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Episode 257: Nerdist Podcast
Michael Dorn
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Michael Dorn

Another Star Trek alum is on the show! Michael Dorn comes on the show to talk about playing Worf, fighter flying planes, and eating root vegetables!

Support Michael’s Kickstarter for “Through the Fire- Life After Star Trek”!

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  1. Erik says:

    I have to say that this was the least interesting and engaging podcast in a long time. It started out fine, but the interminable bit in the middle about dietary choices just bored me senseless and in the end I skipped through most of the show. it was a little like hearing someone describe a weird dream they once had. Why would I care?

  2. douglas says:

    Michael Dorn has cancelled his kickstarter. I wonder if nerdist is a new partner for it.

  3. Keaton says:

    Sorry Michael, soy milk does not increase circulating estrogen levels in human men, and has no effect on sexual performance. Almond milk IS delicious and I’m not saying don’t drink it, but don’t think you need to avoid soy milk because it will increase your estrogen levels. Alternatively, the claims that it helps alleviate menopause symptoms in women also doesn’t really pan out. Soy milk is NOT a panacea, but it’s tasty and won’t hurt you.

  4. Steven says:

    Loved the Michel Dorn interview. Why did you not ask him about his time on CHIPS

  5. Twunt says:

    I want an F-5 jet also… it seems like a real REFRESHING flying experience…

    I’m sorry.

  6. Albert says:

    I hate to bring this up but Michael Dorn is incorrect when he said that men do not need estrogen. We do. We don’t need as much but it is important for reproduction and sexual drive.

  7. A Non-Mouse says:

    For Michael Dorn in a possible role as a Sherlock Holmes-type detective, see Warren Ellis’ single-issue Apparat Series title “Simon Spector.”

    The character gets his Sherlock brain via pills, but still . . .

  8. Peter says:

    I’m disappointed in myself now. There’s nothing sadder than listening to Michael and saying to myself, “Maybe I should eat less meat” while I’m going through a McDonalds drive through, or a few minutes later thinking, “yeah, I should work out four days a week as well”, while snarfing down one of my three cheeseburgers. Sigh.

  9. Joseph Finn says:

    About a year ago, Dick Van Dyke was on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me on NPR, and he flabbergasted Peter Sagal by telling him that there are lyrics to the theme of The Dick Van Dyke show AND THEN SANG THEM ALL FROM MEMORY. It was simply fantastic.

  10. ThisGuyRightHere says:

    If we weren’t supposed to eat meat, we wouldn’t have evolved teeth designed to eat it. The problem is the we, as Americans, and I’m generalizing, don’t understand the concept of moderation. Too much of anything will kill you. Shit, I remember a story of a woman who died of WATER poisioning from drinking a shit ton of it for a radio contest…

    That said, to each his own, and if being vegetarian or vegan makes you happy, do it, just don’t force it on me 😀

  11. josh from europe says:

    awesome. can’t wait to hear that

  12. Sarah A says:

    Great episode! Loved hearing Dorn talking about being vegan *and* Castlevania. Good times.

  13. JetpackBlues says:

    Finally got to finish listening to this. Fun episode The WORF radio station joke was hilarious.

    Don’t forget, Mr. Dorn was also the voice of I.M. Weasel. Not only is he a Star Trek alum, but a voice actor as well.

  14. Joe Smith says:

    I’ll get started on writing “The Mary Tyler Worf Show”

  15. liam says:

    loved this episode, michael seems like a genuinely happy and charming man.

  16. Carlos says:

    I don’t like the taste of this burrito so I don’t understand why I keep eating and enjoying it as I cry…

  17. Will says:

    Worf has a great radio voice.

  18. Scott S says:

    Definitely the least interesting TNG cast interview, but the others were all great. I never would have guessed that was Worf’s voice, I never knew that Michael’s voice was so different.

    Any chance we’ll get TOS cast members? George Takei was good on Adam Carolla, back when Carolla did good interviews, I’d like to hear him on the Nerdist, with people who appreciate him.

  19. Jack says:

    Probably the least interesting Nerdist episode yet. Yer all nice fellas I’m sure, but that episode was dull.

  20. Doug says:

    I say “Whoo-pie” whenever I see her on TV. And the two times he dropped into Worf voice was the best thing of the week at the very least.

  21. Ariel says:

    I squeed when Matt said, “Just for funsies..” AAAHHHH!!!!! That just made my day.

  22. Admiral Kent says:

    Sah-weet…I can attest; I AM a merry man!

  23. Wildride says:

    Michael: “You see, it’s as tasty as meat, but fashioned with soy and other non-amimal products.”
    Rest of the TNG cast: “How barbaric!!!”

  24. Phil says:

    Fork Over Knives is full of nothing bulls**t propaganda and bad science. (Uses corralative occurences as causitive evidence & the big China study they rely on so much has been proven to be flawed.) There’s nothing wrong with eating meat, but it’s an issue of quality and quantity that makes it unhealthy. Grass fed FTW.

  25. Gene says:

    HOLY SHITBALLS!!! A Castlevania movie!

    I hope Mr. Dorn doesn’t get in trouble for letting that slip.

  26. Jeff MacDonald says:

    That was excellent. Can’t wait for Frakes to show up.

  27. Ross says:

    My coworkers are all staring at me. When he said Castlevania they thought I had a stroke. There is nothing on IMDB (as of right now) . I am just afraid Uwe Boll may be involved.

  28. Leah says:

    Um, I’ve tried some googling of the Castlevania movie…. nobody seems to know anything about it. Any nerds have some links for me? Stoked!!

  29. Patty Marvel says:

    Suuuuure Chris cries when he looks at his hairline…and then dabs away the tears with a check from Legacy. 😉

  30. Spacemonkeyluvn says:

    Can’t wait until work is over so I can listen to this!! 😀

  31. Laser Liz says:

    Michael Dorn!! So excited for this 😀