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Episode 311: Nerdist Podcast
Live from Twin Cities!
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Live from Twin Cities!

It’s the Nerdist live from the Twin Cities! Special guest Doug Benson joins Chris, Matt and Jonah for some fun and Quemments!

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Watch Tommy Wiseau's Joker Audition Tape

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  1. oceanmachine says:

    Christ, the Quemments this episode were GARBAGE. Did a woman seriously ask a group of *men* how to operate a *female* contraceptive? What the fuck are these people thinking??

  2. ChadVanHalen says:

    I love how Chris remembered the latin words JWB said when shot but had to be reminded he broke his leg when jumping the balcony

  3. Patty Marvel says:

    Chris Hardwick = “All you’re going to get if you bring that up on this show are fifteen-year-old vagina jokes.”

    Me = “You guys would riff about pubescent pussies? Well, if there’s grass on the field…”

    And then Jonah says it. Ah, to be sick and twisted!

    @Tom Steele and especially @Three Toes of Fury – Thank you taking up the slack while three-quarters of the Complaint Unit for Nerdist Trollery have been away.

    Assistant to the Complaint Unit for Nerdist Trollery,
    Or “Ass. C.U.N.T.”

  4. MoConnor says:

    This was the best show ever!!! It was so much fun to be there and watch these four guys talk and eat cookies!

  5. Hickspy says:

    As one of the quemmenters I have to say, good god is that what I sound like?

  6. ArchGirl99 says:

    I’ll take any episode I can get and this one was awesome! Thanks for all the free content. Is there any chance of hearing the Boston podcast?

  7. Tasha Rivera says:

    As the person who mistakenly talked about the world series in this show, I would like to apologize? I guess all of the research I did (and TO BE FAIR, it was almost entirely about JAPANESE and KOREAN baseball) severely misinformed me. Oh well.

  8. Bucket says:

    This one was really funny. I could not stop laughing. Thanks for bringing it out of the vault. Keep up the good work, you’ll get Seacrest money one day!

    Keep enjoying everything and saying how awesome it is.
    Keep doing voices.
    Keep putting up 3x a week
    Enjoy the Jag and your success
    Thanks for the Cloud Atlas Screening
    Screw everyone who bitches about all the free content, screeners, videos, contest and giveaways that you are providing us.

    Continue enjoying your burrito.

  9. Johnothan Pedak says:

    I’ll take any live Nerdist show! Doesn’t matter to me if it’s from March 2012.

  10. Joecrak says:

    Awesome hearing another live episode, this give me hope that he will eventually release either of the Philadelphia shows from last March!

  11. DirtyFeetFetish says:

    i’m glad chris got to put the second minneapolis podcast from last year because it was an awesome episode, but they already got listen to the first podcast, back in april, while the live show in San Francisco from last February still hasn’t been release.WTF i’ll understand if the show’s recording was lost or dan harmon’s people didn’t want it to be release due to community reasons but…it’s been almost over a year and i regretted every single day for missing that show

  12. gorillahandz says:

    Oh yeah, I remember Quemments! Those were the days.

  13. Jesse says:

    Lol, giving kids Twinkies would be a lot more effective now that they don’t make them anymore

  14. filthy says:

    I got a kick out of Doug giving the audience a hard time,it’s as if Jonah was cloned! Now I wonder how many live shows Chris has hidden away to drop on us.

  15. Three Toes of Fury says:

    Im with tony…how the [email protected]#$ dare Chris release an OLD podcast…..frankly its insulting. Its like he tied us down and forced us to drink expired milk. No worries tony, ive already contacted Itunes, the CEO of Legondary Entertainment, and the Better Business Bureau…i will not rest until you and I receive a FULL refund for the purchase cost of this outdated travesty. For shame Chris…i expected more from you…we all did…it would appear that you’ve decided to cut back on your 22hr work day and just coast by spewing out dated tripe.

    Now…onto other pressing matters…for those of us who really never bought many Twinkies BUT as soon as we heard they were going away we became ridiculously despondent at the loss…the loss of our childhood…FEAR NOT!…as anticipated the top secret forumlas for Twinkies, ding dongs, and hostess cupcakes have made their way elsewhere….i just found reasonably tasty knockoff’s of each at at midwestern grocery store called Dominicks (owned by Safeway). Our creamy-filled-indestructable-cake-life will go on my brothers and sisters in snacks!

    Peace .n. [email protected]$#@ this [email protected]!…Im outta here!!! (knocks over imaginary table and flips off imaginary Chris, Matt, and Jonah after having imaginary confrontation over the old podcast)



  16. Ben Z says:

    Remember when Twinkies existed? Can’t believe it was just March 2012 when they did.

  17. Tony says:


  18. Tom Steele says:

    Would you have rather it stayed unreleased forever and Chris just skipped a podcast on Monday?

  19. Tony says:

    I am the only one who is seriously annoyed by how old this is? Did this really get recorded before Abraham Lincoln: Vampire hunter came out.

  20. Scott says:

    Next, the Iowa City ep.!

  21. Tim says:

    This was an awesome show! So glad it was found.

  22. Tom Steele says:

    Ugh. didn’t mean to imply Chris was the one who got it wrong. I was saying the baseball fan in the audience at the end was wrong. Us Americans really were arrogant enough to call a championship between teams drawn from a pool of 10 different cities in 1903 a “World” Series.

  23. Ivan Flores says:

    “Twinkies.” lol.

  24. Tom Steele says:

    I know Chris has probably long forgotten this misinformation, but it bugs me when people claim the World Series got its name from a newspaper. That one’s been snopesed.

  25. Curtis says:

    Who’s up for a diva shot?

  26. vismund says:

    ya it sucks

  27. StuartB says:

    For those who don’t live in Minneapolis, it is currently -6 degrees here. Both times Chris has been in town, it’s been above 50. March and May.

    Missing out!