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Episode 378: Nerdist Podcast
Randy Pitchford
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Randy Pitchford

CEO and president of Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford comes on the show to talk about the process of making video games, how they come up with ideas for games, and how they think the future of video games will unfold!

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  1. Jaer says:

    Yeah Pitchford is a tool and a scam artist at best. Now his PoS company got Homeworld, I wonder how they’re going to screw that one up and then blame it on something else.

  2. El Cas says:

    Matt Mira,
    Here’s your Modded Nintendo toaster

  3. empireinrecline says:

    Either Randy is a fuckin’ liar or this reporter is:

    As far as ticking clocks and rushing development goes, that’s a total bullshit argument. Games go into dev hell or turn into vaporware and disappear on a regular basis. We all understand dev cycles are multi-year affairs, we’re listening to the Nerdist after all so don’t insult my intelligence. Has anyone ever heard of Duke Nuke’em? Exactly.

    His comments on what happened with the Aliens game is a complete whitewash and doesn’t match the account in the above article which paints Gearbox as completely negligent.

    Concerning the Borderlands development, he paints himself as some sort of prescient visionary for taking Borderlands away from a realistic style of graphics to a more cartoon style. Yeah, that’s actually the exact same development story as Team Fortress 2 from Valve.

    When talking about the shift away from realistic to stylized graphics, they settled on a cel shaded. Randy says when he saw it for the first time he’d never seen anything like it. Here’s a list of cel shaded games, plenty of which predate Borderlands:

    I don’t trust anything this guy says. It also disappoints me a bit that Chris just fanbois all over him and never challenges a single thing he says. The TOTAL LACK OF WOMEN characters in Aliens was a media splash that is worth talking about. I also want to hear a dev rationalize the $10 console tax on games, it’s unfair, it’s bullshit and it shouldn’t exist.

    Yeah I get it, Chris is a nice guy and he’s not going to be a dick and attack a guest on the podcast but sometimes I want more than fluff, which is on me so relax, I get it.

    Just needed to vent a little in service to truth.