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Nerdist Podcast: Josh McDermitt
Episode 649: Nerdist Podcast
Josh McDermitt
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Josh McDermitt

Josh McDermitt talks to Chris and Matt about what they think Chewbacca smells like, one of Josh’s most embarrassing times onstage, and Matt and Chris’ Walking Dead ideas. They also talk about what would happen if they went back in time, and Josh talks about his days on the radio!

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  1. carlos says:

    There is a real thing that people have that give them those weird urges, such as the sudden urge to jump in front of a train, or grab a cop’s gun, etc. Personally, I used to get an urge to close my eyes while driving, or turn off my headlights while driving at night.

  2. Hannah says:

    Josh McDermitt is fantastic! I was so excited to hear him on the podcast. I love his character on the walking dead!! Oh man! Loving the mullet!!!!

  3. Nikki says:

    Chewie wouldn’t make ewoks wash him–he’d be sensitive to the fact that wookies have been enslaved to others for so long that he wouldn’t push the same on others!I also imagine wookie fur to be quite coarse, perhaps with unknown substances caked in knotting the fur all up. Also, Peter Mayhew sits at cons because he is mostly in a wheelchair….(not to be a downer!)

  4. Amanda says:

    You should check out the book Replay, which is about a guy who relives his life over and over.

    • Matt says:

      Points if you can name the movie Steven Spielberg directed when the main character realized things were changing.

  5. Newo says:

    Rss feed not working 

  6. Louis says:

    that story about Josh and the radio station is ridiculous and amazing, I can’t believe that’s true.

  7. ericmci says:

    Loni Love sounds like an opportunistic bitch.

  8. ghostvilla says:

    I used to call the same radio station in different voices when I was a kid and request the same song over and over.

  9. Sir Cumference says:

    You used to sing about pi…you should know the 7th decimal place is 6, not 3. Now all these people are going to be celebrating three minutes early…like a bunch of idiots!

  10. Matt says:

    Do the Nerdist guys read these comments (I wasn’t sure if the comment by “Chris Hardwick” was legit or not)? If so, can you please, please, please try to get Ross Marquand on the show? I was blown away with his appearance on Talking Dead (LOVED the impressions) as well as his take on the Aaron character on WD. He’d be a great fit for a Nerdist interview.

  11. Nick Woodfin says:

    Just a note, Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier went back and basically did the commentary thing on their first Smodcast, and it was one of the best episodes.  I think that would be a great idea for ya’ll to do.

  12. El Gallo says:

    There’s a name for when you get the urge to grab a cops gun or do something crazy like that. It’s called The Imp of the Perverse, from an Edgar Allen Poe story

  13. Bruce says:

    I knew I should of caught up on Walking dead before listening, Why Beth, why!

  14. Doug B says:

    Otters pee into a pile of snow and ice and roll around in it to bath. Kind of puts a different spin on Chewie’s time on Hoth, doesn’t it? (and you thought tauntauns smelled bad!)

  15. Zach says:

    Maybe Chewbacca takes a sand bath, like a gerbil.