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Episode 182: Nerdist Podcast
Neil Patrick Harris
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Neil Patrick Harris

Chris sits down with the enormously talented Neil Patrick Harris to talk about magic, growing up in Hollywood and Neil’s new show that will be on the Nerdist YouTube Channel!

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Photo Credit: Meredith Jenks

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  1. Sheldon J says:

    “Soo much that the flames on the side of my head…”
    If you haven’t seen the glory of ‘Clue: The Movie’, you won’t get the glory of that moment.

  2. Goldenbutterfly says:

    I cannot believe I only found out about this interview NOW! Be mine, NPH… I love you!

    Seriously though, two headed cow. I am intrigued. That guy is SO INTERESTING! I really, really hope Chris interviews him again. I enjoyed it so much… thanx!

  3. Jennifer says:

    If Neal still needs help with the 2 headed cow fetus he should look these peeps up:
    They have a show up at La Luz De Jesus Gallery until 5-31-12 They’d know what to do with a 2 headed cow fetus πŸ™‚

  4. Michelle says:

    were you thinking, “spoonerism”?

  5. David says:

    Taxidermy? I think I may have your man:

  6. Jay1 says:

    Need to hear more, very real guy. Want Starship Troopers discussed, his H&K movie experiences. TV vs Movie stories. This podcast is A1, great material. Awesome discussion of the kid-parent relationship getting “wierd” as NPH admits. Nice dismissal of the party culture – the emptiness – made worse by NPH’s sexual orientation and fear of his secret getting out in the 1980s-1990s.

  7. No worries! No one faults you at all for having your opinion! Thanks for making it more gentlemanly!

  8. WesFX says:

    To modify my last comment, I didn’t realize Chris Hardwick was as active as he was in the comments. That’s not the ‘norm’ and is a really cool thing to do. As I made it sound, it made me feel special, as I’m sure it does for other people that frequent the site.

    I’ve already said my piece about my previous comments, but I will apologize for the shitty way I worded it: I honestly would like to know if he gives a hammy performance in that show on purpose, either because it’s requested of him or he’s somehow taking a jab at shows like it via his participation. But as I apologize for my word usage, I’d like to clarify; I don’t like the performance at all.

  9. WesFX says:

    Despite getting a response from THE Chris Hardwick, I don’t feel any different. My comment is only about Neil’s performance on How I Met Your Mother; I can’t stand it for the aforementioned reasons. He uh, “sells out” what ever that means, to be on that show, and I don’t really feel like supporting him in his other endeavors. Therefore, take no weight to my opinion if you like him/his work.

    If Chris reads this; I don’t appreciate you summing up my participation on this site by the two comments here. I’ve expressed other positive thoughts elsewhere, and I feel it’s perfectly normal to not always express positive feelings.

  10. Jared says:

    Who was the guy that did the card tricks that NPH was walking about?

  11. Kimberly says:

    NPH mentioned that he would be less than pleased if they remade Clue (which is also one of my favorite 80’s movies). According to IMDB, a remake is in development and slated to be released in 2013. πŸ™

  12. Emm says:

    I loved it so much! Perfect topics, very funny and entertaining. Please do a part 2 soon! *_*

  13. Mndrew says:

    Arrrrgh! It was Starship Troupers! The second thing you wanted to ask him about was Starship Troopers. I can’t believe you missed this; this chance will never come up again ever in history, and you blew it. Life no longer has any meaning, all you nerdists are now dead to me. I’m going to go sit in a corner and cut myself now.

  14. Zena says:

    You guys are so fortunate. My country is still governed by ignorance, with anti-gay legislation adopted left, right, and center and soon to become a Federal Law of the Russian Federation. I hope you get equal rights in all states, it’s a great inspiration to me.