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Nerdist Podcast: Lisa Kudrow
Episode 611: Nerdist Podcast
Lisa Kudrow
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Lisa Kudrow

The amazing Lisa Kudrow talks to Chris, Jonah, and Matt about the long awaited return on The Comeback, her time at the Groundlings, and the difference between being a TV actor between when she was on Friends and today. They also think of ideas for a Romy and Michelle reunion!

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  1. Patrick Read Johnson says:

    Delighted to hear Lisa’s husband enjoyed Baby’s Day Out.  Even IF it wasn’t Chris Columbus who directed it… Ahem..,

  2. fannypack says:

    I’m also in the camp that is sad you didn’t talk more about The Comeback, I kinda got the vibe that no one had seen it (no offense!).  

  3. farleyk says:

    This one, like the Maurice Lamarche and Rob Paulsen, Katee Sackhoff, and Mira Sorvino, is one I’m gonna listen to a few times. If for nothing else than to hear Lisa’s laugh. What a treasure.
    Kraftwerk is now a giggle trigger word.

  4. Jose Belmonte says:

    It’s sad you didn’t talk that much about The Comeback…or Web Therapy!

  5. Nikki says:

    I love Romy & Michelle SO MUCH. such a classic! Not sure what a sequel movie would be…I think a 20-30 year reunion or something.
    (ps never forget: clooney on golden girls haha)
    The baby’s day out bit had me dying – random things like that get stuck in my head too, Matt.

  6. Maria @LaughtAndLived says:

    Really loved how relaxed this pod was. And Lisa it’s always a delight. Great pod guys   

  7. Alec says:

    Was she doing her character from The Comeback a little bit?  The part where she went “Yeah, well don’t everybody agree with me” was a little awkward”. Also noticed the “y’know”‘s in typical Valerie manner.

  8. lalabandypants says:

    Lisa Kudrow is even cooler & funnier than I assumed — huzzah! 

  9. Wildride says:

    Clooney wasn’t just on Facts of Life and Roseanne,  but also invented product placement: 😉

  10. CSEM says:

    A fantastic relaxed podcast … thank you LK and Nerdist…

  11. ericmci says:

    Lisa Kudrow has long since been one of those examples of ‘Who would you want to…”Listening to the podcast and finally catching up on playing Red Dead Redemption.

  12. Chris says:

    I hate Zero comments.