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Episode 469: Nerdist Podcast
Jon Daly
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Jon Daly

The hilarious Jon Daly hangs out with Chris and Jonah to talk about his many different stand-up and sketch characters, Sappity Tappity the rollerskating Christmas tree, the many Jo(h)n Dal(e)ys, what Sammy Hagar and Jimmy Buffett have in common, the Golden Age of McConaughey, Fedora nerds, and his new show on Amazon, Betas!

Watch Betas today!

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  1. Arabrabbra says:

    AHHHHH SHOUT OUT TO REAL GENIUS! LOVE THAT MOVIE! Just showed my daughter recently. Found it in a bargin bin for $5. ALWAYS gotta check the bargin bins!!

  2. Arabrabbra says:

    @Logan BBWWAAAHAHAHHAHA! This is why I read the comments!
    PS I like the giggling and improptu lil tidbits that come up in the intros. Its like peeking into someones house only not so stalkerish. PPS I dont peek into peoples houses.

  3. Weebee says:

    @Yo – I agree, and I think we could all sense the fact that they were, to some degree, naked during that intro. I suspect that CH is so perpetually busy that he has had to resort to combining intro recording with foreplay. Thank you for your dedication Mr. Nerdist!

  4. Yo. says:

    The intro to this episode is mad sexual.

  5. Alex B says:

    The pittsburgh improv and comedy scene is great. I have been bouncing around in it for a while now with my comedy band and it has really exploded in the last few years.
    TJ and Aziz come here and crush every time. you should dooooo it.

  6. Logan says:

    Great, I try and figure out the shipping cost of an Elephant, and Now I have DHS, Slipping on gloves for a cavity search, and illegal animal trafficking charges. And FYI there are no companies that will ship a package large enough to hold an elephant to Meltdown comics from Central Africa….

  7. Zaphod79 says:

    @J.Smith – its not just Chris’s avatar thats broken its anyone who is a host.

    I’m sure on some Indoor kids pages Emily has replied and her avatar shows as the URL instead of the images as well so its whoever is looking after the website

    If you want to see Chris’s avatar you simply have to go to : , it does however make it easier to spot his (or any other host’s) comments as they are the only avatarless ones

  8. Ross says:

    Depressing. Geoffrey Holder, a beloved innovator and force of nature in the American theater, only remembered for some 7-Up commercials & a cameo as Baron Samedi in a Bond film.

  9. J. Smith says:

    Sounds like a grand idea. Fix your avatar ya twat!


    Please don’t destroy me.

  10. Chris Hardwick says:

    @JMo @Nizlemania: KILL ANY TRACE OF PEOPLE HAVING FUN. It is with great joy that I tag you both “smug twats”.


    PS – we should use the word “twat” more in America.

  11. alanso says:

    Don’t skip to 5.32 unless you want to miss Chloe lampooning the classic Hardwick introduction style we’ve all grown accustomed to!

  12. Three toes of Fury says:

    @JMo….Thank You for the great advice!

    And…taking your advice a step further…everyone should skip to around 1hr10m unless they want to hear several minutes of Chris having an engaging and funny discussion with another cool nerdist guest…eeeeuch. Clearly thats the last thing any nerdist fan would want when listening to a nerdist podcast.

    Peace .n. Sarcasm


    PS: i look forward to the new nerdist podcast “Chris .n. Chloe: giggling like teenagers for 60m set to the soothing music of Skrillex”.

  13. Eric T says:

    good one today. really cool to hear you guys talk about Dan Bern. I’ve been a fan for years, and no one ever seems to know him. Hard ‘n Phirm/Dan Bern comedy folk album would be my dream.

  14. Russell S. says:

    I find the madness in John Daly’s eyes fascinating. Fortunately he chooses to use his brand of insanity for good to make us laugh and smile, because I feel like he’s probably always one degree away from chopping up little old ladies or girl scouts on the reg.

    Thank you John for continuing to suppress the monster within you! I hope to see you more on TV and/or film soon.

    *This post was paid for by the Girl Scouts of America

  15. The 7-up guy, Geoffrey Holder, was an actor in Live and Let Die (1973). He played the tall voodoo priest guy.

  16. Nizlemia says:

    JMo…thank you.

  17. Chad David says:

    Is MadonnaAnon just a bunch of actors and athletes sitting in folding chairs in a church basement, smoking cigarettes and listening to an altered version of “Manamana” by the muppets?

  18. Chad David says:

    I feel like MadonnaNon would just be a small room in a church basement with folding chairs, playing an altered version of this:

  19. Greg says:

    Damnit Jacquie F. you beat me to the joke!

  20. Jacquie F. says:

    Chloe dated Ed Begley Jr.?

  21. Dave says:

    I am, too, from Pittsburgh! I am actually going to watch Betas now! Also, Chris, please come to Pittsburgh, TJ’s doing it…

  22. Anna9c6 says:

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  23. Liam says:

    Podcasts are serious business

  24. TimParker says:

    JMo, I like the giggling and banter and the promotion. They’re giving us an amazing podcast for FREE! I’ll “put up” with whatever happens in the intro.

  25. Jaimen says:

    What happened to the Ricci episode?

  26. JMo says:

    Skip to 5:32 unless you want to hear a few minutes of Chris and Chloe giggling like teenagers.