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Episode 189: Nerdist Podcast
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Methio

Chris tells us about the hit and run to his rental car, Jonah talks about his new favorite show and Matt had to leave early to shoot b-roll.

Artwork by Kurt Andersen

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  1. Kevie says:

    If you want to add the fiber from juicing back into the diet (since you’re probably done fasting now) just eat the pulp from the juicer. Someone above had a good suggestion about blending instead.

    By itself, the pulp can be kinda gross, but you can put it into the juice and eat it like a porridge. 🙂

  2. Cameron says:

    Next time your in Minneapolis…right next to sex world, there is a restaurant called Haute Dish owned by a couple of my friends. Its great…hit it up!

  3. Why does Chris’ caricature make him look like Billy Idol? “Oh, oh dancing with myself, uh uh uh OH!”

  4. Alexis says:

    Jonah talking about Deanna made me go “awww” on my commute today. It was just so heartfelt and honest. He’s totally right that marriage is for the couple and sort of just paperwork, and not for anyone else 🙂

  5. Reed says:

    As for the whole “but what about fiber and protein?” question Chris and Jonah were asking…

    It’s safe to remove the fiber from the fruit, because the nutrients are absorbed directly into your body and you don’t need the fiber for digestion. You mainly use the fiber when you’re not fasting, because it helps process non-fruits/vegetables. Same with protein, really… Protein and fiber are more for processing the rest of the parts of the diet, but since you get the nutrients directly into your bloodstream during the fast, you don’t need them so much. You can get energy from lots of places.

    I get why you’d be skeptical, and Matt weirdly didn’t defend himself about it. Your challenges of his health decisions are typically VERY legit (i.e. the butt situation), but in this case, maybe turn it back around and support yer buddy!

  6. Amy says:

    Great episode. Loved the part about Spatula.

    As a Minnesotan, I have to throw in one of the (many) great bands from MN is Birthday Suits. Only mention it because they played here with Anamanaguchi actually. (here’s a song:

    Weirdly enough, I moved from Mpls to Columbus, OH 6 months ago, and I don’t miss home except for when y’all are talking about your trip. Still totally looking forward to the Tim Meadows episode though.

    Good luck, Matt!

  7. matthew says:

    A few folks seem to misunderstand what Matt is doing with the juice. Chris called it a “cleanse” but this is really more aptly termed a “fast”.
    Matt will eat no food (no chewing) for an extended period of time, one of the many benefits being that he will lose a lot of weight in a very short time in a healthy manner. He can’t use a blender, it’s got to be a juicer. That’s because after about 10days of not breaking down any chunks of food the stomach sorta starts hibernating. He’s still acquiring vitamins and nutrients so the body won’t go into “energy storage mode” and all the energy normally spent breaking down food will be redirected. His body will start redressing old grievances and injuries. He’ll notice increased levels of energy and about day 25 his mental clarity will jump to the rooftop. Chris’ concern about needing protein is understandable but unnecessary. No, he won’t be getting fiber from the juice. With natural foods fiber is in the packaging. Everything associated with blood work (cholesterol and such) will improve to happy-dance levels. Since Matt has been obese for a really long time he’ll be pleasantly surprised sometime in week 2 or 3 when he starts to be able to differentiate between cravings and hunger (note for skinny/healthy folks; the larger among us truly can’t tell the difference, the fast will give him the opportunity).
    The documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead tracks a couple of people as they do this and this would have been a great tool for me if I had seen it before I fasting. I’ve done a juice fast 5 or 6 times. They usually last 2 months, the longest I’ve done it for is 4 months. I feel fantastic during the fast and generally lose weight at a rate of about 25lbs per month. Though if Matt Mira chooses to break the fast on the road he’ll lose weight at a significantly lower rate. Eating food awakens the stomach, restarts cravings and it takes about another 10days to get it to settle down again. Also, he’ll find his control over his bowels is somewhat unreliable for a few days whenever he breaks the fast (public speaking for that week is not likely to go well for him).
    Best of luck Matt Mira.

  8. Nissa says:

    @Chris… Yes, I believe I do remember him. Small world moment.

  9. Chris Hardwick says:

    @Nissa: Nice! His name was James Reid. Do you know him?

  10. Able says:

    lest we forget Skavoovie and the Epitones SONIC BOOM!

  11. Isaiah says:

    The Spat-ula segment made me laugh. I work at a restaurant so I plan on grabbing a spatula and annoying my fellow co-workers with that voice.

  12. Nissa says:

    Chris – you know someone that went to school with Winona Ryder / Noni Horowitz?! I went to school with Winona Ryder / Noni Horowitz. Could I have known the person you know? Noni and friends & I had doughnuts in my parent’s living room once. Good times.

  13. Tanya says:

    Chris if you need a date for Jonah’s wedding camp next year, let me know, sounds fun!

    Matt, try Process Purification, it’s a cleanse, but shorter and includes supplements (you can do the cleanse more than once too). I have a kit, but haven’t started it yet. I have friend who did it a few times. He looks great, and feels great.

    Jonah-Congrats! And it’s really great that you both know that you don’t want to have kids. I wish more people would realize it’s a choice, and not compulsory!

    Look forward to seeing you all in Iowa City!

  14. IamJoseph says:

    Hey Jonah,

    I was just saying to my sister yesterday that I thought you were going to get married soon. Why? Well, I was catching up on podcasts as I’m a week behind and I heard you tell the story of farting interspersed with coming. When you said your lady was laughing I though “yeah, that’s it. he’s getting married to her.” A girl who neither gets too grossed out nor gets turned on when you fart in bed? Keeper!

  15. Leslie says:

    { = forward-stache

    } = back-stache


  16. Beth Kaelin says:

    Hostful! My shitty week just got better! Thank you Nerdist! 😀

  17. Chris Hardwick says:

    Bryan: I don’t know why the skip is there! I had a problem importing the audio file to the point where it almost wouldn’t import, so I think that little glitch is the result of a damaged file. It wasn’t intentional but I don’t think much of the convo was lost. Maybe a few seconds.

    Matt & Tzvi: Tim had to leave before the end of the show, so you’d be losing him on the ep anyway. He talks about how he had gotten up at 3:30am to travel that day, and our second show went until almost 1. You’ll still get a 90 minute podcast! Sweeeeeeeeeet.

  18. chris hardwik says:

    @Jonah Spoilerey: I hope your anger was comically exaggerated. If I’m not mistaken, Jonah let a tiny thing slip that was THREE YEARS OLD. If you haven’t made the time to watch something in three years, you cannot reasonably expect the world to walk on egg shells to accomodate your lagging tv watching habits. If the show were really that important to you, you’d have watched it by now.

    If one of us spits something out that happened in the current season of something (or even a season prior), by all means get angry and exhaust yourself. We do a pretty good job of not spoiling anything current, so please don’t take a millisecond of a three year old plot point and turn it into “can I ever trust this show again”.

    Thanks for listening!

  19. BROODER says:

    Why not just call him (by him I mean Jonah) Bonah Dre.

    Hip Street cred and he’s kind of a dick.


  20. John48221 says:

    !Hanoj stargnoc

  21. Jonah Spoilerey says:

    So, if I’m doing my damnedest to stay abreast of a current entertainment product that I love, and even though said product is in no way ancient history and therefore not open for discussion (if one is courteous about others’ appreciation of said notoriously twisty and cliffhanger-y tv show), am I still in fact endangering my enjoyment by listening to The Nerdist due to fear of spoilers?

    I’ve listened to and loved your podcast from the first episode.

    I was so angry last night that I’m exhausted today.

    Giggle all you want, guys, but that was pretty dicky.

  22. alisaj29 says:

    Matt wanting to lose weight is great, but please do it healthily. An all liquid diet, and cheat days are not healthy. I’ve lost 35lbs doing W. Watchers. I tell you program is awesome, I never feel deprived, and I don’t need to “cheat” in order to eat what I want. I HIGHLY suggest it.

  23. Hickspy says:

    I had no idea the movie they were playing was Basket Case. My ladyfriend and I were watching it and had no idea what was going on.

    We were calling it “Attack of the Goiter”.

  24. Donna D says:

    I’m heartbroken! Apparently this means that I’m not gonna marry Jonah!! 😉

  25. I’m pretty sure Doomtree is the final achievement in Plants vs. Zombies.

  26. Tzvi says:

    Yeah make the 2 hr episode an extra special gift for your lil nerdlings please!

  27. Matt Grandis says:

    Noooooo, don’t cut down the Tim Meadows episode, Chris! Don’t refuse us those 2 hours! We’ll be good, I promise.

  28. Diana says:

    Bryan*. PARDON ME. Post-work dumb brain blurred your name with the rest of the sentence.

  29. Diana says:

    Bryanon–it happened to me too. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one.

  30. Bryan says:

    Did this ep skip at the 36:43 min mark or have an odd edit point? Weird.

  31. Ron Phelps says:

    Great Hostful, it’s always good to hear from just you guys.
    I would TOTALLY watch a follow up show to Breaking Bad, I love that show too. Make it happen Chris!

  32. Oliver says:

    Matt, Its better to use a blender than a juicer:

    1. It’s easier because you don’t need as much fruit and veggies per smoothie.
    2. Its better for you because with juice vs. blending you lose the fiber, and other nutrients that get strained out in a juicer.

    Honestly hope this helps!

  33. Jessica-Star says:

    Holy cow Daphne, 60 days? I do a master cleanser almost every year for 7-10 days and i love it, but 60 days of an all juice cleanse is amazing.

    @Ben Z, that’s very cool that worked for you. If I eat over 1600 calories a day I gain weight, but we’re all different there. I’ve really done well with the low-carb overall diet espoused by the Nerdist crew (except for my yearly cleanse). For me it’s 20-30g protein in the morning for the win.

  34. Kass says:

    True story: in a massive zombie virus/immune system attack, we’d probably have zombie-seals and zombie-ferrets before, at the same time or a little after people were infected. Those two species have similar enough immune systems to humans that they’ve been the go to stand-ins when it comes to looking at the effects of the H1N5 virus and other pathogens.

  35. Diana says:

    Correction (pushes up glasses): POS and Doomtree are not with Rhymesayers. Rhymesayers is a huge awesome force in the Twin Cities music scene, but Doomtree is on their own record label (Doomtree Records).

    It was a blast to have you guys in town last weekend. Hope to see you come again!

  36. Ray says:

    Matt good luck! I love that Documentary, you should get Juicer Joe on the podcast .

  37. Aaron says:

    My mom did juice fasting for two months. She was 45 at the time, and lost twenty pounds. It’s safe, just buy varieties of fruit to give you the entire spectrum of necessary nutrients 🙂

  38. Ben Z says:

    For Matt Mira, I lost almost 100 pounds doing a very simple diet.
    Step 1) Live by this motto: if you can find the nutritional information, you can eat it.
    2) Keep a log of everything you eat, the calories, the grams of protein, carbs, fat and fiber.
    3) Limit yourself to 2400 calories a day (For me after 60 pounds, if you plan 2400 calories can feel like A LOT of food)
    4) Eat 25-40 grams of fiber a day.
    5) Drink 64-128 ounces of water a day.
    6) Exercise at least 30 minutes consecutively a day.
    7) Do at least a slightly more difficult workout today than you did yesterday. If you walked exactly 1 mile, walk 1 mile and 1 step. I used a treadmill and would do 5 additional seconds at a higher speed or incline. So, if yesterday I did 3:00 at speed 3.3 incline 6, then 27:00 at speed 3.3 incline 5, today I will do 3:05 at speed 3.3 incline 6 and 26:55 at speed 3.3 incline 5.
    8) Weigh in the same morning on the same scale every week. Don’t eat beef the day before or eat anything 12 hours before you weigh in.
    9) If you can find the nutritional information, you can eat it. I lost a lot of weight eating primarily Fiber One Bars for the fiber and KFC. Like, I should have let KFC know in advance so I could be their Jared.

  39. Ray84 says:

    Congratulations J Ray!

    Chris, 2 episodes and still no mention of Carolla! What’s up?

    Ps. That was a failed attempt at a joke.

    Love the host full podcast.

  40. Michelle says:

    Yay people who know they belong together and dont want to breed! Thought my husband and I were the only people!

  41. Jessica says:

    Chris I can’t belive that you rode the giant penis at sexworld, I make it a point to never touch anything there with my bare hands LOL.

  42. Daphne says:

    Also the whole point of the juice is to not have fiber. It makes your system absorb nutrients faster. If you need any tips or whatever @itsforafriend

  43. Corey says:

    Hit and runs are the f’ing worst. I had that happen to me as well. I was in my front yard cutting the grass, when a guy in a mini van hit the side of my car. He was trying to turn around using the driveway across the street. He backed out too far before starting to turn, and right into my car. I was so stunned at first, i just stood there. I was waiting for him to get out of his car so i could get his info. I mean, i watched it happen, i figured he saw me. He starts driving off! I again was stunned at what was unfolding, and in turn was a bit delayed. I started running after him, and was able to get in front and have him stop. He rolled his window down, and i said “you’re kidding right?” “I was coming back” was his response. Some people are just douche chills.

  44. Max says:

    Sorry about the congratulations, I didn’t listen to far into the conversation before you asked for no congrats.

  45. Max says:

    Congratulations Jonah, it is funny that the podcast follows has followed the relationship. You should podcast it! No, but seriously congrats.

  46. Eileen says:

    “Not Storage Wars!” That was a really adorable second of this episode, Chris. I might have to obsessively back up the audio over and over again to hear that on repeat.

  47. Daphne says:

    I just finished my 60 day juice cleanse yesterday! The first 60 days are the hardest (but after ten you stop wanting to lick your television screen at every commercial). I’ve never felt better in my life so stick with it, you won’t regret it. Invest in a secondary strainer like an almond milk bag or cheese cloth. It filters out the bitterness. JUICE POWER!

  48. Geoff says:

    Kyle Kinane had a werewolf & Coors light joke on his album. Good stuff.

  49. Eric says:

    I hope you didn’t post this hostful podcast because of all the backlash from not posting one in two weeks. I appreciate any podcast you release whether it’s with a guest or not. I know that either way I will get to enjoy about a hour of happiness and laughter! #hostfulgoodness

    That’s how twitter works right? I just type a hash tag and it’s automatically uploaded to twitter.