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Nerdist Podcast: Live at SF Sketchfest 2015
Episode 642: Nerdist Podcast
Live at SF Sketchfest 2015
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Live at SF Sketchfest 2015

It’s some LIVE hostful goodness! Chris, Matt, and Jonah do a hostful live at SF Sketchfest and talk about Jonah’s recent trip to New Orleans, the time Matt thought he was having a heart attack, and how far they have come since they started the podcast. Then they take Quemments from the audience!

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  1. CIB says:

    Jonah’s “Zatarain’s!” killed me. 🙂 FMK was pretty funny too… personally I was about to kill Matt (like everyone else, poor Matt) and marry Jonah, but then I realized I have more interests in common with Matt, and also Jonah doesn’t want kids whereas Matt is open to them… so, Matt, you narrowly miss my Kill vote because of Star Trek and Frasier and babies. And stop doing so much caffeine, man – your new body apparently can’t take it.

  2. Meg says:

    “What’s good about being 25?” “EVERYTHING!” So true!

  3. Adventureless_Hero says:

    Excellent episode! You guys are hilarious. I like your ability to have that just-chatting-with-friends vibe despite being in front of hundreds of people. I also think it takes a lot of talent to respond to folks in an entertaining, honest way. So kudos for that!  

    Are there any videos of the event? I would love to see Jonah’s bit where he went offstage and then slid back on. 

  4. Mark says:

    What was that 8-bit sounding song Jonah played twice during the intro? It doesn’t play long enough for Shazam to get a read on it.

  5. Daniel says:

    1:14:29 Jonah seems to be doing the Jonah Raydio soundboard stuff (if you are a listener, you would know what I mean), and then Chris does some I suppose generic Super Bowl sounds.

  6. Abbshurz says:

    I kept hearing Chris make a sort of silent scream after taking quements from the audience while the guys kept talking. Is that Chris’s picture taking face? Pretty funny to hear 20 times back to back. 

  7. This was a fun hostful. New Orleans is not just Mardi Gras and Burbon Street. That’s probably the worst thing you can do in New Orleans, especially your first time.

    The folks who yelled “tourists” were talking about how huge crowds of out of town people come in, make a massive mess and get stupid drunk, and then leave. It’s kinda a big political thing there, especially after Katrina and the changes that have been made by the people who want to turn New Orleans into less of a community and more into a giant money-making scheme.

    Just sayin’. It sounds like Jonah could have easily had a better time.

    • Christopher says:

      I will say that if you don’t want to get barf-face drunk in NO, you can find lots of interesting shops, restaurants, and things to do. While NO made me think of the town as Vegas’ older, skankier sister (to an extent), it does have interesting things to do if you want to take the time to look for them.
      Or, you could get all pukey-faced and be a crappy tourist. Just saying.

  8. klue says:

    This was absolutely one of the best hostfuls. Doing them live adds a lot to the interplay. Though the intimacy of the regular hostfuls is always great too. You need a webcam for the live ones. I’d love to have seen that thing Jonah did.
    But Matt, come on man. He dumps on nurses, urgent care centers, audience members, himself, he seems to have a problem biting his tounge during live performances. The backhanded insult to urgent care centers, cause he didn’t need to be there because he has insurance, was particularly stinging. You can rip Chris for being rich all you want, Matt, but when 20 minutes later you trash poor people with disdain for the services they use cause you think your above it, your just being an entitled ass.

  9. -Di. says:

    This is how Jonah and Matt walked on stage! 
    Best Hostful Evah!!  

  10. Wayne says:


  11. Jackie says:

    As far as wrestlers go Mick Foley would be great to have on, he’s very well written in his books and is really interesting. 

  12. M Rowe says:

    Please, please do a podcast with the Nerdist Mama! What about a Mother’s Day episode with the trio of mothers? I imagine it would be full of them trying to understand how you all have made money from podcasting. 🙂

  13. Nikkole says:

    Um, If Todd Glass and Jonah Ray made that podcast, it should be called Onamonapia

  14. George Jefferson says:

    “Matt Mira: comedy arsonist.” Oh my lord. I laughed so hard strangers are giving me the side eye.

  15. Steve says:

    Matt that store is referred to as Guitar Satan by all my musician friends !

  16. kate says:

    Hi guys-I usually really enjoy the podcast but I have to say I was very offended by Matt’s disdainful tone every time he mentioned who he assumed to be a nurse practitioner (NP). I appreciated Jonah’s comment that Matt was being incredibly condescending towards a provider who was attempting to help him. Matt intimated that working at the Apple store is “the same exact thing” as being a healthcare provider. Having never worked at the Apple store, I can’t speak to his point directly but I would be interested to learn what education and training Matt received prior to obtaining his position. I can share with Matt that my training to become an NP was extensive. I have a Master’s degree from Yale University as well as 25 years of clinical experience. Matt might be interested to know that NP’s have been proven to provide high quality care that is equally safe and effective as our physician colleagues while consistently scoring higher on patient satisfaction surveys.   Have an open mind and give us a chance!

    • Three toes of fury says:

      Yo kate,

      good write up…ive got more than my fair share of experience and exposure to the medical world and I find that Nurse Practitioners do most of the work and have regularly helped me and my family out tremendously.    So kudos to you for your profession and for helping people.   Noble stuff!
      Peace .n. Helpin Others

    • dtj says:

      After listening to that section, I don’t think Matt meant to offend nurses, NP’s or anyone in urgent care. He was simply comparing the feeling from his visit to the feeling you get at any time you arrive at a business moments before their posted closing time. (his example being his past experience aka the apple store) Which I kind of agree with. Being the last person someone sees before their shift ends can feel like a burden, no matter the occupation. Just my two cents.

      • Christopher says:

        Well, TBH, don’t show up late before a business closes…I know that medical things are often unplanned, but in general you should understand how business works, and that one of the worst times to walk into most places is right before they’re about to close.
        I’m hoping they also cut the list of walk-ins before they closed, so they could see everyone promptly, but that’s a whole other issue…

    • Christopher says:

      I think you, as a trained medical professional, should also say to Matt: “Don’t drink that much GD caffeine in that short of a time period!” That was really dumb. I’ve had to walk people off the ledge before who combined too much nervousness with WAY too much caffeine and a panic attack, and tell them to “stop doing stupid things like drinking that much caffeine at one time”. I know Jonah & Chris have talk to Matt about his health before (glad he’s worked to lose as much weight as he has), but if you’re satisfied with bloody stool (which AIN’T NORMAL), then please also whack off to pr0n & guitars if you’re ODing on Monster & coffee and then piddle around thinking you have a heart attack. You’re going to wind up giving yourself one before you turn 45.

      • kate says:

        Hi Christopher,I agree with you 100%-there were many troubling aspects to that story. As a provider I would try to counsel Matt on his behavior but the reality is that we are only able to address what the patient actually tells us. Not only was Matt making some pretty unsafe choices-he chose not to disclose what precipitated his symptoms. I understand people are embarrassed but I can assure you-we have heard it ALL. Let it rip so we have all the information to help you!  

  17. Jeffery Mashke says:

    Jonah’s “Zatarains” bit makes me cackle out loud.  
    Peace .n. Noodle Stories!

  18. Tom says:

    “Complaintiment”. Now you have a word for that.

  19. James says:

    Your website keeps playing ads with sound but i cant find them to turn them off. grrrr

  20. Nikki says:

    the “emotional bit” in the intro  – I instantly imagined chris, matt, and jonah in a 90s teen drama–I love how everyone says they’d kill matt, lolalso, I’m pretty sure matt said ‘death cab for cootie’ :p