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Nerdist Podcast: Pauly Shore
Episode 633: Nerdist Podcast
Pauly Shore
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Pauly Shore

Pauly Shore talks to Chris and Matt about growing up among legendary comedians at The Comedy Store, and Chris and Pauly remember their early days at MTV and his movies such as Biodome, Encino Man and more. They also talk about Pauly’s documentary Pauly Shore Stands Alone and his podcast Pauly Shore’s Interested!

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  1. Shealyndj says:

    I think Im gonna stop reading comments before listening to an ep beacause I thought this was gonna be a really off, hard to listen to ep but I found it really interesting.  It wasnt full of bits and lols but it had some cool, interesting anecdotes. I was waiting for the sexist/woman hating part but didnt hear it. Im guessing its when he said his piece about chicks and said orgasm and vagina.  It’s his feeling and opinion ppl need to chill out.

  2. Carly Clem says:

    This was incredibly interesting and eye-opening to listen to as I don’t know Pauly Shore outside of his movies such as Son-in-Law (which I love). Knew absolutely nothing about his childhood or life after MTV. I have a lot more respect for him now and his work. Will definitely check out his podcast. Great guest choice!

  3. Narrator says:

    I never really disliked Pauly Shore or anything but this Podcast just ran out of steam so fast that I could practically hear Chris & Matt zone out.
    It was like someone turned the music off at a party and you had no choice but to sit there and talk to him.

  4. Luanne says:

    Um, wow, he really hates women.  Something tells me his wish to be alone will be fulfilled sooner rather than later.  

  5. Ethan says:

    Great podcast as always.

  6. dEEPZoNE says:

    Crossing my fingers for bio dome 2 😉

  7. BRANDON says:

    I like to thank nerdist for not putting adds in the middle of your pod’s unlike smod  cast. THANK YOU NERDIST

  8. Kyle says:

    I truly hate Pauly Shore.

  9. B-Rye says:

    I feel like Pauly Shore was mostly gracious and very kind to Chris especially inviting him anytime to the comedy clubs and he seemed ok that’s just his style man I know plenty of people like him he’s harmless he can’t change the way he is and that’s why he is Pauly Shore. I think Chris teetered on the edge disrespect in some parts of this podcast more so than Pauly’s sexist comments. But somehow he manages to bring it home with another descent interview. an awkward listen but still good stuff not a disaster like th Harrison Ford podcast.

    • M. fisher says:

      Yeah, I’m halfway through it and have heard enough of Chris appointing himself to the role of amateur psychologist, and being judgmental, condescending, and preachy to him.  Totally unnecessary and inappropriate.  I’d have walked out.

    • T. MC says:

      I don’t think Chris was disrespectful he tried to get Pauly to talk about real issues, something he does all the time.  Pauly’s response was to say women get pregnant on purpose to trap men in a relationship and questioned the seriousness of Chris’ alcoholism.  I genuinely don’t think Pauly meant to offend, I feel like he just never grew up and is stuck back in the 90s.  Chris and Pauly are coming from two very different places.  

  10. jay walker says:

    How did Pauly Shore not say “enjoy your bur-rito buddy!”???!

  11. lala says:

    ummmm…   “it’s like a scam for chicks! ‘come on, cum in my vagina!!’  I don’t think I’ve ever orgasm’d in a girl’s vagina…’oh,i’m on the pill!’ …yeah, right, bitch.”    who talks like that? orgasm’d in a girl’s vagina?!!!  Pauly Shore’s separation of the human from the body part is super creepy, not to mention viewing the woman you’re intimate with as a bitch. CHARMING.

    • carlos says:

      I think that he’s either trying to do a bit, or he just has a lot of pent up anger/frustration issues he needs to work out and is just being real about it. It’s a good thing he prefers being alone and doesn’t want kids. People with issues shouldn’t have children. Not everybody is pleasing to listen to IRL, especially comics. Chris has a way of allowing people to be themselves and to be real on the show and this is a perfect example of that. I think it was a great show.

    • Yeahthat says:

      I was baffled to hear a grown man talk about a woman that way. It really made me sad. 

    • OrgaZgimicky says:

      I am a lady and I was not offended by Pauly saying this about a vagina. It seems legit, I know so many women who have lied about birth control. The stories they come up with are ridiculous when they get prego.

      • Christopher says:

        I’d rather hear hetero men speak honestly when they’re concerned about becoming a parent, rather than just go for it an “accidentally” get a woman prego. If you’re not going to use protection, guys, and you’re relying on the woman to be honest…place your money and take your chances.
        It does seem like he’s someone who’s had some false-prego scares in the past, and has reacted to it this way.

  12. Kelly says:

    Hi! Want more talk about how cool it is to hang out alone. Shore was so candid and honest about it, inspiring. Also, I really like how he provoked Hardwick about not having kids. As, having kids seems like a modern choice, for the first time in history. Worthy of more talk.

  13. Stephen says:

    I like Pauly and I would be one of the 50 yr olds going Hey Bro in the Airport and Chris you are a Great Interviewer !

  14. Shaun says:

    True story: my dog is named after Pauly. My favorites were Goofy Movie, Biodome and Pauly Shore is Dead growing up.

  15. Kandee says:

    I loved the intro to this podcast because on the 5 year anniversary show Chris invited people to throw their stuff up on Nerdist events and they would then give shout outs to a few.  I love that it is already happening.  It seemed very off the cuff and now he is fulfilling that promise.  Congrats to the three things/people that got the shout outs from Kyle.  To quote the nerdists….totally RAD!

  16. Dewald says:

    I think C in the comments might be Chris. In regular folk-web talk you either like some thing or don’t… You don’t ask “what was setting you off?”  But for real… Big fan of the nerdist but not one of Polly… He rode his character to the grave. and if i am not wrong he even had a movie-  polly is dead or some jack like that.. Only my opinion (from SA … Don’t judge me…. ) What do you guys say? Worth a Listen? #notchris

  17. david says:

    awesome pod! really dugg it

  18. Thanks so much for the gracious shout out about our podcast, Tales From The Jungle Crews. We’ve been Nerdist fans since episode 8, and we love sharing the oral history of Disneyland. Our podcast can be found on iTunes or Stitcher, or over at

    • froggyhi says:

      Props to Kyle for the great recommendation. I just downloaded Jungle Crews Podcast and listened to the first 3 episodes during my commute. Genuinely, I was laughing, crying, and fascinated with the stories. 

  19. Doug B says:

    Thanks for reminding me why I dislike Pauly Shore. 🙂 

  20. dilophosaurus says:

    Really great podcast. I enjoyed Pauly stories and learning more about him. It was also a really open conversation hearing two people discussion the mortality of parents as well.

  21. Nikki says:

    wee-zin-the-juuiiiceeeee. Encino Man was iconic for me.  (for some reason, in 6th grade I did a book report on the novelization of the movie lol!)——“well you obviously have some issues too, man” -pauly to chris lol–PS not all women want kids!

  22. marklin says:

    I always really admired this guy for just being himself and sticking to it.  Looking forward to this…

  23. Bill T. says:

    Was this episode awkward to listen to for anybody else?

    • c says:

      Not really, what was setting you off?

    • GrantG says:

      Yeah i don’t hear it either.

    • Taylor says:

      I agree with you.  I think it’s because Polly said a lot of weirdly sexist/immature things that Chris didn’t seem to agree with at all.  They both handled it well it just felt awkward

    • Matt says:

      I picked up on it. I think we actually got an inadvertent glimpse into Shore’s psyche. It was interesting that, early on, he mentioned the “character” of Pauly Shore (which he said was not the “real” Pauly Shore) and how people were often annoyed by it. What we got for 80% of the interview was the “real” Pauly Shore. 

      That said, as Chris continued to ask Pauly about how his mother’s illness was affecting him (which I thought was maybe a bit much — ask the guy once, but don’t repeatedly repeat the question), Pauly lapsed into “character” and started in with the sexist/immature stuff and the (extremely dated) references to “Super Nerds.” So the lapse into character was pretty clearly a defense mechanism (among other things, perhaps) and it pretty much plays out like a class in Psychology 101. 

    • Kevin B. says:

      Definitely. I recall liking him in his heyday but then again, I was 12 or whatever. Now I’m struggling to understand what I could have ever found funny. Pronouncing the word “burrito” in a strange way? Comedy gold! Spouting obscenities apropos of nothing? My 10 year old nephew thinks that stuff’s hysterical. 
      Not exactly sure why this interview made me so angry, but it just revealed him to be such an all around dope. And weirdly delusional about his place in the universe and his “talent”. Just painfully unfunny, puerile, and unintelligent. Half what he said was along the lines of “yeah, bro, like….know what I mean”? No Pauly, nobody does.
      Rant over. Sorry. I still adore the podcast and all involved.

    • JFP says:

      The ‘you know’ being used as commas and periods is what drove me to turn this podcast off early. Unbearable.