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Nerdist Podcast: Keanu Reeves
Episode 587: Nerdist Podcast
Keanu Reeves
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Keanu Reeves

Chris sits down with Keanu Reeves in New York City to talk about Keanu’s lifelong love of comedy and experimenting with improv and comedy as a teenager, the slow process of making films and the importance of staying passionate about the project and his new film John Wick. Chris tells Keanu about the first time he saw a trailer for The Matrix and how it became such an important part of pop culture!

Photo Credit: Summit Entertainment

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  1. David says:

    He sounds super-chilled and up. Been watching his movies since Bill and Ted but I don’t think I ever heard him like this. I’d heard in another podcast off a friend of his(just can’t recall who it was now) that he can be pretty nuts. Was hard to believe but now it makes more sense.

  2. Nicole says:

    Chris! I know you won’t read this, but thank you for the shout out to HighEdWeb at the beginning – we adored you, too! Loved this episode and I agree, get Keanu back on for a full episode – he was great!

  3. Alicia Christiansen says:

    What a fun little podcast romp!  Absolutely love Keanu’s quirky yet somewhat elusive style.  I would’ve thoroughly enjoyed a full length podcast.  Chris Hardwick’s conversational humor infused interview style is disarming and endearing.  

  4. Minda says:

    Keanu Reeves is absolutely delightful! Been a huge fan for years and love seeing what choices he’s going to make next. I think he always surprises people when he does interviews like this because he’s so different from the persona a lot of people think he has. In the Bill & Ted days, he played it off like he was Ted. But he’s really intelligent, thoughtful and funny. So glad you were able to get a mini podcast with him, Chris Hardwick!

  5. Kristin says:

    That was incredible. I hope he can make it back for a longer interview.

  6. corey’s a great inspiration for a lyricist, I watched his interview of his book, the 7 deadly sins, just wanna I didn’t make a mistake being his fans since high school!

  7. Adventureless_Hero says:

    Oh man, he just sounds like an awesome dude to hang with! And I love his energy even though he has been doing press for John Wick! I can’t wait to see that movie, but also Berserker; the new Legend of Riki-Oh! Kickstart it! 

  8. Eddie says:

    I Love Keanu! Hes amazing in everything he does!

  9. Excellent!  Would love to get him back to hear more!

  10. Bob Sweet says:

    Super interview and I hope he comes back soon! He was making me reminis about the places in Toronto that would go to as well.

  11. Oh fuck! Totally nerding out here. This was such a delightful treat. Have love this guy since the Bill & Ted days. And oh man, I’m SO onboard with the whole impossible romantic musical and beserk thing. If anyone could pull that shit of it’s Keanu

  12. Django says:

    Its to short!!!

  13. Jeremy says:

    Keanu should play Guts in a live action Beserk movie!

  14. Jennifer says:

    Totally Nerdgasm and over way too quick.  Please get him back on.  Would love to hear more.  🙂  Love having my favorite guys on talking to each other. 

  15. Sounds like he wants to make Berserker, a comic from Top Cow, that is overly violent and has people punching through people. Was a kick ass book. 

  16. spaceman says:

    City Liquidators! Whenever I’m in Building 2, I always expect to find a suicide note in one of the desk drawers. Glad you had the chance to see a bit of Old Portland.

  17. Even a little bit of Keanu is an amazing Keanu!!! Please have him back.Also, I’m extremely proud of the fact that I knew what a mimeograph was before you explained it. Thank you 10th grade production of Don’t Drink the Water!

  18. Arabrabbra says:

    Not fair. I want 2 hours with Keanu!

  19. Kellan Olson says:

    Damn! You can always tell within the first 30 seconds who is going to be an all-time great guest and he was it. I really hope another opportunity opens up for him to come on. Perfect mold of a great mind with a shit load of experience to answer Chris’ deeper questions.

  20. SiriRoe says:


  21. Aaron says:

    Chris, of all the missed opportunities… Why on Earth would you not mention when you had Alex Winters on and how he mentioned that him, Keanu, and the director of Bill & Ted will often get together and toss around new ideas for a sequel (that will inevitably never be made). It would have been incredible to hear Keanu’s side of that. He might have even had an anecdote or two about some of the crazy concepts they’ve discussed. I couldn’t think of any place I would rather be a fly on the wall then those three friends sitting around and pitching dumb plot ideas for a B&T sequel. Oh man, that would be gnarly.

  22. OCP says:

    man, this episode was like a 3 minute preview of a movie that will come out in 2 years.

    get this dude back on ASAP!

  23. Chris! Put this together “Berserker” = “Fists of the North Star”  Keanu would fucking smash that!

  24. JetpackBlues says:

    Berzerker could be a Nerdist produced short.  Something along the lines of The Final Moments of Paul Brant (that starred Paul Rubens).  Just enough to get the idea across and in the world, without a major production.
    Wonder if Keanu will come back?

  25. lukelarsson says:

    It’s nice to see peoples perception of Keanu from this Podcast. I don’t understand all this hate this guys gets when he seems like such a nice person. PLEASE get him back on the podcast.

  26. Bianca says:

    OMG!! Wrong day to forget my headphones. Love this guy… 

  27. ohyeah says:

    So, Chris definitely needs to get Keanu to come back when they are both back in LA. Keanu was infinitely more interesting than I ever imagined.

  28. Andrew says:

    He really likes to yell. Way too short. 

  29. Nikki says:

    Keanu sounds like a cool guy – he also doesn’t seem to age! not even in his voice !
    so is another bill and ted happening?

  30. Arabrabbra says:

    IM SO EXCITED FOR JOHN WICK! FINALLY A GOOD KEANU!!!! I want to watch that other one 47 Ronin also. Ill watch anything with Keanu. Cant wait to show my daughter Matrix. I never watched the sequels bc I knew they would suck so luckily the original isn’t ruined for me. I just take it as a one off and forget they made the other two

  31. Chris says:

    I don’t think I have ever wanted an episode of this Podcast to continue for another two hours as much as this one 🙁 Keanu seems like a fucking amazing dude and I sincerly hope he will come back another time and do a full hour (or more!) 😀

  32. Nick says:

    Saw 47 Ronin on a crappy knocked off disc of all things and thought it was quite good – one of those films that was not fairly represented by critics. Worth a watch in large part because of the commitment that Keanu was talking about.

  33. It’s funny when Nerdist gets a “big movie star” on the Podcast and they’re doing it in the middle of a press day and by the end of the episode they seem like they wish they could stay longer and hang out.  Keanu, SPREAD THE WORD — Nerdist Podcast is not “press!”  It’s not work! It’s fun!  Come back when you have more time to relax and enjoy the conversation.  This was an awesome episode and I hope he returns.

  34. chrissm says:

    Fantastic podcast! Keanu is such a nice genuine guy, I only wish he would get the accolades he deserves. I only hated one movie he did because he was a really bad guy in it. It would be great for him to do a musical- like a rock opera; perhaps a Tommy/West Side Story (without the death) hybrid since he wants it to be a romantic comedy. He is great in romance, like The Lake House and A Walk in the Clouds. Yes, I love Keanu and his body of work. sigh . . .

  35. Great Cast Chris was not expecting Keanu to be a Regular Joe kind of guy you DEFINITELY need to get him back and Please NOT THE PUPPY Damn spoiler !

  36. Wildride says:

    I bet a lot of waiters “forget” his cutlery when they serve him soup.
    “There is no spoon.”

    • three toes of fury says:

      brilliant joke.
      additional ways the common man f’s with keanu:
      *while shopping at petsmart, employees will take similar looking cats and have them walk by him at the end of every isle.
      *all the kids in his neighborhood get together at halloween and trick or treat at his house wearing the exact same outfit:  suit with Ronald Reagan mask.
      *when approaching a stop where Keneau is waiting,  public bus drivers speed up and yell out the window “I CAN GO BELOW 50mph..sorry!!”.
      Peace & I AM AN FBI AGENT!
      3ToF..stoked for John Wick.

  37. atticus says:

    Keanu seems so affable. Great episode. I hope he comes back soon. 

  38. This was not what I expected at all! He seems like he’s just a dude. He’s kinda weird and a bit loud. Please get him back on ASAP!