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Episode 405: Nerdist Podcast
Katey Sagal
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Katey Sagal

The extremely lovely and talented Katey Sagal sits down with the guys to talk about her days on Married with Children, her love of playing music, and what crazy things Gemma might do on the upcoming season of Sons of Anarchy!

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Watch Katey in the season premiere of Sons of Anarchy Tuesday, September 10th at 10pm on FX!

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  1. Ken C says:

    The mental image I have while listening to this particular podcast, is Chris and Matt, sitting down on that famous yellow flower prints couch, with Peggy Bundy, with the hair and black capri and all, chatting for an hour.

  2. Sarasota says:

    The Hoff was in a 5th season episode of SOA. Did Katie miss him?

  3. robin says:

    Katey was delightful. I really enjoyed this one and maybe now I need to watch SOA.

  4. Clueless Neophyte says:

    Hey Chris–

    I’m both a word nerd & a word professional (BA & MA in Latin, teaching Latin for my 20th year). I teach grammar & poetical/rhetorical devices, like metonymy. Calling adhesive bandages Band-Aids isn’t exactly metonymy, but it’s close. Liam, above, has it right–they’re eponyms.

    (Quick reply to Andrew–not synecdoche, which is a part to represent the whole. E..g., saying “sail” when you mean “ship” or “blade” when you mean “sword” or “swordsman”. Synecdoche & metonymy are kind of easy to confuse, though.)

    Metonymy has more to do with what the word implies than what it literally means. Metonymy means going “beyond the name” to what the name suggests. E.g., we say “Hollywood” to mean the whole movie industry or “Wall Street” for US finances. Classical literature uses menonymy a lot, like naming a deity when referring to the deity’s sphere of influence, like saying “Venus” when you mean “love”.

    While I’m here; I heartily second trying to get Danny DeVito on the podcast!

    Also, while I’m her: I’m an AV Club regular–using the same pseudonym–and I continue not to get the vitriol on those boards. Most of the time I enjoy & often agree with my AV Club fellows, but as an aggregate they are weirdly hostile to the Nerdist dudes. Sorry about that, but what can you do? Just know we don’t ALL feel that way!

  5. melf melfman says:

    what’s the name of that app that Chris is talking about? Pzizz?

  6. Ross says:

    Sorry, Chris, but ‘bringing home the bacon’ is not a product of modern advertising. Best guess is that it’s a reference to an English village’s husband/wife contest that started in Dark Ages(late Saxon/early Norman), already old when Chaucer mentions it. The prize was a huge slab of bacon, no small thing when feeding yourself is a daily, dawn-to-dusk, backbreaking job. So, it goes at least back to the 1300s.

    Oh, and there’s already a phrase that distinguishes distance in a straight line vs actual travel: “as the crow flies”.

  7. new nick every time says:

    delightful episode! thanks!

    i would have liked to know why katey hasn’t been on any of the futurama commentaries but it didn’t come up. ah well. 😉

    somewhat OT:
    there was an ever so brief mention of Danny DeVito, which is as good a time as any to ask: has he ever been on any podcast?? have efforts been made to get him? (maybe in tandem with rhea perlman?)
    there have been so many awesome people interviewed here, but mr. DeVito is one i would really love to hear that’s still missing.

    keep up the great work!!

  8. Liam says:

    “Kleenex” and “Xerox” are proprietary eponyms.

  9. Andrew says:

    From the corrections department, while you’re not necessarily wrong that the kind of thing you described is metonymy, it’s more precise to describe it as synecdoche. Also, it’s Judd Apatow as in “ow,” not Apatow as in “toe.”

    I’m helping!

  10. Pete says:

    Favorite guest!

    & most confounding comments thread.

  11. Couch Potato X says:

    Although all I seem to do is watch TV — with the exception of listening to podcasts at work — the only network show I watch is Community. Everything else is cable. Four episodes of the Bundies every morning before work. What a life!

  12. Tausif Khan says:

    Did you talk to her about Futurama?

  13. Nichole says:

    I say, “give me a tissue” haha

  14. Atticus says:


  15. Rob S. says:

    I love it when the guests have No Idea what’s going on. Did you have to explain what a podcast was?

  16. alex says:

    oh i just looked up what “talking bad” is its all the nonexistent fun of listening to people discuss tv shows but with famous people (and also chris hardwick in one ep i guess) to make it even more unbearable

    well goodluck

  17. alex says:

    lol did you say 40 seconds in that you think don cheadle is on breaking bad? good job buddy

  18. Alec says:

    The Internet tells me that the first use of “Bringing Home the Bacon” was in a 1906 article about a boxing match.

  19. Ed says:

    Caught up on SOA over the summer, but I’m still waiting for Season 5 to hit Netflix. Can anyone tell me if there are spoilers for Season 5 in this podcast, if so I’ll wait.

  20. LJ says:

    Katey’s seemed so sweet and reserved. I didn’t ever think she’d be bitchy, but as she said, count me in as someone who would totally be intimidated by her in person. It shows what a great actress she is. She does tough and snarky so well on camera.

  21. Stephen says:

    Total word nerd here, and you described metonymy correctly! Looks like “genericized trademarks” is the specific term for referring to all forms of a product by a single popular brand, but it’s a form of metonymy. Also, “metonymy” sounds much cooler than “genericized trademarks,” so +points for that.

  22. Eddy says:

    It’s kind of creepy how the only comment on Katie’s tweet mentioned in the podcast is from @YouPorn.

  23. Kristoffer says:

    Katey Sagal is Royalty as far as i’m concerned.

  24. Brian says:

    Going to listen to this tonight after work!


  25. amysrevenge says:

    Fun show gang. Needed more Jonah sound bites added in post, otherwise fantastic.

  26. Carmen says:

    This one was a really good one. She’s had such an amazing (yet underrated) career and she seems pretty laid back and grounded. I enjoyed the Twitter talk you guys had towards the end lol.