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Nerdist Podcast: Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson
Episode 632: Nerdist Podcast
Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson

Paul Williams is back for a three-peat, along with friend Tracey Jackson! Paul and Tracey talk about how they met in the early ’80s and about their new book Gratitude and Trust. They also talk about getting sober, realizing what is important in life, and how to be the best person you can possibly be!

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  1. Clayton says:

    Never heard this before. After watching “Paul Williams Still Alive” I saw this and was pleased to see Paul is sober. I’ve been a friend of Bill W since June 1974. Thank you for sharing your story Paul.

  2. GregB says:

    So Mr. Williams.  As the president of ASCAP how do you feel about ASCAPs policy of crushing live music in small businesses by forcing them to pay thousands of dollars per year in PRO license fees? 
    And would you like to comment on how, after shaking down small businesses like coffee shops, pizza restaurants, and even small shops who play a CD on a stereo in the background, that money you’ve collected allegedly to “support the song writers” rarely gets to the actual song writers?

  3. Rich says:

    Paul Williams was one of my favorite guests and after this podcast I listened to his first two appearances again to try and get Tracy Jackson’s voice out of my head.  Her constant loud interruptions made this the first Nerdist podcast I didn’t like.

    • GoddessOfCarbs says:

      Oh my god; when she said that she’s never done drugs, I was like, “HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT YOU ARE NOT ON COCAINE RIGHT NOW???”  Listening to her talk was making me anxious.

  4. Siri says:

    It’s so jarring (and awesome, I admit) when I hear my name come up in a podcast, even if they -are- talking about that cheap knockoff piece of software. I may not know as much, but at least I can have a real conversation!

  5. feaf says:

    That was gross.  I’m sorry, that whole time I felt like I was being pitched and Chris went right along with it.  This was probably the worst interview I’ve listened to on this site.

  6. I think a Nerdist t-shirt with the phrase “Emotional Sherpa” emblazoned on it would be fantastic… almost as fantastic as a Pan’s Labyrinth musical with Paul Williams working on it.

    Mr. Williams is always an amazing guest. So great to have him back.

  7. T.k. says:

    So has Matt quit the cloves.

  8. Eric says:

    Chris, you’ve interviewed a lot of bands. Think you could land one with Yes?

  9. ob says:

    I tried to see a list of the nerdist podcast episodes , have listened before. Impossible on my phone. Please make navigation eaysier. 

  10. CodyH says:

    OMG this makes me so happy. I seriously would kill for him to just be on every few months.