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Episode 220: Nerdist Podcast
Jorge Garcia
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Jorge Garcia

Jorge Garcia (Hurley from LOST and fan of this very podcast!) sits down with Chris, Matt and Jonah to talk about strange vending machines, his career journey to LOST and living in Hawaii!

 Check our Jorge’s blog!

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  1. Marty S. says:

    Catching up on Nerdist podcasts and noticed you made a comment during this one about the TV show FlashForward (“Wonder where they got that idea!”). Just FYI, the FlashForward TV show is based on the novel of the same name written in 1999 by my friend Robert J. Sawyer (ABC even let Rob write one of the episodes) and LOST premiered in 2004. Don’t want to be a supernerd or anything, but you don’t usually make those kind of mistakes and I’m hoping you’ll appreciate the correction. Love your show and network. Best, MartyS.

  2. Dutle says:

    I think the time book they were referring to is called The History of Time: A Very Short Introduction,

  3. Kevin Carlson says:

    @Kate My thoughts exactly. They spend half the show it seemed talking about time travel and yet they don’t mention once the show your guest starred on this past season that is built solely around time travel? Very strange.

  4. Timewalker says:

    Before I fininshed listening, I thought of inviting Jorge to fill-in when someone was missing, so I’m really glad you guys had the same idea! Awesome! DO IT! And until Jorge gets another full-time gig, I say offer him his own podcast or Youtube show on the Network!

  5. SlimCharles says:

    Jorge is a great guy, I’ve been hoping for a long time you would have him on podcast. Great episode. Lost ending still sucked big time, though :p

  6. Kate says:

    Sorry for the double post. User fail.

  7. Kate says:

    Loved this episode but you talked about time travel and didn’t bring up “Alcatraz”? I loved that show, though I was in the minority I suppose. It reminded me a bit of “Lost” in that if you kept with the show, more mythology was revealed and the story became more complicated. Looking forward to a hostful with Jorge!

  8. Kate says:

    Loved this episode but you talked about time travel and didn’t bring up “Alcatraz”? I loved that show, though I was in the minority I suppose. It reminded me a bit of “Lost” in that if you kept with the show, more mythology was revealed and the story became more complicated.

    Looking forward to a hostful with Jorge!

  9. Josh says:

    @TK it was the Sklar Brothers episode. (c:

  10. TK says:

    Where is the forum that hardwick mentioned on the hostful today? I wanted to read the insults.

  11. Josh says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Brings new meaning to Locke’s penetrating stare. So, just to be clear, you think she should listen to the podcast in 15 min. excrements?


  12. JetpackBlues says:

    @Josh That’s a bold idea there, getting Patrick to use the podcast to “fill in both the holes” with his girlfriend. Bold indeed. I’m betting she won’t go for it.

    I suggest she finish watching Lost, then eeease the podcast in afterward so she can enjoy Jorge & the spoilers.



  13. Josh says:

    @Patrick Collins Say, I have an idea. How about letting your girlfriend listen to this episode in 15 minute increments, skipping the last five minutes of each increment. Then, after finishing the finale of Lost, she can listen to this entire episode, and fill in BOTH the holes in Lost’s story line, and this episode, at almost the same time… though not exactly.

  14. Josh says:


  15. Josh says:

    …YES! er, maybe?

    Maybe we can, like, role play as if I’m a troll or something? Get some practice in before the real trolls come out to play. Let’s see, ummm, how ’bout (read the following quote in a nasal-y voice):

    “This episode sucked ASS! Jorge Garcia??? More like, BOREge Garcia!” Ew, God, I feel so gross right now. Especially since I LOVED Jorge Garcia! Probably best to return to the classics. As in:

    “This Episode Sucked Ass” is the name of my maybe some other podcast but not this one cover band.

  16. Alec says:

    If Patrick Collins’ girlfriend waits until she’s finished with the show and then listens to this podcast on her own, won’t she risk becoming The Blitz?

  17. Patty Marvel says:

    @Josh – WILL our intrepid heroes find a riff for the Jorge Garcia comment thread? WILL the trolls come out or stay under their bridges? WILL Patty ever get answers to her book-related questions?!?! Tune in next time when you’ll hear Josh say….?

    @Doctor Quemmento – So, this thread is anything BUT a vagina monologue?

  18. It’s the comment thread equivalent of vaginal dryness.

  19. Josh says:

    @Patty we just have to kind of find the right riff… Um, let’s see, Gerseberms is a few episodes old already; Lord knows we science-y yo mama’d the shit out of that riff; Doc and I had some fun with fake music musicology — which Carlos came in on yesterday and scored big points in the timing department… I TRIED to get a little riff goin’ with that whole, Seal’s-MacBook-wishes thing… Hmm, maybe a ton of people have posted here, but their comments got “Lost”? That’s not even barely funny. No real trolls here (yet) to accuse of being an “other”… Sheesh, I’m at a loss. Could it be? The comment thread has fallen riff-less on this episode???

  20. Patty Marvel says:

    Wait, I need to know more about the books discussed in the podcast! Is “Introduction to Time” part of that same graphic novel series that brought us “Introduction to Feminism” and “Introduction to Postmodernism?” Which publisher churns those out? I’m not having any luck looking on OhioLINK or other library sources. And is the book called “Dr. QANTAS Book of Facts?” Did I spell that right? And why is it so quiet in here? Is everyone still over in the Billy Hardwick thread? Wow, that joint was jumping…

  21. Michelle says:

    not done with this yet but got the announcement that you, jonah and matt are coming to Milwaukee, WI! YAY!!!

  22. Vincent S says:

    omg, so good but I can’t shake the feeling that he was over most of the Lost things. His voice changed when the time traveling discussion started. I’m sorry for being that asshole…

  23. Chris Hardwick says:

    @Patrick – I’m sure there are references to things that might give something away so maybe have her wait…

  24. J. Smith says:

    Just to be safe, don’t let her listen.

  25. Patrick Collins says:

    Before my girlfriend and I listen to this, I need to know if there are any spoilers regarding Lost’s finale as she is only mid-way through season three. She loves Hurley but I’d hate to ruin anything for her.

    Should I listen to this one alone Big C or is she safe to join me?

  26. Josh says:

    Or, maybe he broke his MacBook every time he tried to carry it on his nose? Which is why he called so much, because that was every time he carried it?

  27. Josh says:

    “Look, there’s Weezer, and I’m singing with them… And. This. Is. My. Real. Life.” Yep. That’s it right there. The enjoyification of the burrito. Love dudes like that! Great interview guys!

    Man, what could Seal possibly have wanted his MacBook to do? I don’t know about you guys, but I’m thinking he was trying to use his MacBook to create a future love paradise. But it wasn’t working, so he was all like, “C’mon MacBook! You KNOW we’re never gonna survive, unless we get a little crazy!” But hey, the customer is always right, right?

  28. Alec says:

    The Geronimo Jack’s Beard podcast was probably the first one I regularly listened to. Watching an interview with an actor on a show like Lost was always a bit silly since they had to talk in complete generalities to avoid any spoilers- recording his (and sidekick22’s) reactions as he got the scripts and then releasing them as the episodes aired was a great way to get around that.

  29. ian says:

    What an awesome guy.

    What was the time book he was talking about with lots of pictures again? I was listening to this when I couldn’t make a note.

  30. Liam says:

    By the way, I know nerd audiences have a habit of being whiny nitpickers, but I think people wanting explanations from Lost is different from wanting midichlorians or whatever. Lost was specifically set up and marketed as a mystery show, I don’t think it’s unfair for people to expect real answers to those mysteries (even if they are inevitably anticlimactic). The way Lost just dodged the whole question in the final season was like watching a whodunnit where you don’t find out who the murderer is

  31. Liam says:

    Really fun episode. If you get him on again though you have to ask about the Hurleybird!

  32. Sebastian says:

    Why you no link to Jorge’s blog?

    Every post gives you this warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Just like this picture:

  33. Kevin says:

    OK seriously,

    If there isn’t some sort of “Genius Bar Stories” book.tumblr/blog/whatever, there REALLY, REALLY, REALLY needs to be. I would totally buy that book.
    Oh wait, would that be legal?

    Great ep, guys.

  34. JetpackBlues says:

    And now, after all these episodes, Jonah voluntarily gives up his nickname to all at the beginning of #220 — Bread Mouth.

    So let it be said, so let it be done, that henceforth Jonah will be known as Bread Mouth to all Nerdist listeners.

    Use that moniker sparingly folks. I’m sure no one would want people they don’t know, coming up to them at random, yelling “Heeey, Fuck Face!” to you in public either.

    Big C
    Bread Mouth
    Mira Booey

    The trifeca of tech, etc.

  35. Aaron says:

    Okay, so I’m a few podcasts behind right now, but I had to skip those to listen to this one! I loved Jorge’s character in LOST, and wish him well in his acting ventures!

    Chris, I don’t know how likely it is you will read this, but I live in SD, will be at Comic-Con, the live podcast at Balboa Theater, and am also planning on going to The Walking Dead thing at Petco. I was wondering if you know what day(s) you, Matt, or Jonah will be doing the the Petco thing? I’m assuming you are, since you’ll be in town? Will you be zombies or survivors?

    Love the podcast. It is my weekday morning joy. Keep rockin’!