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Episode 334: Nerdist Podcast
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Macklemore

The very musically talented Macklemore sits down with Chris to talk about the extreme success of his song “Thrift Shop,” living outside of your comfort zone, and doing laundry!

Watch the music video for “Thrift Shop”!:

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  1. Karena Pyle says:

    Fantastic interview. Thank you Ben and Chris. Loved every minute of it. I have been listening to Macklemore for around 2/3 years (before Thrift Shop made it onto radio) and I got to say, this guy is REAL. As long as his songs reflect the true emotions and the experiences that they do, I will be a life long listener.

  2. cp says:

    Thank you. Delightful – both of you 🙂 Love the myriad of topics….the humanity and realness.

  3. Loma_Alta says:

    Chris, I’m also a regular listener – thank you for creating this podcast and gifting it to the world! I wanted to echo the commenter “Chris” that sometimes, not just in this episode, I perceive that you change subjects right when a guest brings up something that has some emotional weight but that you may not be able to directly relate to. I remember in a different episode when someone mentioned their child in an emotionally vulnerable way, and you immediately asked a completely unrelated question (I apologize for the lack of details here, I just can’t recall them). Feel free to take or leave this feedback (obviously). I have just been noticing this, and then read the comment and thought, why not? Take care!

  4. Joseph Rodriguez says:

    The people who are hating on Macklmores music have only heard his one song and judge him prematurely because the one song he’s popular for is popular among the groups that nerds typically hate (testosterone fueled douchholes), but if you listen to his other jams like, “Same Love” which is about marriage equality or “Otherside” which is about cough syrup addiction then they’d realize that not only are his songs catchy as hell, but they have artistic integrity and a noble purpose. Which you cannot say about a lot of rappers today.

  5. MCD says:

    Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and their whole team are an inspiration to me…I’m not afraid to pursue my dream of being an MC now. (:

  6. Christopher says:

    Really enjoyed this ep, and had never heard of Macklemore before this (and I stopped listening to the audio wasteland that is broadcast radio, so I haven’t heard the song), and glad he was on the podcast.

    Glad Nerdist is there to provide me with all this access to artists/people I may never have heard of so I can fill my brainspace with learnings.
    Kinda sucks that we don’t have to pay for it, right? 8-)>

  7. setlasmon says:

    re: Rich Moore ep,

    I am going to create a petition requiring that Chloe Dykstra to tell Chris Hardwick that his segways are so stupid on every intro.

  8. setlasmon says:

    a week into the Chloe petition and only 2 signatures! only 99,998 to go! BUAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA

  9. Stephen says:

    To those hating on Macklemore- Wether you appreciate his music or not is irrelevant. The reason he’s so impressive is because he’s in a career dominated by conversations about posessions. About stuff. All the rap music nowadays is about how much money X rapper makes or the type of car Y rapper drives. His song Wing$ says so much – in a career driven by consumerism, he knows who he is and understands that it’s not the stuff that makes us who we are, but rather what we do.

    Wether you agree with his political stance or not, he’s not in it to make money, he’s in it to make art. He’s an artist and that’s where his loyalties lie.

    He seems like a damn humble dude…making millions, still living in an apartment and doing his laundry in the basement.

  10. ctowsley says:

    Also, the DeLorean. How could you not love the DeLorean.

  11. ctowsley says:

    Really enjoyed this interview. While Macklemore’s music isn’t, in general, my thing I can appreciate the work ethic and commitment to the art and I did really enjoy Same Love. I’ve spent the past few weeks (when I became aware of Thrift Shop as a result of most of my friends singing it/quoting it) thinking, for no good reason, that the guy behind it was probably a bag of money grubbing dicks. I was entirely wrong, and I’m a little ashamed of myself for being a douche and getting out my jump to conclusions mat. Thanks to the Nerdist team and Macklemore for setting me straight. While there were a few points it would have been good to hear elaborated on, I found the bases generally covered.

  12. mia says:

    for the comment above its ‘Thin Line’ not Thin Love 😉
    and macklemore
    is the best

    He creates lyrics that give me goosebumps :3
    I was crying cause I couldn’t see him in London
    So I’m praying he’ll come to Liverpool or Manchester.
    Or Denmark? 🙂


  13. Ryan says:

    I understand not liking Thrift Shop – the video accompanying the podcast. I didn’t either, and wouldn’t have listened to anything else off of that album had I not listened to the podcast and seen that Macklemore is thoughtful and intelligent.

    Go try Same Love, Thin Love, or Wing$

  14. brianna says:

    Great Podcast! Macklemore seems like one of the most humble and down to earth artists in the business!!! Keep doing what you’re doing, Mack!

  15. Chris says:

    Great interview…..surprised a couple times though that when he casually mentioned certain things you changed the subject or didnt ask him to elaborate….like how it went when he was on the Price is Right or what his macguyver techniques to get into that fesival were….or you know, the suicide thing.

  16. JeffreyDigital says:

    Haters gonna hate.

  17. Jeremy Crowhurst says:

    Thanks for having him on the show, Chris. I never would have heard of Macklemore, but now I can’t stop listening to him.

    And to everyone else, he’s a nerd because he topped the charts with something he basically did in is basement, and showed that you can all do it too. Okay, not all of you, just the ones with talent. Which I guess is really just a couple of you. (D’oh!)

  18. ANGRYGRRR says:


  19. Steve S says:

    I don’t know why this podcast is getting so much hate, great job getting Macklemore!! Very cool conversation

    • The Kid says:

      Maybe because Macklemore sucks. I’m definitely not a nerd if this is the kind of crappy music you like. Now I understand Jonah perfectly.

  20. This was yet another delightful episode. I think Macklemore is charming and talented.

    To the people who say he’s a one hit wonder I say: YOU fellow nerd are WRONG. He has a great work ethic and a fantastic understanding of how to make art. He also has fiercely passionate fans. That’s the stuff you need for the longevity.