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Episode 557: Nerdist Podcast
Live at SDCC 2014 with Evangeline Lilly and Michael Rooker
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Live at SDCC 2014 with Evangeline Lilly and Michael Rooker

Evangeline Lilly and Michael Rooker join the guys live at the Balboa Theater at SDCC 2014! Evangeline talks about living in Hawaii for LOST and her new children’s book, Michael talks about The Walking Dead, and they take quemments from the audience!

Get Evangeline’s book The Squickerwonkers today!

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  1. boba says:

    Feminism is obsolete in the modern west. PERIOD. It was progressive the last time when the spice girls had their debut. You should read up on a bit what damage has it caused already…

    Equal vote= common sense, equal pay= common sense, make rape illegal= common sense, i don’t need to be a feminist to realize, rape is bad, or half the citizens of a country should be allowed to vote.
    Voting and sexual assault are mostly just common sense, of course sexual assault or domestic abuse is wrong, no matter what your gender is, i don’t need to be a feminist to realize that is wrong.
    Everything else is just stupid,
    Objectification is also bullshit, women objectify as well, which is why just as many toned abs as there are topless women in films.
    Men are seen as “champions” when they get laid, because it’s a lot harder for them to get laid, there are pros and cons to being a man.
    I don’t believe in slut shaming, but the fact is women don’t deserve much congratulations when they get laid due to the fact that in society, women just sit in bars and wait to get hit on rather than being proactive,i.e actually having the courage to go up to a guy and risk being rejected) (in general, not ALL women)

  2. Katie says:

    The first step to recovery from the south is admitting where you are from. Now Chris’ southern recovery program can finally begin. 

  3. ThisGuyRightHere says:

    Oh my god, I’m such an asshole. It took me until my second listening of this podcast to realize Chris was talking about Channing Tatum in Jupiter Ascending and not Carol Channing. I was perplexed as to how she’d still be doing movies… yeah, not my best moment…

  4. joel Martin says:

    Joel Martin

  5. Pr0ph3cyX says:

    I love Evangeline, shes so cool

  6. Joanna says:


  7. Jon says:

    Was anyone else made incredibly uncomfortable by Evangeline Lilly calling Jonah a haole? Other than that, great podcast.

  8. Jennifer says:

    This podcast bugged me. I don’t know if it was Evangeline, but yeah I think it was. Also, it bugged me a lot when Chris was referring to her hometown in Saskatchewan when it’s actually in Alberta, right next to Edmonton. It’s probably just because I live there. Loooooved michael rooker though. 

  9. Mario says:

    Is there Video of this podcast?

  10. BassBone says:

    Watch as Evangeline Lilly sets feminism back 10 years. Jesus christ, Evangeline. No one said being in a relationship or being nurturing makes you weak. However, not being in a relationship doesn’t make you weak either. The whole fucking point of that lady’s question was why can’t there be women who aren’t just love interests for men in movies? Fuck that noise.

  11. John says:

    Love all the Back 2 the Future refs, if anyone wants to know why Claudia Wells (aka Original Jennifer) wasn’t in the sequels, she told the Binge Watchers

    • Robert says:

      If I remember correctly, it was something about her mom not wanting her to act anymore. Bullshit reason, sure, but I believe that’s what she said on the Blu-ray.

  12. Johan says:

    Great episode!!! Are we getting video version of this one?

  13. Yes Chris, Canada may have less guns [than the US] at 30.8/100, but 23.8% of Canada’s population has reported being victims of crime, compared to 21.1% in the US with our 88.8/100 guns. If I’m feeling suicidal, I’ll visit the current and former British Empire.

  14. Alec says:

    Evangeline got sidetracked from her rant about the Boreal forest, but she’s serious about the state of our scientific establishment:

  15. fendjinn says:

    Rooker was pretty close to right BTW, in Canada the Beavers are apparently a sort of pre-Cubs part of the Scouts (he’s not totally right because they used to be mainly for boys but are now mixed, in keeping with the Scouts in general).

  16. James Smith says:

    One of the worlds most beautiful women told Chris to take his pants off and he failed to follow directions…

  17. Lance says:

    As much as I hate to do this:
    Inb4 @RJ_RedneckJedi says something stupid or fat.

  18. DiHard11 says:

    It was the craziest and weirdest live show I’ve been to. But it was so much fun.  (I’ve been to about 100 in the last 3 years.  10 this year alone. )  

    Evangeline Lilly drank Jonah’s beer and was getting really close to Chris.  She even flirted with Matt and Michael a bit.  It was so crazy good. 

  19. Walter says:

    Nope! Skip. She’s a horrible actress and she ruined my favorite movie franchise. Truthfully, it was Peter Jackson fault. However, had she had even the slightest bit of acting ability the ill advised dwarf/elf BS love story might have worked…. probably not, but she represents the evil that destroyed the lords of the rings movies. She’s the ring and peter Jackson is the dark lord. Yes, yes, what is she supposed to do turn down one of the biggest directors and movies franchises? No, obviously not. My non consequential protest, other than skipping the final movie, will be to skip this podcast, even though I’m a huge Nerdist fan. 

    • Jake says:

      Ugh. I can’t even muster the energy to respond to this post.

    • Eddie says:

      what did she refuse to sign your lembas bread or something? 

    • English Dave says:


    • Zach says:

      It’s okay Jake, I can. Are you really mad at Peter Jackson for ruining the LotR movies? There was no LotR movies to be ruined with him.
      And I get the obvious rebuttal of people are made at Lucas but from what I’ve seen you appear to be in the minority opposed to a resounding majority. To be fair I haven’t seen the Hobbit movies, but it also seems incredible unfair to judge someone on one (two?) performance(s?) you didn’t like. 
      Beyond that it doesn’t really make sense, do you think she is getting some sort of over head on this? That she is making a commission? She showed up and talked with four other people for a time and then was done. It’s like your protesting a supermarket because you don’t like the taste of a cereal they carry.All that aside, this was one of the best Nerdist Podcast I’ve heard. I may have cried from laughing at some points, so I encourage you to drop the rebel without a cause bit and just enjoy your burrito.
      … Was that last part hamfisted? Felt a little hamfisty…

    • Travis says:

      You have one thing right…your non consequential…..Her and Peter Jackson both shit on you, you cunt.