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Nerdist Podcast Live Coming To Twin Cities, Too

Oh, hey, look, another date for the Nerdist Podcast Live tour has been added, and it’s for the Twin Cities: Friday, March 30, 2012 at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, right over there on SE 4th Street near the University of Minnesota campus (and across the street and around the corner from Al’s Breakfast) in Dinkytown. The show is at 8 pm Central (doors open 7 pm). Chris, Matt, and Jonah will be there to entertain and amaze you with feats of mental agility and wit beyond human comprehension. You know, like they always do.

There’ll be a password-enabled presale starting TOMORROW, Thursday, November 17th at 10 am, and that password is NERDIST. Easy enough. General public ticket sales start Friday (11/18) at 10 am Central.

Where, you ask, can one obtain tickets for this event? By clicking here at the appropriate time. Bookmark it to be safe. Enjoy your lutefisk.

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  1. Kari says:

    Tickets came today. Way more excited than I should be for a show that is still 4 months away.

  2. Mathias says:

    Yes! Nerdist Podcast Live on my birthday! Can’t get much better than that, can it? CAN IT!?

  3. duncan7 says:

    Wow, Ticketbastards’ checkout process makes Godaddy’s look like Amazon one-click. What’s the business case for only 12-hours of pre-sale?

    So glad the venues where I usually see shows use other vendors. Looking forward to the ATL show!

  4. bologna12 says:

    This is so cool, too bad it’s 18+ and exactly 2 months before my 18th birthday.

  5. Wendy Blankenship says:

    Please add a Detroit date!! or somewhere nearby!!! Please oh please!!

  6. SusanL10 says:

    woohoo!! just got our tickets on pre-sale for the Chicago show!

  7. DameDallas says:

    Just bought tickets to the Atlanta show. SO MUCH EXCITE (I need my inhaler).

  8. Justin Helmer says:

    Tickets purchased. Now all I can do is wait….

  9. blair says:

    just got my tickets! thanks for the presale code!!!

  10. Mark LaCroix says:

    Zombie Den is too far away form the Varsity (even in March weather, it should be walking distance, don’t you think?). Mesa or Loco are better choices. Too bad the Dinkytowner closed.

  11. Diana says:

    Annnnnnnd purchased! YES! Best thing to happen to me on a Thursday morning at work.

  12. kobowfet says:

    I second the Zombie Den. Could be a good place for a tweet up. I missed the one at Burrito Loco when Chris was in town.

  13. Hickspy says:

    A Nerdist podcast recording 4 BLOCKS from my apartment? I’m in.

    Also, Sondra nailed it right in the brain. I was also going to recommend Jonah checkout Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den. It is definitely my favorite bar in the twin cities area. The decor alone is worth going, let alone all the awesome cocktails they created.

  14. Jonah you should really check out Donny Dirks Zombie Den, it’s a Zombie themed swanky bar not that far from The Varsity.

  15. midwestfx says:

    Beyond excited for this!!!! I missed Chris when he was @ the Varsity last. I seriously cannot wait. Is it March yet!?!?!?!?!

  16. Diana says:

    There will be hugs. OH, there will be hugs!

    No one enjoys lutefisk. No one!

  17. Doctor_Why says:

    AWESOME!! Since I wasn’t able to see Chris when he did standup earlier in the year, this is even better! I get three nerds for the price of one!!

  18. Mark LaCroix says:

    I didn’t think mentioning the lack of a MPLS show on the last post would lead to this! Yays!

    Also, Mesa Pizza *is* amazing.

  19. Jonathan Bosch says:

    Glad to see you’ve rescheduled your DC gig, just wish I didn’t have to wait till next year. But I’m sure it will be worth it. Haven’t made time to listen to the Dave Attell or Dana Gould shows yet. Dana is fucking awesome, so glad I got to talk with him & have him sign his interview in my Satiristas book when he was at Arlington Cinema & Flophouse.

    Cheers then!

  20. Kari says:

    Thank God. Thought I was going to have to sell a kidney to try and find a way to another midwestern state. The Varsity just means a pint or two of blood . Can’t believe how excited I am.

  21. Rachel says:

    with all the Community craziness going on, this is the little pick-me-up I needed.

  22. Wyatt says:

    Yes Sir. I was gonna drive to Madison and than to Chicago the next night. That will save some time. But I just might still Do that too. And how does one become of the Node?

  23. Justin Helmer says:

    INCREDIMAZEBALLS! My nerd prayers have been answered! And this time I won’t have to spend six hours on the road to come!

  24. Sayla says:

    This made 3 little nerds very happy at work when this was announced today.

  25. Bradhole says:

    PLEEEAAAASE come to Seattle!

  26. Tzvi says:

    oh, oh.. idea for podcast shorts: Matt and Jonah Enjoy a Local Thing. A 15min podcast from the towns you guys visit where you talk about some cool thing you stopped to do in that town.

  27. StuartB says:

    Enjoy your Burrito Loco!!

  28. Tzvi says:

    Oh sure after I leave you decide to go to the Twin Cities.

    Jonah drink some surly for me. Matt check out the pizza place across from the varsity called “Mesa Pizza” it is pretty good or was. Chris stay sexy.