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Nerdist Podcast: Live at SF Sketchfest 2014
Episode 479: Nerdist Podcast
Live at SF Sketchfest 2014
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Live at SF Sketchfest 2014

The Nerdist returns to San Francisco with special guest Tom Lenk (Buffy, Angel, Much Ado About Nothing)! Tom and Jonah bond over their love of Beaches, Matt talks about Frasier, and Chris tries to keep the podcast on track!

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  1. Vanessa says:

    I know I’m late to the game on this, I’m running way behind on my Nerdist podcasts, but I just had to say, when Tom Lenk does his Zooey Deschanel impression, I totally lost my SHIT. I would watch him do that for an entire one man show. Bravo, gentlemen, GREAT show.

  2. -Di. says:

    My pictures from this show are now part of the SF Sketchfest photo gallery for 2014. I can’t even tell you how thrilled that makes me. They pictures they used are in the 400’s

    Here is my flicker set (which includes a picture of the scarf that Chris received)

    This show was so much fun!!

  3. Neal Babcock says:

    It was great to hear you all together again, which doesn’t happen nearly enough these days. Great live show! You talked about getting the Fraser cast on @midnight, which would be cool. Another idea would be to get a guest host and have you three Nerdist guys battle it out as contestants.

  4. NotMF says:

    Holy crap, I didn’t check the comments after I posted last week, but I can’t believe I nailed the @midnight casting. I totally just got my tickets for the show. See you there!

  5. Three Toes of Fury says:

    Come for the Musinex bits…stay for all the muppet goodness!

    Sweet tap dancing hezues i love this show.

    Peace .n. Points

    PS: AHHH!! Will Wheaton on @midnight?!?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  6. Twb says:

    I agree, tom is the best. He’s pushing all of you to your best. More tom.

  7. Mark says:

    Best episode in a long line of good episodes. Thanks for your hard work and more Tom Lenk in the future.

  8. Alison says:

    How drunk was everyone on this podcast? I was at work while listening and now I feel drunk.

  9. Gwen says:

    Hey Matt, the “middle of the country” has marriage equality WITHOUT the intervention of the Supreme Court. The I states are not the problem. Stop blaming the midwest for what is really a south east issue.

  10. Brii Jones says:

    First time listener. I LOVED it. You guys are hilarious! More podcasts for me. #teamnosleep

  11. Alexandr says:

    Holy shit! While I am ALREADY an enormous fan of the live episodes of this and other podcasts (YMIW and WTF especially), this episode was FANTASTIC! I thought you guys all had awesome chemistry together and I would love for you to, if you read this, Chris, please, please, please get Tom Lenk on again! Pretty please! As a huge fan of yours who listens to every episode, I would be so spazzily happy if you were to have Tom on again.

    (also, POINTS!)

  12. PauliLama says:

    One of the best podcasts so far!! Amazing — keep up the fantastic work you all do, it is VERY appreciated!

  13. What Happened To The Quemments says:

    And with this podcast, I have been satisfied.

  14. Tim D says:

    What the… FUCK!!!

    Richard on Caroline in the City WASN’T Greg Proops?????

    My MIND!!!

  15. Nooph says:

    @amy just tweet at me, @nooph, if you want to see a picture of the scarf. We took one before the trip.

  16. calgirl13 says:

    I went to law school and even I couldn’t remember any of the details of Bowers v. Hardwick. Hats (or should it be pants) off to you Chris for even knowing the case name and the details.

    Bummed that the show was sold out, would’ve loved to have been there. Unlike a lot of other podcasts, your live shows are really great.

  17. nicholas says:

    I love how Matt mentioned the fight podcast. The comments blew it way out of proportion but it’s fun to laugh about now. Anyway, I couldn’t control my laughter during this podcast.

  18. JERI7YN says:

    This was a fun night! I was the girl wearing the Mutant Enemy shirt..haha. I had no idea that Tom Lenk was going to be there, so when Chris pointed at my shirt I was confused because I totally forgot I was wearing it. Actually, I had to make that shirt for myself last year to wear to Comic Con because I couldn’t find one online that I liked, so I was pretty excited that Tom got to see it. Never did get to do the “Grr..Argg” at the end, though..haha. I hope a Buffy reunion ep on @midnight really happens!

    And thanks Chris, Tom and Jonah for being so chill and stopping to chat with me for a bit after the show. I wish I also could’ve met Matt because he was the only one that understood the ‘Buffy moving to UPN’ feelings. Didn’t realize how adorbs he is! Like a cherub! First time seeing a live podcast and it was too hilarious. I hope Tom can come back again to do another podcast! Also, the 30s dance…looking forward to doing that when I get to that age…haha. This show was gold.

  19. boB says:

    @NotMF what lottery numbers should I play??? And should I invest in BitCoin??????

  20. Liza says:

    Matt almost all Muppets are left handed because their right-handed muppeteers use their dominant hands to work their mouths.

  21. @NotMF That is EXACTLY what is happening on March 12th! You’d better wish for a million dollars now while you’re hot!

  22. NotMF says:

    Matt and Jonah should definitely be on @midnight together, and for the third contestant it should be Wil Wheaton! Chris’ BFFs edition.

  23. Megs says:

    What a great podcast! I think Tom would make a great addition to the Nerdist team if he was at all interested.
    Thanks again guys for entertaining us and making an otherwise dull day awesome.

  24. Wildride says:

    Some other suggestions for reunion/theme @midnight shows:

    Guild: Felicia, Sandeep and Jeff
    AOTS: Kevin, Matt, Layla (or Morgan, Alison, Blair, etc).
    Team Unicorn
    Random people I like: Amber Tozer, April Macie, Lisa Curry, Eden Dranger, Sabrina Jalees, Jennifer Murphy, Alycia Wood, Iliza Shlesinger, Lizzy Cooperman

  25. Amy says:

    Where can I see a picture of this scarf that you got as a gift?

  26. sean says:

    Oh god this is one of the best episodes ever.
    You guys where amazing.

    Keep up the great work!

  27. Megan says:

    Such a great episode!!! Y’all had me laughing at my desk in my very quiet office. It was a little awkward but totally worth it.


  28. Damon says:

    I like the Coca Cola Commercial, and I live in possibly the furthest Right state in the union. And not Austin.

  29. @tomK: He must henceforth be known as FROGERINE

  30. tomK says:

    Two notes:

    CHRIS HARDWICK AUDITIONED TO PLAY LORNE ON ANGEL!? My mind melted with alternate universe stuff just then.

    Kermit as Wolverine had me laughing harder than I had ever laughed. Maybe it’s because I visualize the joke in my head. But thank you, Nerdist podcast.

  31. kungtotte says:

    This was awesomesauce! Everybody was on fire. There’s just such a great energy in the live episodes.

  32. Xylophone says:

    Ahh, It’s been a while since the last live episode, and this was totally worth the wait. Great stuff guys!