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Episode 395: Nerdist Podcast
Lauren Graham
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Lauren Graham

The lovely and talented Lauren Graham comes on the show to talk about her longtime friendship with Chris, her days as a comedy club waitress, and, of course, Gilmore Girls!

Buy Lauren’s book Someday, Someday, Maybe!

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  1. I am so glad this podcast FINALLY happened! I’ve been rooting for it since waaaay back during the Connie Britton episode. It was everything I hoped it would be, too!

    And Mira being a big “Gilmore Girls” fan is no surprise to me. I’m Team Matt, and I was also the Official Gilmore Girls Black Male Viewer for the 2001-2002 season. I got a certificate. 🙂

  2. Wolvie says:

    Lauren was soooo good in Bad Santa – I loved this podcast episode <3

  3. Allen says:

    I was thinking sm7b as well.. also with those nice new microphones you need to use a deesser or else I won’t even listen to this due to the sibilant nightmare my ears are being exposed to.

    I am sure there are free ones as plugins you can use also.

  4. JE Smith says:

    FINALLY!!! Lauren Graham is one of my favorite actresses on the planet.

  5. Rebecca. says:

    Obsessed with Lauren. She’s hilarious!!

  6. Terry says:

    Again, a great podcast! I usually don’t find any of the actor podcasts entertaining (way too stuffy), but Lauren is awesome and she doesn’t take herself too seriously! By the way, please tell me again where Harrison Ford falls on the nerd/geek meter???

  7. froyo11 says:

    Aw I always liked Lauren Graham, like we could be bosom friends.
    I wish her the best with her TV show, and her book is now in queue.

  8. megisadisaster says:

    Oh hell yes. I love Lauren in everything I’ve seen her in, from Newsradio (which I watch at least once a year. Newsradio foreverandever amen.) to Gilmore Girls to Parenthood (which is a seriously amazing show with brilliant acting and writing. Watch it, guys!)
    And I love that Matt loves Gilmore Girls, because usually, irrespective of how sharp and funny the writing and acting is, dudes roll their eyes at shows starring/primarily viewed by women. Because ladybrains, amIright?

  9. Ember says:

    This was a pleasant, insightfully real and entertaining way to spend and hour of my time. Came in a Graham Fan (why isnt that a thing?) but now am Nerdist fan as well. Good work!

  10. michelle says:

    This was great, had the comfort of a hostful. Thanks!

  11. Phil says:

    In a strange coincidence, the girlfriend person posted this on my wall the same day I listened to this podcast. And I forgot to tell her about this even though she has all 6 seasons of GG. Yeah, I said 6 because she has been pretending the last season never existed.

    The Ultimate Gilmore Girls Drinking Game

  12. Martin says:

    I’m dreading the HF episode. My family has known Ford since we hired him to work on our house, & he’s worked on some national education/tradesmanship policies in washington with our family as well. He’s very much rooted in the real world, not hollywood fantasy, and has little use for the hype and hyperbole.

    Very much a real life Han Solo, not interested interested in fluff and bullshit.

  13. Phil says:

    Damn. It sounds like I should avoid the Harrison Ford podcast. Sounds like it might be too painful to sit through. Although, I was really looking forward to it, but he always seems to be someone that doesn’t share other people’s enthusiasm. I don’t know if it’s age or he’s always been like that kind of person to not be so impressed by things.

    On another note. The sound on the podcast sounds great. Super rich and clear. Not that it wasn’t clear before, but now I don’t have to blast my car speakers. I really noticed it when I listened to Ben Blacker’s podcast right after.

  14. Marielle says:

    Nerdist Industries again folds all things I have nerdish glee for into itself like some sort of Blob terrorizing the streets of Manhattan. But in a really really good way. Gilmore Girls is like comfort food for me, I adore that show for the fast paced dialogue, weird references and feel-goodiness. I live in a town that reminds me of Stars Hollow because of how many random festivals are thrown every weekend. Anyway, I digress. I love Lauren Graham and am thrilled to see my love for Gilmore Girls spill into my love for Nerdist podcasts. Continue absorbing all the nerd things, O Great Nerdist Blob!

  15. JMac says:

    Shure SM7B’s?

  16. Phil says:

    Looking forward to listening to this one. I’ve always liked Lauren Graham. I, however, suffer through PARENTHOOD just because she’s in it even though her thread is more or less a serious version of Lorelai’s relationships.

    Probably time to dust off TOWNIES.

  17. Flatulator says:

    Great episode. Bad Santa is one of my 5 favorite movies. Fuck me Hardwick, I mean Santa.

    Please release the Harrison Ford episode. The combination of that cranky old bastard and Chris in extreme Type-A mode must be amazing.

  18. Rob S. says:

    I remember Townies. I think It was supposed to be “Mystic Pizza: The Series.” Why didn’t Stars Hollow have any police in it? Was everyone just scared of Taylor and his Cart, Kiosk, Cart-Kiosk?

  19. Wildride says:

    It’s the Gilmour Girls branded Jeep: It still says, “Fuck me Santa!” But it’s got a picture of Lauren and Alexis painted on there, somewhere.


  20. Wildride says:

    I loved MYOB. I might have been the only one, admittedly, but Katharine Towne is criminally underemployed and Lauren was a great foil to her.

  21. Vincent S says:

    With Chris’ old drinking days stories having to do with Lauren, this might be fun. 😀 DLing now. Also, she’s funny with Craig Fergusson.

  22. John says:

    Lauren, just as cute and funny off the TV screen as I always imagined she would be.

    Come chase the fun in Austin, TX someday. 🙂

  23. Kevin says:

    I would imagine Matt has read “Top Of The Rock” about the heyday of “must see tv” on NBC. If not, he really needs to. It’s a good read.

  24. Jessica says:

    Loralei!!! I love Lauren! I’m so happy Matt geeked out over Gilmore Girls. I keep trying to imagine what Chris dating Lauren would be like…..

  25. Nichole says:

    I’d follow @InstaGraham

  26. Jamee says:


  27. Tyler says:

    Closing in on 400… Does that mean we’re going to hear Tom Lennon again?!

  28. Erin says:

    Seeing the name Lauren Graham on the podcast automatically made this awful Wednesday sooo much better! I’ve been a fan since the GGs and love Parenthood!
    And on a personal note… I always think of my Gramps when I watch Gilmore Girls. He lived with my parents the year before he died and everyday after school I would come home and he would say, ” Is it time for those Talking Girls?” and we would watch it together. He said he could only understand about every 3rd word because they talked so fast, but the show always made him laugh!

    Great Episode! Great Guest!

  29. CapNJunkie says:

    I love Lauren!

  30. Fantas says:

    Bring on the Harrison Ford episode. Murray and Martin are somewhere on the horizon.

  31. Aaron Rawson says:

    I am a grown man. With hair and a love for women…and I have seen every episode of Gilmore Girls at least twice. I love it. I love it so much. I hope Bun Heads comes back, its like GG awkward little sister.

  32. Sarah says:

    Like Rosie, been hoping Lauren would show up on the podcast since you guys had Connie Britton on. She’s my favorite actress on TV (or really anywhere) by a long shot.

    Her book is terrific, too, I highly recommend it. I really hope the pilot goes forward, it would make a GREAT series.

  33. Rosie says:

    I’ve been waiting for this since listening to the Connie Britton podcast!!!

  34. Christopher says:


  35. Josh says:

    Way to represent for dudes who love Gilmore Girls Matt. It’s an awesome show.

  36. Kristoffer says:

    Awesome. I loved her on Gilmore Girls!