos et i, infantem, nihil sunt nisi Mammalia, sic faciamus similes faciunt in inventum alveo. vos et i, infantem, nihil sunt nisi Mammalia, sic faciamus similes faciunt in inventum alveo. vos et i, infantem, nihil sunt nisi Mammalia, sic faciamus similes faciunt in inventum alveo. vos et i, infantem, nihil sunt nisi Mammalia, sic faciamus similes faciunt in inventum alveo. vos et i, infantem, nihil sunt nisi Mammalia, sic faciamus similes faciunt in inventum alveo GRANDO SATANAM

  25. Three Toes of Fury says:

    WOAH! Pschic posting moment!! Jetpack and I BOTH typed up a Weird Science riff at the exact same moment!!!! [email protected] i love this site.

  26. Three Toes of Fury says:


    Is far easier than you think…dont forget the bra on your head and dont forget to hook up the doll!!

    Peace & #Weird-Science-rocks


  27. JetpackBlues says:

    @3ToF: You mean he created her like Lisa in Weird Science?

    “In your quest for power and glory, you forgot one, small detail.


    You forgot. To hook up. The doll….”

  28. Three Toes of Fury says:

    Fellow Nerdists

    Im not sure how to break this to you all…so i’ll just come out and do it…Chloe doesnt exist. She’s one of the many personalities Chris created in his head years ago when overwork drove him mad. He’s used his extensive computer programming expertice to create a “virtual Chloe” (rev 2.3) and insert her into “Just Cos” videos, photos, and, yes, intro’s to podcasts…where Chris is the only one speaking..just in 2 voices. sigh. And for those of you who think you’ve met her at ComicCons? Nope…it was chris again…in drag and wearing a psychotropic perfume to cloud your ability to see him for him. Need further proof?…Chloe Dykstra is a perfect anagram for “Enjoy Your Burrito, Satan”.

    It is my sincerest hope that we get Chris the help he needs via counceling, drugs, and electroshock therapy so that he realizes these characters such as Chloe are a figment of his imagination. I anticipate things will be far tougher when he has to face the fact that Matt and Johnah are, too, creations of his mind. Sigh.

    Peace .n. Twist Endings.


    PS: Chris, seriously, ignore any of the folks [email protected] doing what you do and dont change a gosh darn thing.

    • ericmci says:

      I’ll say this-
      If Chris really has invented Chloe- I wish he would show me how to do that.

  29. Deanna says:

    I love Chloe and Chris on the intros, it’s fun!

  30. Arno Nym says:

    Wow, do you have a new host? I just pulled the podcast with 1,7MB/s, that never happened to me before…

  31. ericmci says:

    Look I like Chloe and I am big fan of Chris- but I have to say it’s a bit like when you think your baby is the cutest baby ever.
    I am little sick of the couples intros.

    Not hating- just saying it might be time to lay off them a bit.
    Just a suggestion.

  32. Russ says:

    I had to pause during the intro because I couldn’t contain the laughter.

  33. Kevin says:

    Whoops! Sorry. Katie!

  34. Kevin says:

    I get that you do the intros wherever you can and Chloe is usually there (and have no problem with that), but count me among the silent few that miss Katy in the intros.

  35. picklemeth says:

    I know MIchael Caine is an overdone impression, but Matt’s was actually really good.

  36. Wildride says:

    I don’t care what anybody says: I only listen to the intros that include Chloe.

  37. Three Toes of Fury says:


    Sooooo looking forward to this ‘cast but must wait…didnt catch Wreck-It in the theaters and will be [email protected] out of the 3D bluray tomorrow. Am so stoked as it appears this movie was, literally and figuratively, written for we nerdists with a bit of obsessive video game nostalgia!

    Peace .n. Got a pocket full of quarters and heading to Flynns arcade where i will do battle with the Kodan Armada after i get caught up in a spy movie because my atari cartridge has a microfilm in it but before i find the back door password (Joshua) and find the hidden room in Atari Adventure…

    3ToF dreaming in 8bits

    (PS: for those who havent seen it yet, google around for some HILARIOUS Donkey Kong mash ups…there’s a great Doctor Who one and several solid Star Wars entries).