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Episode 485: Nerdist Podcast
Michelle Monaghan
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Michelle Monaghan

The lovely Michelle Monaghan (True Detective) hangs out with Chris and Matt to talk about growing up in a town of 700 people, making a show about open relationships, and her love of college sports!

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  1. Tanya says:

    I didn’t know Michelle was from Iowa also, very cool. My cousin is from the same town, so now wondering if she ever knew Michelle’s parents…. And we don’t have much of an accent here, unless you live in Southern Iowa. It was nice to hear her stories about Iowa, and it was genuinely thought of in a positive light too. I still hope you’ll do a podcast from Iowa State University one day, it is now a nerd mecca you could say, and the first digital electronic computer was invented there too (Atanasoff-Berry, look it up)!

  2. Clay says:

    I loved the Convo about Driggs and Jackson Hole! I have family that live near there (not as expensive as Jackson Hole bc dear god that’s a lot of money) and I saw Harrison Ford as a young boy in Jackson. That is a beautiful part of the country to visit!

  3. Megan says:

    Great podcast, per usual. Going off your conversation about the airport sushi and maybe it was just a restaurant where they land planes, fun fact: that is actually a thing.

    McGehee’s in Marietta, Oklahoma is a catfish restaurant but to accommodate a pilot and his desire for catfish they let him land his place in the field about a mile away and the owner went to pick him up. That was years ago and now they have up to 60 private planes parked out in the field next to the restaurant at any given time. It’s pretty cool to watch them come in as you are eating.

  4. boB says:

    @jennifer/Scott: I too was at the Gilda’s Laughfest podcast, and I also was a little stunned by the Grand Rapids, Michigan/Cedar Rapids, Iowa gaffe… but my thinking is this: There are plenty of left coast podcasters who purposely insult the “middle of the country” on a weekly basis… let’s not pick on the one who just made an honest mistake.

    And as for a sport for Chris to enjoy… my vote goes to football, for sure. Once you get past the layer of machismo on top, it’s really just a chess game where the pieces have different levels of athleticism. Teams employ different strategies based on what their pieces are best at.

  5. myvanway says:

    Hey guys, i’ve never commented before though i’ve been listening since near the beginning but i was so happy to hear michelle talking about her beautiful birth experience, sometimes as girls we feel like we have to hold back or not talk about this stuff with guys and i loved hearing your reactions and your positive support of her choice. (minus matts joke which seems to have raised some hackles :)) There is room in the world for everyones choices. Love the podcast xx

  6. Rob S. says:

    The other day I went to a party. I met a woman, her husband, her wife, and the husband’s girlfriend. The girlfriend’s husband and their girlfriend. There is a podcast called Poly Weekly. It deals with all the boring crap that goes into a poly relationship. Not real interesting if you are not poly.

  7. Three Toes of Fury says:

    @PointsMcHardwick……it would appear we nerdists share the same brain, after years of hearing solid reviews, i too recently started reading Y: The Last Man. Outstanding stuff!

    As for True Detective…it is INCREDIBLY good. Honestly after the end of Breaking Bad i thought it would be a long long time until i came across something as well made…i would put True Detective on the same level of quality. Great writing, dark, moody, no spoon-feeding-the-viewer, and AMAZING performances by the leads…specifically Harrelson, McConaghy and Monaghan…..its definitely worth your very limited free time to check out.

    Peace .n. Beer can stick figures.


  8. Jacob says:

    hahaha, “There’s that one guy named ‘Slim Pickins.’ Slimmest picker in the county.”

  9. Chris Hardwick says:

    @Nicole & Jay-Wire: thanks! But the reason we didn’t talk about True Detective is that a) I haven’t seen it yet and b) what could we really talk about without spoiling anything? The “spoiler” whiners have really been on my case lately, even though some of the shows we talk about have been off the air for AGES.

    I fully intend to watch TD, but my schedule only permits me to tear through one or two things at a time. I need to wait until it wraps up so I can watch it all at once. My free time lately has been consumed with Y: The Last Man and League of Legends.

    Hope that helps!

  10. Simon Nash says:

    Studies have shown that a homebirth is not inherently more dangerous than a traditional hospital birth amongst low-risk pregnancies.

    A study that came out just a few weeks ago also came to this conclusion:

    Hopefully Matt was just making a joke.

  11. @Guido Jones: Ahhh ok thanks! So the podcast started out recording in the E! Building and they moved it over to Meltdown Comics (I recall for example that the Slash podcast recently was done in Meltdown just judging from the conversation)? That seems kinda strange, you’d expect it to be the other way around.

  12. Asty says:

    It worries me that Michelle has been in a pilot for a show about polyamory, has been to polyamory workshops, and doesn’t understand that the word is “compersion”, or apparently what it means. Google much?

  13. Chris says:

    Great show! You know, Chris, if you ever want to hang out in snowville to see what it’s like, you are always welcome to hang out in my small Canadian town. We go tobogganing every 2nd day and will gladly make you ice cream out of snow. And poutine! Sadly, I do not have an igloo.

  14. Guido Jones says:

    Yeah, Iowa in particular has basically no accent, I don’t know what Chris is talking about. See:

    @Metal Pigeon: they used to record on the first floor of the E! building, in one of Ryan Seacrests old radio studios. People going in to record The Soup or other things would walk by them on their way through the lobby.

  15. Great show as always. Have a random question: I thought all the Nerdist podcasts were recorded at the Nerdist recording studios on the second floor of Meltdown Comics on Sunset Blvd, but as I’ve been going through older podcasts, trying to catch up, I often hear our hosts or guests commenting on how certain celebrities are walking just past the glass outside (Magic Johnson comes to mind for example). So is there another place where the Nerdist Podcast itself records? I’m guessing they no longer use the comic book recording studio?

  16. Scott S says:

    I haven’t lived in Cedar Rapids since 2000, but a comedy festival in a church didn’t sound right. As Jennifer said up there, Gilda’s is in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I suppose the accent Chris was talking about might fit there, it doesn’t sound very much like CR. I’ve heard people on a number of podcasts lately dismissing the people in the Middle of the Country, it seems like Chris did that even as he was saying how great people are in an area he may never have been to. I know keeping everything straight on all these shows must be tough, so he’s lucky that people from Cedar Rapids can be cool enough to let a little slip go by. At least he didn’t guess that Michelle was a Buckeye fan.

  17. Matt says:

    Hi Chris – love the show and this interview is really fun, as usual.
    This isn’t meant as a criticism but I wonder if in future it might be an idea to post a list of upcoming guests and solicit audience questions? I know you’ve done it at times on Twitter. I only say this because I’m a huge True Detective fan and would have loved to hear more about the show (it’s a dark one, and her character is getting more layered). Completely understand you’re a busy dude Chris and can’t watch everything… and that’s where crowdsourcing questions might help a bit, not to take away from the free flow chat but simply to fill in some blanks. Also would have loved to hear her thoughts on Philip Seymour Hoffman’s passing (I loved his “I’m gonna hurt her” speech from MI3).
    Great stuff, thanks for putting smiles on faces every week. and Matt let me just say your zingers are getting even more rapid fire.

  18. Teri says:

    Just for the record, the word Michelle was thinking of is actually “compersion.”

  19. Jay-wire says:

    ^ what Nicole said

  20. Nicole says:

    Big fan of the podcast! Your interviews are great and really bring out awesome genuine stuff from your guests. But Chris! How could you have Michelle Monaghan on and not really talk about True Detective!!! You have to watch the show. You’ll love it, and you’ll be kicking yourself for not spending an hour just talking about it with Michele 🙂

  21. jennifer says:

    loved the show. one thing. I am pretty sure that the church was grand rapids Michigan seeing as though I was there for it unless you did another podcast show in a working church for gildas laugh fest. 🙂 I could be wrong though.

  22. James Rutherford says:

    It always seems strange to me how acceptable it is for men to imagine another woman in their relationship (I suppose presumably she’s there for him and his own satisfaction is his main interest?), but another man present would be unthinkable (denying her the same because?). I mean, you’d be happy never giving the woman you love that much pleasure? For what? So you can feel like you possess her all to yourself? You can never possess a person. Just seems like an odd way to treat the person you’re supposed to love. For as often as I hear it, I just don’t get it. I guess I’m a one-woman man that prefers two-man women.

    Are guys like this intimidated by rubber sex toys too? Or in the locker room?

  23. pmscapades says:

    Anyone else would have lost me after the homebirth comments (and many thanks to Matt for bringing up how much more dangerous it can be), but Michelle Monaghan is just too goddamned delightful to dislike. I’ve been so impressed with her performance in True Detective, and I like her even more after listening to this podcast.

  24. frank says:

    of course Matt is great as well… My Boston brother from another mother.

    ps. Stair master are the worst… lets find a yellow pages and beat the hell out of the inventor of that thing.

  25. frank says:

    of course Matt is great as well… My Boston brother from another mother.

  26. Frank says:

    she is so fantastic. Loved her in Kiss Kiss Bang, Bang. Thank you for being a performer!

    Chris your pretty cool to, I guess.. JK.. Positive internet vibes!!!

  27. Pete says:

    Sooo, can we clone her?

    One Michelle Monaghan in the world… it just isn’t fair.

  28. Wildride says:

    Y’know, Chris, if you’re into chess, how about curling as your sport of choice. It’s something that you can really enjoy for the strategy aspect.