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Nerdist Podcast: Kevin Feige
Episode 435: Nerdist Podcast
Kevin Feige
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Kevin Feige

Chris and Jonah travel to Marvel Headquarters to talk to the man in charge, Kevin Feige! They talk about all the different Marvel movies, upcoming projects, and how Kevin is actually a fan of the podcast!

See Thor: The Dark World out in theaters today November 8th!

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  1. Soal says:

    Definitely in my Nerdist Top Ten!

  2. Jacquie F. says:

    I wish you asked if they’re planning to make any movies about female heroes.

  3. bill cosby says:

    Did kevin give the table cab fare after banging it for an hour straight?

  4. Nichole says:

    Jonah’s Spielberg/Lincoln sounded like Bruce Gutter

  5. JUS7IAN says:

    Chris Hardwick proves that his is thee epitome of Fred Armisen’s SNL character Nicholas Fehn. Truly, look it up and compare.

  6. I think if you want a good example of why Kevin Feige is doing such a fantastic job with the Marvel Studios films, you need look no further than when he talked about the notes he received on Iron Man, about telling the story in a straight linear narrative, and realizing why it didn’t work. It’s yet another reason I enjoy listening to the podcast on a regular basis, because there’s some great discussion on creativity and story telling that can be mined by aspiring artists. I loved that he shared how Raimi approached scenes, in terms of how the audience is going to react, and it’s pretty obvious he’s applied this toward all of the projects Marvel Studios have worked on so far.

    Also, I would love to see Christopher Lloyd show up in a Marvel movie at some point down the line, it feels like there are a lot of great possibilities there. Also, though he only appeared in the one film, he was also a part of the Star Trek franchise, and in a role that really showed just what kind of range he has as an actor.

  7. Pete says:

    Do not despair… I too worried at first that Star Wars would suffer the same fate as the recent Star Trek films, until I realized, the stakes are considerably lower with Star Wars. See, Star Trek is hit or miss with some regularity, and there’s more to lose. Star Wars consists of 3 really great movies followed by 3+ decades of really bad/spoofy silliness and cartoons and Darth Vader dancing and other emasculating absurdity. Every bit of it has been parodied so many times its beyond a cliche to even reference it. So even if Disney/Abrams screw it up, they’re not going to be doing any damage that hasn’t already been done. I’ll just keep waiting til someone, someday, does a good job with it. If it’s this time, with Abrams and his cunning use of lens flares, then great. If not, hey, better luck next time.

    Even if they’re blindfolded and one-armed, as long as they keep swinging away, they gonna connect with something eventually. Call it the infinite number of monkeys approach. Star Wars fans gotta play the long game.

  8. Nice says:

    Another very nice episode. Up to this point in my life I’ve never read a comic book, nor watched a comic book movie, (same as Matts attitude toward wizards) but after Gregg, Hiddlesen, and now Kevin Feige came off so thoughtful and clever, I’m very much looking forward to suspending my disbelief and seeing one.

    Sounds very fun!

  9. Louie Love says:

    I loved the Marvel Week podcasts. Kevin Feige is much cooler than I figured he’d be very down to earth for such a master of the Marvel universe (See what I did there). Howerver I do have a request… can someone please explain why is Blade constantly ignored? The 1st movie a hit; considering how obscure the character was then they arguably get worse (Trinity was death), but whenever the discussion of the resurgence if comic movies is breached then all praises go to X-Men and Spider-man. When Blade both came first and started both the comic resurgance; after the Batman and Robin fiasco, and the modern Vampire to zombie (classic movie monster) trends and NEVER gets recognized. They literally mentioned every Marvel movie EXCEPT Blade. Also Chris I think you did an excellent job with Harrison Ford!

  10. ericmci says:

    I Am worried about Star Wars partly b/c I don’t think any one company- any company should own everything- and between Marvel and Star Wars- it’s the difference between your project being “the things that’s the most important thing or one of five most important things.
    And two- Abrams makes me worry.
    I don’t think he put enough into either Star Trek and now we’re piling more on his plate?
    I feel like his work is fast food- sometimes really good fast food.
    But it’s diminishing in nutritional content.
    – My opinion.

  11. Vincent S says:

    Kinda miss the Sister Wives these couple of podcasts. Please tell them that they are awesome. Btw, great week so far.

  12. Gary says:

    Okay Mr. Matt, Jonah, and Chris:

    Here’s the million dollar question. Since you now know all of these Marvel characters and since Marvel is one of the most diverse comic universes out there…what Marvel Comic book character would you want to play if the role was offered to you and why?

    Let’s be realistic. No one will want Chris to replace Downey as Iron Man. It wouldn’t be realistic (i.e. Downey is probably not stepping down as Iron Man), nor would it be a good fit for Chris (because Chris still looks too young and too nice to be the Dark-haired, moustachioed, and sarcastic Tony Stark).

    So Chris, Matt, and Jonah…who would you want to play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (especially those properties that haven’t been used previously) and why?

  13. Andrew says:

    “View and then review” would be a fine mantra if it wasn’t trying to be a catch-all argument against all judgment with limited information. Sometimes people -should- bitch and moan about what they see as a negative direction that something they care about is taking.

    I’m a huge fan of the Matrix trilogy. Let’s say that a rumor bubbles up that Warner Bros. is in talks for a fourth installment with Brett Ratner at the helm and an animatronic Howdy Doody cast as a re-incarnated Neo.

    Chris’s philosophy seems to dictate that I should not throw an epic bitch-fit, smearing my metaphorical shit all over the metaphorical walls of the internet in abject rage and horror, but instead, say “hey, you know what? I really only have two pieces of information to go off here, maybe I should give that project, which really does seem destined to become the cinematic equivalent of wire hanger meeting womb, my best shot. And hey, maybe it’ll turn out alright after all. -View- before I -review-!

    Mr. Hardwick, I propose to you that sometimes you can smell shit from across the room. It is not always necessary to rub one’s nose in it to make a declaration as to its substance.

  14. SegwayStuntDriver says:

    Jonah once said – that people in Nyc talk about how they get around the city as much as people in L>A talk about driving.
    You know what?
    They don’t.

  15. Ashley says:

    Awesome!! Can we get Chris Pratt on the podcast? He’s hilarious!

  16. Kris says:

    This was a groovy ep. Who knew the mastermind of the marvel universe was such a cool guy?

  17. Gillan for Medusa says:

    That was really quite a fine and interesting interview,fellow nerds.Thanks.Liked that there was an implicit respect for Stan Lee from Kevin when you started talking with him considering a lot of his success is attributable to Stans’ characters and stories.His reminiscenses about collaborating with Sony and Fox on the Spider-Man and X-Men movies were pretty fascinating.A shame that much of the various speculation from people about future adaptations of characters never acknowledges that Kevin probably still has relationships with people still making films for those companies too.

  18. Dana says:

    Really enjoyed this one. Kevin was insightful and has a great voice to listen to as I work. Loved the Marvel week, guys!

  19. Matty G. says:

    Great podcast. Feige feels like a real person. I like that Feige wants to “hear the notes” and not assume they are the smartest people in the room. It’s good that he’s got an open mind and willing to hear things.

    Also, this is purely an aesthetics thing, but he’s got a good voice. I can listen to him tell random bits of trivia and stories all day long. Fascinating. I want him to return before Avengers 2.

  20. MMLV says:

    Hi Chris,

    First, let me say congratz on another fantastic podcast. You have consistently produced outstanding interviews that add so much depth to my appreciation of people I’ve admired for years, and introduced me to others I’ve come to admire.

    Stan Lee, Tom Hiddleston, George RR Martin, Tom Hanks and now Kevin Feige – awesome! Keep up the great work.

    The main reason I’m writing this is to let you know that I’ve had a rough time of it financially since 2008 and when I was at my lowest in 2011-2012 your show (along with movies like The Avengers) kept me going. It was eerily prescient when you had a female comic on your podcast who had dealt with severe depression at about the same time I was at my lowest. That, along with the love of my family, probably saved my life.

    All doom and gloom aside, your intelligence and humor are a welcome part of my information diet on a weekly basis – thanks.

    The last thing I wanted to ask – because you are the one person I’ve been able to connect with who is already so connected – is if you could possibly help me buy tickets to next year’s Comicon in San Diego. I’m not asking for any handouts, just a chance to buy the tickets with my own money. My son is sixteen and I wanted to be able to experience this with him before he becomes too cool to hang with his dad. I tried last year and, after jumping through many digital hoops, was shut out after 22 minutes. This was after selling my entire comic collection to pay for the tickets (I basically expunged my entire comic collecting history).

    Again, thanks so much for the continued excellent work on all your shows (loving @midnight) and any help you could offer would be appreciated.

    All the best,

    Mark in LV

  21. Pr1m3 says:

    I think mysterious Kyle needs to be interviewed.

  22. HempKnight757 says:

    Chris Hardwick a man of his word. Also gotta love some Jonah thrown in for good measure. Gotta say Clark Gregg might have been one of my favorite ones.