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Episode 336: Nerdist Podcast
Lily Tomlin
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Lily Tomlin

Comedy legend Lily Tomlin comes on the Nerdist podcast! She sits down to tell some stories from when she was younger, and talks about her many characters and the differences between comedy years ago and today!

See Lily in Admission with Tina Fey, in theaters today, March 22nd!

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  1. Sam Gwynn says:

    I’d love to have a copy of this show.  I remember Chad Everette reading his awful poem and then trying to make conversation with Auden:  “Do you watch much television, Mr. Auden?”  “Nevah.”  “Then were do you get ideas for your poems?”  OMG

  2. Sam Gwynn says:

    I wish I could see the famous Tomlin, Everett, Auden episode again.  I distinctly remember Chad asking Auden, “Do you watch a lot of tv?”  “Nevah.” “Well, where do you get your ideas from?”

  3. Rita says:

    I love Lily Tomlin. Pure talent. She is ageless. I just saw a cool picture of her on one of my favorite blogs.. She looks so good.’

  4. Andrew says:

    Simply Delightful. : )

  5. Jayne says:

    Chris, that was amazing.. Lily is a great comedy, feminist and performing hero to so many women my age (59). I continue to be gratified that you not only snag such greats to interview, but can be so happy to be speaking to them. Thanks also for not only knowing ‘9 to 5’, but the great and under-appreciated ‘All of Me’. This interview tickled me even more than your talks with Tom Hanks, Malcolm McDowell and Mel Brooks, to name just a few of my favorites. Well done, Chris!

  6. Patty Marvel says:

    @oscar the fucking grouch – I love you.

  7. oscar the fucking grouch says:

    well guy, since you feel the need to criticize let’s put you side by side and see how you measure up. one of you is a successful entertainer who just fulfilled the dream of getting to interview one of his idols. the other is a pathetic cowardly bedwetting troll who likes to post dirty words on the internet under an assumed name.

    yeah I’d say you definitely took him down a peg, smiley. good on you.

  8. Sue says:

    Guy Smiley needs to empty the sand from his vagina – that was awesome! That was one of the best Nerdist episodes I’ve heard, and Chris’ fanboy-ness was adorable 😉 Edith-Ann FTW!

  9. Patty Marvel says:

    @guy smiley – Yeah, FARK that free content! And fark Hardwick’s fan-boying of Lily Tomlin! What does he think he is, HUMAN?!?!?

  10. k says:

    We picked up 9 to 5 last night because of this interview (I’ve never seen it!). I was familiar with only two or three of Tomlin’s characters and I knew little about her aside from that, so this was a real treat. I was absolutely riveted by her stories of indignation at sexism and of building her career, and I thought she could not have been more down-to-earth and comfortable in her own skin.
    I dig many of the Nerdist chats and I like dick jokes as much as the next schmuck, but when there’s a break in phallic humor for discussions like this, I am especially tickled. I hope you can get Tomlin to return.

  11. guy smiley says:

    WOW, what a pretentious cunt… and of course I mean Chris. There is nothing worse that the 2x blowhard interview. I hope that if Chris ever lands Steve Martin Matt and Jonah are there to interrupt the… is felching the word?

  12. Lisa says:

    That was really lovely! Great interview.

  13. Patty Marvel says:

    Now I *really* want to see “Admission” if for no other reason than the Bella tattoo. For those of you who thought she meant to moody chick from “Twilight”:

    Hubby and I loved hearing this interview, especially the Edith Ann bit at the very end! Sure I saw “Shrinking Woman” and “9 to 5,” but I swear I remember seeing Edith Ann on TV…probably on Sesame Street? Wherever I saw her, I still like that character and will even quote her to this day.

    “And that’s the truth! PHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHT!”

  14. +AdamB. says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s adorable how Matt and Jonah tend to get really quiet when one of their heroes is on? I know I’d be the same way!

  15. Pauline Pumpkinseed says:

    Wonderful interview Chris! Just thinking of you doing another Podcast with Lily having a few beers makes ma laugh!
    “Gimme that burrito, Kid!”

  16. Robert says:

    This is a standout episode of an always great podcast. Chris is brilliant at what he does but he’s especially great here. Even the ads are entertaining! I love when some of the older comedians are on the show. Chris and the guys manage to show a great deal of respect without ever being intimidated by the guest. The Joan Rovers episode is a classic and this one is every bit as good. I love Lily and this we a really insightful conversation. I had so much fun listening!

  17. Three Toes of Fury says:

    This podcast is a huge “get”. Thanks Chris!!!!

    Peace .n. “Alllll of me, why not take allllll of me….cant you see im lost withouuuuut youuuuu”


  18. Scott says:

    Jeezus, Mary and Joseph!

    What a great interview!!!! I was a kid when Laugh In was on and she was always my absolute favorite. I did an impression of Edith Ann when I was about 7 years old.

    And that’s the truthhhh.

  19. One ringed dingie, Two ringie dingie…

  20. EKM says:

    The interview I have been waiting for. Thanks Chris and Lily

  21. ERIN says:

    Super duper awesome love her

  22. Anthony says:

    The Meltdown’s Showroom immediately came to mind when LT started talking about her small storefront to test out new material back in the day. Would have liked to hear if that actually worked or if it was too safe to gain anything from the experience.

  23. Sheldon J says:

    I always feel super-happy for Chris when he gets to interview people who had any type of influence on his youth. Although Lily may not be in the mainstream spotlight, It’s cool she gets a forum for people who may not of heard of her to get a glimpse at such a beautiful and talented woman.

  24. Just came from seeing Lily Tomlin in “Admission.” She was wonderful! Her performance was a real eye-opener: funny, yes, obviously, but poignant and touching, too. Both she and Tina Fey have hidden depths—appropriate for two Mark Twain Prize winners. 🙂

  25. Deborah Katz says:

    Oh my gosh…this was one of the best hour and a half I’ve spent in the longest time. I’m 57 and Lily Tomlin is a living, breathing icon. I was transfixed by your conversation with her. I will not call it an interview because it was so much more than that. She appeared to enjoy herself. I loved her perspectives and all of the history she shared. The reflections on Cavett and the names of Boosler etc are pages from history that I ate up. Thank you thank you thank you. Well done, gentlemen. I look forward to further podcasts. Guess I’m not too old….at the end of the day, talent is talent.

  26. Pinkbirdie says:

    Lovely, lovely chat with Lily. I have to say this is one of my favorites. Thank you Chris and friends.

  27. Gary Bravender says:

    Getting Lily to Say “Enjoy your Burrito” as Edith Ann at the end was CLASSIC!! and it was so funny that Chris was so reluctant to ask.

  28. megisadisaster says:

    @ChuckW, my mom is a child of the 60’s too and also had no idea when I told her. There are entertainers like this even today…it’s an open secret- a lot of other gay people know, but it’s not open knowledge to the mainstream (especially in that era.) I’m just glad that we have Lily and her work, and it’s awesome that we now have her as an openly gay woman as well.

  29. megisadisaster says:

    Wow, what an amazing icon for comics, women, and lgbt people in entertainment. Lily Tomlin is just amazing (and I’m with Chris in having watched 9 to 5 COUNTLESS times) Amazing. ::bows down::

  30. Chuck W. says:

    I had no idea that Lilly Tomlin was a lesbian. And I am a child of the 60’s. I am really slow.

  31. dundon says:

    Ms. Frizzle! they need to bring that show back. Also, Bill Nye the Science Guy.

  32. frankmint says:

    Thank you, I had forgotten that I have always been in love with LT.

  33. Zoombah the Magic Bus says:

    Yay! It’s Ms. Frizzle! 😀