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Episode 534: Nerdist Podcast
Myq Kaplan
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Myq Kaplan

Comedian Myq Kaplan chats with Chris and Jonah about the dangers of creating the same bit as another comedian and looking back at the jokes they wrote as new comedians; they make fun of Jonah’s past relationships and talk about his new special Small, Dork and Handsome, on Netflix now!

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  1. Joe Karg says:

    Thank you so much for mentioning me on the podcast Myq! I hope we get to move forward on the comic again soon. This episode was super fun and it’s always a treat to hear new funny thoughts. 🙂
    For anyone interested, I am the artist Myq mentioned in the middle of show and do have a Kickstarter for a graphic novel called El Grande until July 13. Here is a link if you’re interested in checking it out. I hope you wil :

  2. I listen to Nerdist and know shit about comics. Whats the big deal? #GetOverIt

  3. Pr1m3 says:

    I don’t know, sounded like he replied fine to me.

  4. Arabrabra says:

    HHaven’t even listened and I’m EXCITED! I know the comedy community kind of shits on Last Comic Standing, and I do understand why. Stand up not a game and comedy is subjective, so how can you have a winner and a loser? However, it DOES introduce me to comics I may not have heard of, IE Mr Kaplan. Although w my podcast consumption reaching an all-time high, the need for it may be decreasing. But anything that gets good stand up face time, I am ALL FOR! PS Myq if your still here, have you been to Comedy Connection Hu Ke Lau, Chicopee MA? It’s a shitty Polynesian Bar but I know a lot of Nerdist faithful frequent it there and you would def fill the room! Plus its the only place close to me I go to and I want to see your stand up, so, do it! THANKS! !

    • myqkaplan says:

      thanks for your excitement and support! i have started doing comedy in boston so i definitely performed at the hu ke lau a few times, years ago, and would be happy to return. i’ll see what i can do about it. or you can drive to boston sometime. or new york. or fly somewhere. anything is possible!

  5. Myq, if you are still reading these, I wanted to inform you that, in Chicago, there is a local weatherman by the name Mike Caplan.  Would you be open to the idea of a gladiator style death match for the moniker “Myq/Mike Kaplan/Caplan”?  

    I suppose the only thing to consider would be the left over need for meteorological forecasting created by him being conquered, so I suppose you would need to take on this role.  Just something to keep in mind…

    • myqkaplan says:

      hey, i didn’t know that guy existed. now i do! thanks. you’re a weatherman-man. unless you’re as accurate as weathermen are, stereotypically, in which case maybe the chances that that guy exists are closer to 50/50…

      either way, not big into death matches. unless the death match is life itself. life is a death match! i’ll see who outlives whom.


  6. Captain Mcgloo says:

    Chris, you didn’t say  Harvey Fierstein was on this podcast.

  7. Scott Jones says:

    Open relationships are just an excuse for people who will never be faithful to fuck other people without feeling guilty about it.

    • myq kaplan says:

      yeah, that’s why they’re great!

      if two people both enjoy the relationship they’re in, and it doesn’t involve sexual exclusivity but it does involve honesty, open communication, love, security, togetherness, and no guilt, what’s the problem?

  8. Pete says:

    Awesome.  Funny, smart, and logical.
    Open relationships were my best ones, because they were the most honest and least clingy/desperate/controlling/possessive, and whatever we experienced, love or lust, was able to be correctly identified and managed separately.
    And related, from the last episode, you guys who fear MFM threesomes, you have no idea what you’re missing out on.  Once sex stops being about you and your control and possession over the person you’re supposed to love, and starts being about maximizing their happiness and love, then there’s nothing finer than giving the girl you love an O on the scale that she can only get between two men at once.  There’s nothing like it.  Maximum ataraxia.  Epicurus was no dummy.

  9. Travis says:

    He’s always funny on every podast I’ve heard him on. I’ll watch his special on Netflix very soon. Good stuff.

  10. Darkenfloxx says:

    This was a fun hour (and change)! 
    Myq…since you’re reading these comments, I have to ask—and this is a serious question, I’m not trying to be judgmental or troll-y!—in the course of your preferred approach to sex/open relationships/promiscuity, do you get concerned about catching/spreading disease? 
    Also, when you have a primary partner, do you inform the people you sleep with on the road that you’ll be replaying the events of your sexual congress with them to your girlfriend?

    • Dr. Strangelove says:

      Since i doubt Myq is going to keep hanging out here answering everyones personal questions, here are a couple other ways of thinking about the things on your mind.
      Q1. Odds of catching a disease by having sex with the people you date are the same whether you have someone you love back at home or not.
      Q2. That would be as interesting and considerate to your new date as spending the evening talking about your GF, or your Ex, or what your future wife will be like.

      • myq kaplan says:

        thanks for shouldering some of the load! this is a good answer. i’ll add to it above also (or i already did, depending in what order you read things).

    • myq kaplan says:

      second question first: not every open relationship i’ve had involves replaying events of my sexual congresses with other partners, but no, i did not share that information with the people in the moment. unless they listen to this podcast from now on, i guess.

      and as far as disease goes, i’m not sure what the numbers are, but i believe there’s a considerably high rate of disease transmission within “MONOGAMOUS” relationships, due to the lack of honesty when a partner slips and the like. when people ARE honest about diseases they may or may not have (which i think people in open situations are likelier to do), i think that disease transmission is likelier to go DOWN. of course, there’s always risk, but the reward is worth it, i think.

      also, feel free to read the title essay in the book “more sex is safer sex” (i believe that’s the name). it’s a freakonomics-like look at what would happen if people who were afraid of getting diseases would become SLIGHTLY more promiscuous, which would lead to the overall ratio of disease spread to decrease substantially.

      good luck! and thanks for listening!

    • myqkaplan says:

      PS great handle!

  11. myqkaplan says:

    good comment, myq is appreciative! thanks!

  12. ericmci says:

    “Never write clever”Soo true-  the minute that joke announces itself from a mile away it’s like a grabby aunty coming for a kiss- cringey and takes for ever.Would someone forward makes sure Lena Dunham hears this?

  13. Melty the Cheese Monster says:

    This guy is very funny.  I am delicious.

  14. There’s not a snake flavored vodka, but there is snake flavored sake. It’s called habushu. Japan, right?