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Episode 529: Nerdist Podcast
Morgan Freeman
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Morgan Freeman

The legendary Morgan Freeman comes on the podcast to talk about the beginning of his career as an actor, the importance of enjoying life and finding the positive in everything, his love of flying planes, and the return his show Through the Wormhole on Science Channel!

Check out the clip from Through the Wormhole below and watch the show Wednesdays at 10 pm on Science Channel!


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  1. HouseOf Art says:

    I’m being sincere here, but, is Mr. Freeman a bit too arrogant? He sounds as it, at least.

  2. StuartB says:

    I know Chris doesn’t feel great about the Harrison Ford episode, but after listening to Morgan Freeman…Ford was much better.

  3. I love Morgan Freeman’s work as an actor and everything else he’s done… but good god this interview is hard to listen to. 

    I’m listening to this at work with headphones on and I am only 10 minutes into it and I want to shut it off because HE’S EATING!!! 

    You can hear food sloshing around when he talks and it sounds really gross.  Especially with headphones on.

  4. Mr. Freeman I think would be a great teacher. All of his students would be almost “just like him” (so to speak).  They would never forget him.I’m into his science “THROUGH THE WORMHOLE”.

  5. Carlos Perez says:

    What? No Electric Company references?

  6. Richard says:

    Does Morgan Freeman have social anxiety, or is he just rude?

  7. Guys. This really picked me up at the end of a terrible day. Thank you Chris, thank you Morgan, and thank you everyone else.

  8. Zach says:

    Morgan Freeman’s greatest role:  Morgan Freeman.
    “You don’t know the value of anything until you work for it.”
    “Life is its own reward.  Fuck the rest of it.”
    “You do not want to be on your death bed regretting choices that you refused to make because of some social norm or someone else’s idea of what’s right for you.  I think in life you make choices.   You don’t make bad ones.  You just make choices.”

  9. Nikki says:

    “Do you ever miss the valleys?”
    “FUCK NO!”

    P.s. this whole interview sounded like Morgan Freeman was sucking on a lollipop

  10. Kip says:

    Never skipped an episode until this one. Move over Woody Harrelson, we have a new champion of terrible interviews. 
    Must have been agony there:
    “So why did you move to LA?”
    “That’s a loaded question……”
    I listen to podcasts at 1.5x speed and even still he’s the worst interview subject I’ve ever heard. Way to shut down questions and topics. Has Freeman never heard an interview before? 
    Love the podcast guys, every other episode has been great 

  11. Woop says:

    Morgan is super on the offense here and Chris shows a remarkable sense of calm and patience. Bravo, Chris. Ehhh, Mr. Freeman.

  12. farleyk says:

    Strangely enough, people who have never been introduced to him formally often refer to him as “Dick”.
    Losing 10 pounds a week? Sounds like someone either has a tapeworm, or is the prisoner of a methodical cannibal.

  13. Jm7rix says:

    Right?! I was wondering the same thing seemed like we was NOMing on something the whole time -___-