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Nerdist Podcast: Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer
Episode 427: Nerdist Podcast
Nikki Glaser and Sara…
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer

Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer sit down with Chris and Matt to talk about finding your voice as a stand-up comedian, how women can be portrayed in the industry, and their show Nikki and Sara on MTV!

Watch Nikki and Sara LIVE Tuesdays at 11 pm on MTV!

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  1. Matt says:

    Great podcast, very funny ladies. Also, Dafuq is going on in the comments? Spellcasters, Satan, priests and a side order of PRAYER. Roll for initiative?

  2. Ben says:

    This is crtysal clear. Thanks for taking the time!

  3. Jolene Leslie says:

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  4. bill cosby says:


  5. Georg says:

    I’m from Austria, so when I went to New York for one week last year I had to pick one evening at the Comedy Cellar during my stay, and I decided on the one where Nikki also performed because I knew her from “You Had To Be There” – maybe the MTV show also has a similar effect on at least some comedy fans trying to find out which comedians they might like and therefore later show up to their sets.

  6. Christopher says:

    Axe is the kind of product you try if you find it on sale/have someone give it to you/trip over it on a sidewalk, and if you have nasal passages you probably have some of it unused under your bathroom sink because you got/bought/found the wrong scent.

    But, their man loofah/poufs are good products, even if they come with a warning? not to use the scratchy side on your testes…guys really have to be warned about that?!?

    Being a grown-ass gay man, I though it was odd that women comics have it rough if they’re too hot, or “homely”…I honestly want my comedians to be damn funny, and if I see them I could care less what they look like as long as they have A) a good voice, and B) good jokes.
    Maybe I’m weird like that, but I don’t care how hot/not hot you are…but if you aren’t funny, you can suck on some Axe Thai Massage (a real scent) soaked balls.

  7. How AXE’s gross smelling shower gel started my career:

    As a long time listener and fan to the podcast and all things Nerdist/Hardwicke I had to laugh extra hard during the Axe portion of this podcast. I got to make a crazy and sexy commercial for Axe and College way back in 2007. It ended up winning Axe’s $10,000 World’s Dirtiest Film award and that allowed me to direct and release my first feature and launch my directing career. So even though it smelled like club sweat and cinnamon, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for their nasty product. Check it out.
    Keep up the funny, love @midnight and thanks for all the free entertainment.

  8. Matt Boyd says:

    That whole fetish thing gave me an idea for a sketch. Two people in about to hookup in the guy’s apartment and the subject of fetishes come up.
    Girl- I have this funny little fetish.
    Guy- Really..what is it.
    Girl- You know how some guys find french maids to be sexy?
    Guy- yeah
    Girl- Well, it’s like that.
    Guy- You want me to put on a french maids outfit?
    Girl- No I want you to clean your fucking apartment. It’s a mess. I’ll tell you what isn’t a fetish I have, it’s having sex in a dump.

  9. @Clay_57 says:

    It’s so odd to hear comics refer to their lack of self-confidence during their sets. I’ve seen Chris live when he performed at the 9:30 Club, seen his and Nikki’s Comedy Central specials and I thought they were both great. Guess it just sounds weird hearing them discuss after the fact about clothing choices and stuff that shouldn’t really matter if your material can stand up on it’s merit.
    And BTW, Nikki looked pretty hot in that dress. The legs were pretty distracting, but in the best way possible! LOL

  10. Gary Bravender says:

    The podcast was good [email protected] comment is one of the most bizarre comments I’ve ever read and I only skimmed it.

  11. Tillburg says:

    @Jessical congratulations you have the most confusing post I’ve ever seen. I’m now contacting your personal magician now to see if he has Word 2010 for you to use.

  12. Jen says:

    The whole “women aren’t funny” thing really is a strange phenomenon. When I think of my favorite comics, there’re maybe 10% of them that are women. It isn’t intentional or anything–but it is definitely a truism for many people. I almost wonder if women are more critical of other women in regards to comedy and thus tend to like them less. I don’t know, it’s probably more complex than that, but it is a thought.
    This bit from QI ( )also discusses this subject, basically citing a study that says that women laugh more than men in general, but less at women themselves.

  13. Steve says:

    The rough sex conversation reminded me of the awesome Louis C.K. bit:

    “I kind of like it when a guy just goes for it”

    “So you want me to rape you on the off-chance that you’re into that shit?!”

  14. Tim says:

    Bang-up post, Jessical. It’s got everything. Gods, demons, broken English, bad relationship advice on a comedy board full of amateur comics, self-depreciating punchline, it’s all there. With the proper delivery, you’ve got a Moth-quality performance piece.

  15. Rozzie says:

    I thought I was sort of tired of the “women in comedy thing” but I actually found this particular conversation sort of refreshing in a way? Thank you?

  16. jessical says:

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  17. Rob S. says:

    If I gave a rat’s ass about Catfish. I’ be fuckin’ watching Catfish. I’ve been in love with them and been listening to their podcast even before the MTV show. I just want someone to come out with a porn parody of this.

  18. Shane McKnight says:

    Screw that noise: If you wanna heckle the comic, you have no right to get boo boo faced when she hurts your feelings. Actually, I can simplify that: Don’t heckle — Ever!

  19. danran says:

    Whichever guest told the story about heckling heckling the guest and calling her old.
    You want someone to feel bad about you bombing and having her come back at you?
    You were pretty insensitive and probably hurt someone’s feelings unnecessarily.
    Sounds like you maybe deserved it.
    Also keep in mind you’re 30 something on mtv
    You might have some perspective on age and perception.

  20. Cerb says:

    I usually don’t like female comics, but this was great!

  21. JetpackBlues says:

    I thought Hardwick had a spats fetish? 😛

    I wonder what Nikki’s friend’s hook-up would do if she did the ‘got your nose’ trick on the guy, turning the tables on him? He probably would have jizzed himself silly.

  22. Wildride says:

    Axe: Indifference — Let her know you couldn’t care less about her, but with the faint hope that maybe if she bangs you …

  23. Nichole says:

    Axe always seems to be a staple gift for men from people who don’t know what to get the person – so, my bf always ends up with a lot of axe products after the holidays. I actually use the axe phoenix deodorant because he had an extra one and my tom’s wasn’t working for me, so I was like…eh, ok I’ll use this. haha. the deodorant isn’t that strong smelling though when you’re wearing it.

    Also, I don’t understand why people who are easily offended go to comedy shows. Why are you even there?!

    My co worker caught me laughing at the cliff bar on the butt story

    That Girls line – No.

  24. Tyler says:

    I totally used to use Axe Dark Temptation body wash. As Axe scents went, it was probably the most benign. It’s vaguely sweet-smelling and didn’t smell like some nasty “spicy” body-wash or any of those creepy “fresh rain” scents.

    Then, like all personal care products that I like, they discontinued it.

  25. JetpackBlues says:

    Nick Offerman should have a Celebrity Edition AXE spray. And his smells like linseed oil and sanded/filed steel. With an edge sharp enough to split one of his mustache hairs.

    Maybe I should have posted that in the Offerman podcast thread….

    Nikki was @ the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse for shows this past weekend. I didn’t find out until the last minute and couldn’t make the trek. 🙁