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Episode 289: Nerdist Podcast
Maria Bamford Returns!
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Maria Bamford Returns!

One of our favorites, Maria Bamford, returns to the show! They talk about the similarities before comedy and relationships, her new stand up special, and the seriousness of mental health!

Get Maria’s Special Special Special by clicking here!

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  1. It was so nice to see Otis and Mrs. Beady finally getting along! 

  2. Jeff says:

    Love this one, I’ve listened to it a few times since it aired and it’s like a security blanket for me. Maria’s top-notch, with the insight into her mental situation (which a lot of us can relate too), the voice modulations and then the joke about soldiers suicide, where the punchline felt like a real punch: “Oh I thought it was funny because obviously nobody’s taking it seriously!”

  3. Greg says:

    You will always be a happy, fluffy giraffe to us Maria.

  4. Jed says:

    This is by fay one of the more serious honest episodes you’ve done. While the humor was their it was great that you two were able to actually talk about her issues with depression and suicide. Sometimes people are afraid of talking about it because they have know idea how to treat each other during the discussion. People need to hear to understand.

  5. Joey C. says:

    Maria is an amazing person and comic.
    I like to believe that I’ve seen enough stand up in my lifetime to say with authority that Maria Bamford is not only one of the most important comics in the world, she just might be the best.
    You are truly an inspiration and you know the funny like few do.
    Lovefest over.
    Now make me some dinner woman!
    (I had to do that!)

  6. Steve Schafer says:

    Wow, this has got to be one of my favorite podcasts. Maria was really honest and inspiring, not to mention hilarious. So glad you guys re-invited her to the show. Keep up the awesome podcastery!

  7. Scott B. says:

    Maria Bamford? Hell yeah I’d Hit That*!! (*and by “Hit That”, I mean I would enjoy having passionate, mutually satisfying sex with her, not that I’d desire in any way to do anything physically, mentally, or emotionally harmful) She’s amazing!

  8. Drakeo says:

    If you guys are nominating or thnking about which Episode was the best one in 2012,this episode should be on that list!

    • Gary Bravender says:

      Drakeo is right while I haven’t heard every podcast, this one went beyond the norm and was more than just entertaining banter between Chris and a guest.

  9. Julia says:

    This was amazing. Laughed and cried while listening to it – lots of mental illness in my family so I could relate to lots of it.

    This was a really important conversation and so well done. Compassionate, funny and honest.

  10. Alex says:

    Oh so I hadn’t finished listening to the podcast, didn’t mean to echo Chris!
    True though!

    Sara Benincasa (comedian, author of Agorafabulous) has the best explanation for panic attacks that I have ever seen.
    Youtube -> watch?v=Ub2d2g9LvT4

  11. Alex says:

    What Maria says is so true of all metal illnesses!
    People who don’t suffer from one do not understand that you can’t just “snap out of it”

    Aww bless her <3

    I suffer from anxiety, I can take a deep breath tell myself what I am thinking is utter nonsense, I can know in my head for a fact that my brain is lying to me but I can't convince my emotions to comply with that logic.

    It never ends, ever, same for depression but you can learn to deal with it better so it becomes less taxing, less exhausting to keep up all the time.

  12. Drakeo says:

    I really enjoyed this episode,this episode hit close to home and also glad to hear you’re alright,Maria

    We love you and maybe this will inspire me to get help too.

    Keep up the good work,guys!

  13. Maria, you’re the best. I can relate to your issues and I’m so proud of you for doing what you needed to do to be safe. As someone who tries to be an artist balancing my own mind with my art, this was inspiring.

    Take care.

    (And yes, I’m pretending you read these comments!)

  14. JetpackBlues says:

    @Michelle: Yes. Unconsciously . 😛