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Nerdist Podcast: Mike Massimino
Episode 414: Nerdist Podcast
Mike Massimino
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Mike Massimino

Astronaut Mike Massimino comes on the show to talk some real talk about space! Matt nerds out on him about everything NASA, he talks about the first time he saw Earth from space, and he discusses the new movie Gravity!

See Mike on the Nerdist Channel’s Star Talk with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson!

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  1. stacy says:

    I absolutely loved this podcast with mike…..i love all podcasts with real life space or science people like Mike and Degrasse Tyson…..we want more!!!

  2. Matty G. says:

    Re-visiting this podcast. Between this and Gravity coming out I’m gonna go to my local B&Noble and pick up a copy of The Right Stuff. If the idea was to get someone more interested in NASA history, well then nice job!


  3. Carlos Perez says:

    “Because of Velcro, old people can have shoes.”

    Thanks a lot, Matt Mira! Do you know how hard it is to drive with a windshield covered in spit? Plus the amount of time spent cleaning it aftewards? Oncoming drivers must have been frightened by my maniacal laughter and Joker-like grin.

    You made my day, sir. Again, much thanks!

  4. Matty G. says:

    Awesome podcast. I love all the celebs they bring, but if they can find more popular/nerdier science guys like DeGrasse Tyson or this guy I’d be so happy (cue Craig from South Park face)

    But once again, awesome one, keep em coming.

  5. Andrea Crain says:

    This kickass astronaut also makes an appearance in the video lectures for my favorite online class ever, An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python at Coursera. (Which you should all take, it’s starting a new session this week, btw. )

  6. Pere Jacques says:

    Nonfiction guests like Buzz, Mike M, Bill Nye, Neil Degrasse Tyson, and anyone you can get from a museum or JPL or whatever, are worth a hundred people who work on TV shows.

  7. @sarah One should think we (as in all Humans) should start to listen to those experiences given that this reaction is common for everybody who watched earth from space. But nay, let’s drill the Arctic.

  8. sarah says:

    Couldn’t stop smiling during this one — and listening to Mike speak about the way viewing the Earth from space changed him was truly moving.

  9. amysrevenge says:

    I’d love to chat with this guy off-mic – I bet he has some great stories (and I bet he tells them well).

  10. Alec says:

    Don’t worry, guys, Star Trek: The Motion Picture is a work of fiction. There’ll be no V’Ger.

    We’ll have plenty of time to collect it before it scuffs up the grill on the Whale Probe.

  11. GuanoLad says:

    Outstanding! Great podcast, Mike sounds like a genuinely nice guy.

  12. Can we see a picture of that Nerdist astronaut mission patch?

  13. Ryan says:

    Matt’s comment on the ISS being more funny than TBBT made this episode for me, as someone who’s not very interested in space.

    Excited for Gravity, though!

  14. WhoBroughtTheFlan says:

    The USSR exploration of Venus was called the Venera program:

    Here is a picture of Venus Venera 9 took :

    That’s fucking Venus!

  15. Brian says:

    I asked for this a few episodes back and I got my wish! He was on my favorite mission,STS-125!

  16. Kristoffer says:

    great episode. love these space themed episodes and hearing matt spaz out.


  17. Arabrabbra says:

    YES! YES! YES! Amazing! So glad Matt is involved in Nerdist so we can have amazing guests like this! I follow the astronauts who are on ISS and it is just amazing. I can’t believe I grew up with corded telephones and VCRs and now can Tweet someone orbiting the EARTH! Love you Nerdist. Nothing but best wishes and caviar dreams for Matt and Jonah! Chris can already afford it…Robin Leech personally hands you caviar when you buy your Jag, right? 😉