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Episode 397: Nerdist Podcast
Kurt Braunohler
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Kurt Braunohler

The super funny Kurt Braunohler hangs out with the guys to talk about pranks he likes to pull on society and porn parodies, and one of the guys comes up with a very special character!

Listen to Kurt’s podcast The K Ohle and get his album How Do I Land!

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  1. Neal Babcock says:

    This episode is THE BEST!

  2. Luisa says:

    I had shit to do and I had to stop said shit. I couldn’t have steady enough hands to draw because I couldn’t stop laughing. I wish I could always laugh like this.

  3. Kristi says:

    Kurt B you make me laugh!!!! I enjoy my weekly trips into the k-ohle.

  4. Melinda says:

    Thank you for buying

  5. Steven Azar says:

    49:38 “I swear to God if you weren’t my sister’s husband…” <–that line pushed me over the line from heavy chuckling squarely into sobbing laughter territory

  6. Kevie (rhymes with Chevy) says:

    I’m with Jonah Ray on the Weird Al lyrics issue. When my bros and I sing American Pie (yes, we break into song often), “not a word was spoken,” goes directly into, “the battle droids were broken.”

  7. Jackson says:

    Amazing episode! Bruce Gutter for ever!

  8. Chris says:

    Bruce Gutter = Dudley Do-Right + Mr Bean.

  9. ThisGuyRightHere says:

    YouTube show pitch: United States of Tara parody starring Jonah Ray

    Also, Bruce Gutter sounds like Dr. Frankenfurter if he strained his voice a little

  10. Esteben says:

    I totally was thinking Potsticker for the weird Al parody, but the more I think of Tot Prepper the more I realize we need more lunch lady Al in this world.

  11. notadoctor says:

    I ride a commuter train for an hour to and from work. Today while listening to this episode I was laughing so much I started to cry. Being self-conscious I turned away from any other passengers and towards the window. This didn’t help as another passenger tapped me on the shoulder to see if I was ok. From their position all they could see is a man hunched over and my reflection in the window with tears streaming down my face.

    Then it got super awkward trying to explain that I was laughing about a ridiculous voice, Smurf porn, 4 point-pinwheel-dick touching.

    Thank you for a great start to a Friday. Now I have to subscribe to the K-hole.

  12. Tillburg says:

    Hm I love Kurt and the album… so I should have seen this coming… but Chris I WOULD HAVE REALLY LIKED A NSFW WARNING ABOUT THE LINK TO KURT’S KILLROCKSTARS ALBUM SECTION. My work place sure had questions about the thick, pink straws I quickly closed in my browser.

  13. JP Uppercut says:

    The Bruce character voice totally sounded like Sam the American Eagle. Also – totally laughed my ass of at the ending 4 Points signoff.

  14. whatevs magee says:


  15. Colin says:

    Wow, did not know Kurt but I havent laughed this much in an episode that wasn’t a hostful. Great job lads.

  16. sporknpork says:

    Wow, this is the last place I would’ve expected a reference to the Walton & Johnson radio show from Houston. (It has to be that show because it is the only one where one guy does like ten characters by himself that I know of there.)

    Oh, and great episode, as usual!

  17. Paul G says:

    This is a top 5 all time episode. Bruce Gutter has me hysterically laughing like a maniac on the subway. Amazing. Hi boss, the cocaine’s in the back!

  18. Adam says:

    Bruce Gutter is awesome. He should party with Pussy Talkin’ Jonah.

  19. Ian says:

    NotMF, I came here to say the same thing.

    I actually though “Kurt eh. Hope we have an other hostfull soon” when I click download. A thoroughly enjoyable podcast.

  20. Kevin says:

    The way Bruce Gutter says cocaine the greatest way to say cocaine.

  21. lookleftandsmile says:

    Bruce Gutter … the american Matt Berry. I APPROVE!

  22. fester75 says:

    I wonder if Chris knows that Miami Mice shirt was from a comic book?

  23. Luneowl says:

    When I first heard Bruce Gutter I thought, “British Lumpy Space Princess”. Now I can’t unthink it. 🙁

  24. FIFfreak99 says:

    The trending story of Ashton Kutcher revealing his real name wasn’t about the fact that his name is actually Chris, it was a framing device for his commentary on celebrity worship and what real hard work is in front of an audience known for their idolatry of pop culture and lack of willingness to invest in a more substantial future. I would have never have watched a teen choice awards acceptance speech had it not been passed on to me from some of my well respected friends. I never would have imagined that message being presented in that context.

  25. anitabot says:

    I CANNOT stop laughing at Bruce Gutter. Please, moaaarrrr!!

  26. JetpackBlues says:

    Oh, and the Muppet has to have stubble….

  27. JetpackBlues says:

    With that voice, Bruce Gutter should be a Muppet character that Crocket and Tubbs have to bring down in a Muppet Show/Miami Vice crossover sketch.

    Although, if we were going meta with the names, I’d suggest Lance Vance – GTA: Vice City character originally voiced by Philip Michael Thomas.

  28. Tyler says:

    I laughed at your brownie discussion and shot smoothie up into my nose. Now I’ll probably have an infection or something. Thanks, guys!

  29. Ross says:

    Jonah’s new character voice was done by John Lennon, as an overwrought French cafe singer, on the B-Side “You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)”. Listen to it–it’s exactly the same placement in the back of the throat.

  30. Sarah says:

    Kurt is one of my favorite new (to me) comedians, the personal tales he tells at the beginning of his podcasts are so great.

    I love Bruce Gutter but now I can never listen to anyone whistle the Smurfs song again.

  31. Stuewe says:

    His name shouldn’t be Bruce Gutter, it should be Cole Kaine.

  32. NotMF says:

    This has a great hostful vibe to it. Enjoying!

  33. NotMF says:

    “Like cocaine through an hourglass.”

    Gold Jerry, GOLD. Also, glad to see the return of the “you cum in that?” guys, haha

  34. Jen says:

    Am i the only one thinking theres a tinge of Alan Rickman when i hear cocaine man??

  35. Bryan says:

    Jonah, your “Tremors-ing” is just “Space Docking”. (Urban Dictionary link)

  36. Wildride says:

    “Oh my god, she Smurfed all the Smurf off of his Smurf. One of those Smurfs means cock.” – Rachel Perry, The Stash

  37. Wildride says:

    Ah, crap! I screwed it up. That’s supposed to read, “Tudyk’s touching what, exactly?” It doesn’t make sense the other way — Apparently.

  38. Wildride says:

    Sorry, I wasn’t paying close enough attention. What exactly is Tudyk’s touching?

  39. Thrust Hardcore says:

    Super Deluxe was the best. My first exposure was more than five years ago by accident, with The Role Play Tournament. Then I discovered Maria Bamford and Jonah Ray stealing drinks in San Francisco. Then suddenly it was gone and [adultswim] didn’t seem to care. China, IL seems like something they were obligated to show, not something they believe in. Same with The Venture Bros.

    I nominate Brad Neely to run the Bruce Gutter Project.

    Remember to be aggressive, be-be-aggressive!

  40. Ryan says:

    When it came to character actors, there was Bruce Gutter, and then there was everyone else. The man embodied the 80’s. And by the 80’s we mean cocaine.

  41. Picklemeth says:

    It was Doug Benson who did the Belvedere bit. More importantly, FUCK YEAH BRUCE GUTTER!

  42. Kristoffer says:

    Kurt Braunohler is a very funny guy.

    if i was wearing a hat i would tip it to him.