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Episode 456: Nerdist Podcast
Jon Lovtiz
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Jon Lovitz

Jon Lovitz is on the show to talk about his first time working at The Groundlings, how his career path led him to SNL and the loss of his friend Phil Hartman and how to deal with losing people who are close to you.

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  2. NinjaSpy says:

    Awesome interview, but really? An hour and a half before you realized you hadn’t mentioned The Critic?! Sheesh! One of my all time favorite shows. Anyways, great job as always Mr Hardwick.

  3. Isaac says:

    Thanks guys, this is one of my favorite episodes so far! All my memories of Jon Lovitz are from being 10 years old watching SNL, and to some extent I was hearing him for the first time as a person rather than as a mythic persona from my child brain. It was nice to hear the interview go so deep without losing the humor.

  4. The3rdLeonard says:

    Wonderful episode. Love the idea of going to a place you enjoyed together to visit with our father’s. It’s been 10 year’s this month. Miss you, old man.

  5. Rusty says:

    LOL at the last comment. Also… I looked into my crystal ball of alternate universes and saw that Hardwick would have been on SNL in his 20’s… had he only been Jewish. Plus his dick was less weird looking. Sorry Chris of this universe, but things seem to have worked out pretty good anyhow, except for the dick thing.

  6. John Lovitz says:

    You spelled my name wrong

  7. angelina says:

    this was one of the best eps all year, I could listen to jon for many more hours, I really hope he comes back.

  8. NMC says:

    I’m suprised so many people are on Kevin Smith’s side of things. Dude’s had more public fueds than Suge Knight.

    Neil Patrick Harris, Bruce Willis, Adam Carolla

    Guy seems like a bag of wind that is probably the jerk/instigator in these situations. I don’t think he confronts and deals with problems like an adult. Bravo to Jon for not letting Smith draw him into a public dispute.

    Also Smith’s movies are shite

    …and he’s a fat f*

    …also this was a really great podcast. nice work.

  9. rem3415 says:

    Chris should call his next standup special, “for all i know i could have fucked bob saget”

  10. Narrator says:

    I’m also conflicted with this one too, I got into Nerdist through Chris being on Kev Smith’s podcast (Smodco Morning Show?) a few years ago.
    I’ve never seen Lovitz respond to any of the claims made by Ralph & Kev which leads me (and everyone else) to believe that Lovitz is a complete snake.

    He expected to come out on top but he lost out big time. The man didn’t know what he had or what a podcast even was, he’s jumping in with both feet now so it seems.

  11. Dave says:

    Jonah was actually on the podcast!

  12. April says:

    Enjoyed this podcast. Still miss Phil Hartman, every time I see a clip of him or hear his voice, I am reminded of what a loss it was.
    And Jon Lovitz…his scene at the beginning of “Happiness” is priceless, one of my favorites in movie history.

  13. Michael Noble says:

    What a great episode!!!

  14. Dave says:

    I am on Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman side of the dispute, but this was a pretty damn good personal podcast! Great stuff Mr. Nerdist!!

  15. Chris Blais says:

    What an amazing hour and a half. I am a yoga instructor and I listen to many different podcasts (along with absorbing books, movies, music, etc.) that I use to build my class discussions and focus on and I keep referring to the Nerdist podcast over and over before we go through our practice. The shows are never what I think they are going to be and this one with Jon Lovitz was huge. That book, Many Lives Many Masters, is worth the read. It’s short and reads fast and even if you finish it and say, “well, that was just meh, I don’t really believe in that.” it will still stir up at least a little conversation and exploration, which is what, I feel, the basis behind Nerdist is. Keep up the amazing work on this show, everything about it is really going in a great direction. Good luck!

  16. Pieter says:

    @WM : If you look at the list of popular comedy podcasts on itunes there’s about 19 of Kevin Smith’s podcasts on it. Clearly he has a large fanbase, which means he’s less of a hack as you say. As for Ralph Garman sucking, I think he’s more on the receiving end and it’s Kevin doing the sucking (insert Kevin’s “nomnomnom” sound)…

  17. WM says:

    @BassBone: Ralph Garman sucks and Kevin Smith is about as untalented as a famous person can be so…get over it.

  18. Jon Steiner says:

    My father died this last Thanksgiving. It’s been less than a month.

    It was helpful to me when you guys talked about death. Thank you.

  19. Dave says:

    psssst the “NERDIST PODCAST: JON LOVTIZ” title misspelled Lovitz πŸ˜‰ just pointing it out guys

  20. IrishNinja says:

    I have had my nose buried in school work and finals so have been way behind on podcasts. (Pro tip kids, don’t knock up your girlfriend in high school, drop out after 2 classes in college, napalm your brain cells with every substance you can lay hands on for the next two decades, then try to go back to get a degree. I am pretty certain there is an easier way to go about it.) I am glad I caught this one tonight, I had no idea Chris recently lost his dad. My sincere condolences man.

    The fathers day episode they did together is still one of my favorites, and I tip my hat to Chris for being so open about how it feels and where he is at emotionally. For me that rivals the end of the Bob Saget episode where Chris asks if the only reason they were friends in the past was because of the drinking. An incredibly open and vulnerable moment, and it was awesome to hear both Chris and Jon be so honest in this as well. Thanks, I really needed this tonight!

  21. e-me says:

    Mr. Lovitz was one of the most honest interviews I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy on this podcast. To me this episode is great for those interested in extremes. The way Mr. Lovitz deals with success as well as extreme loss is very honest and interesting. Also the way that Mr. Hardwick interjects his own recent loss was touching from such a professional guy. This episode I think captures what I enjoy most about this podcast: The idealism of all these talented people and the change that occurs as they experience wins and loss over time. This one just seemed ruthlessly honesty at moments. Worth a listen in my opinion, this is a gem

  22. Kovac says:

    The fact that Lovtiz doesn’t talk about the Ralph Garman/Kevin Smith situation suggests to me that he knows that he is in the wrong.

    Not mentioning them in the first part of the podcast when they are discussing how he got involved in podcasting felt like an avoided subject.

  23. Rozzie says:

    Shiiiit this was a good podcast

  24. gary says:

    Okay, I like Jon Lovitz. I love the Nerdist. I love WTF and Maximumfun and all the great podcasts that are out there.

    But this podcast reminds me that I would love to have lived in an alternate world where the Phil Hartman Podcast was the Number 1 Podcast out there.

  25. Kristin says:

    I have no idea how to describe this. John Lovitz being funny and speaking about Phil. My heart is beaming and breaking. SUCH a great episode.

  26. CountessCobwella says:

    What @BassBone said, I also couldn’t get Ralph’s impression outta my head while listening to the poscast. “Acting, THANKYOU!!!”

  27. Al says:

    @Keith Evans, man up and read cat jon’s comment very carefully. Or maybe you just aren’t meant the positions that are at the top.

  28. Elleiram says:

    Jon Lovitz cracks me up, so that’s kinda what I came here for, but it turned into something else. That’s not a bad thing, though it did strike a nerve for me as I’m passing an anniversary of the death of my own dad. I think one of the most important things that was said on this podcast was that just because someone died doesn’t change what they were to you. “Just because he’s dead doesn’t mean he’s not your dad” really hit home for me. Probably another important thing is that no matter when it happens or how long ago it did, if you’re sad you have to let yourself be sad. I wasn’t thinking Nerdist would make me sad today, but I’m ok that it did, because I think I kinda let this anniversary pass *without* allowing myself that. So…thanks, in a really weird way, for that. And I hope that you have an amazing support system, Chris, that’ll really help you through. I’m lucky and work with one of my best friends so I just went and got a hug. Hugs to you too though, from the internet.

  29. Three Toes of Fury says:

    @BassBone….yup’r…i, too, am pretty dissapointed in the whole Hollywood Babylon situation and Kevin/Ralphs description of it. That being said, ive never heard Loviz’s take on it all and therefore feel we podcast listeners may not be armed with all the facts. Im not saying there’s likely a chance it can be explained away..just that we dont know both sides. Also i gotta think loosing the business that Babylon brought in weekly would be a substantial hit to the clubs bottom line…therefore if it indeed went down like Ralph/Kev said then Loviz has really, in the end, just hurt himself.

    Peace .n. The Politics of Podcasts

    3ToF…judge…jury…and executioner of The Peoples Podcast Court.

  30. Keith Evans says:

    I was suppose to go to the show last night and the Blue Line train broke down, making it almost impossible to make it to the show. Really wanted to go to a live podcast. Guess I will have to caught the next one. Wasted $20 though, not much but still not cool.

  31. cat jon says:

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  32. Phyxsius says:

    @BassBone That pretty much sums up what I feel as well. +1 for coherent thought

  33. Sparklepony says:

    @BassBone Yes, this.

  34. Sparklepony says:

    @BassBone Yes, this!

  35. Evan says:

    I really want to hear about the critic!!!

  36. BassBone says:

    I’m conflicted. I’ve been a Lovitz fan most of my life, but the way he treated Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith and Hollywood Babble-On at the Lovitz Comedy Club is disgraceful. I’m a completist, so I’ll be listening to this episode, but it will be difficult to be objective about the content. I don’t blame Chris for having Lovitz on, because he is a brilliant comic actor and has a lot to say, I just am disappointed in the way he treated some people I admire.

  37. Rebecca says:

    So glad he’s finally on the podcast – he was on my wishlist of guests from the beginning. Can’t wait to listen on my way home from work.

  38. Jesse says:

    Mr. Chris, you should just acquiesce and bump up the normal running time to an hour and a half. No more of this trying to end an episode three times! Chatty people like Lovitz are great.

  39. Amy says:

    This was a good one! I really enjoyed the last 20 minutes!
    Did anyone ever say what kind of dog Jerry is?

  40. Smodo says:

    shots fired

  41. Three Toes of Fury says:

    @EdW – Brilliant.

    Peace & ACTING!!!

    3ToF…married to…Morgan Fairchild…yeaaaa thats the ticket.

  42. EdW says:

    It stinks! πŸ˜‰