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Nerdist Podcast: John Cleese
Episode 602: Nerdist Podcast
John Cleese
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: John Cleese

The legendary John Cleese sits down with Chris, Jonah and Matt to talk about his new autobiography So, Anyway…, how he thinks his upbringing shaped him into the man he is today, and what he has learned from his extensive and eclectic career!

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  1. I listened to this at work, hunched over a computer, not relating to the topic of interacting with machines, until Chris mentioned how we are forced to interact.  META!

  2. Matt says:

    Can anyone provide me the name of the book that John Cleese recommended about being an introvert? I want to add it to my to-read list, but wont have a chance to listen to the episode again for a little while.

  3. Barry Weaver says:

    Listend to this one and Adam West today. Big fan of your podcasts. I am a year older than you and understand how you feel when you talk about the python speak. 

  4. George Jefferson says:

    I loved this interview! It was a perfect gem. One thing, John Cleese was criticizing social media and fame, which is basically the fuel to the entire Nerdist Empire. It is funny and endearing that he would unwittingly go on a podcast and slam social media. I wonder what Chris was thinking the whole time.

  5. Dan says:

    Good lord I would watch the hell out of any of those documentaries he talked about making. 

  6. Stephanie says:

    Great, great interview! I love when guests get into deeper or thought provoking questions on life and happiness. Part of why I love your podcast, is that you seem like such a genuine person, and can relate to people as such. That truthfulness, like Cleese was saying, always makes for an interesting interview.

  7. Glenn says:

    Great chat. He’s such a delight. I really appreciate the way you ask question and then basically stay out of the way for his answer. One note of nitpickery: the pronunciation of his last name. Cleese like “cheese”, not like “peace”

  8. sarah says:

    What a great interview! I’m a first time listener and part-nerd, can’t wait to listen to more – thanks!

  9. chris hardwick says:

    You are the coloring book of the comment threads, Greg. 

    • grim says:

      Oh Hardwick, bless you for still acknowledging the derp trolls. Your response should’ve been vining him a clip of you swimming in your pool of money like Scrooge McDuck.

      BTW Happy Belated….

  10. Guest star says:

    Chris, you’re best when you approach the guest seriously. Not that you should become Dick Cavett, but you come across as calmer when you’re asking thoughtful questions, which in turn seems to get the guests to open up.

  11. Scott says:

    You can always tell which guests intimidate Matt and Jonah, because they say next to nothing the whole time.

  12. Gail says:

    Chris, I am pouting like a toddler. Which is weird because I’m 63 and have listened to every single Nerdist podcast – and read most of the Comments. I’m sure you have lots of older fans; not just me and your mom!

  13. Lance says:

    Big fan of John Cleese’s work throughout the years but there is nothing more tiresome than someone famous or on tv droning on about there is nothing interesting about people on tv. He came across as bit of a bore ..

    • Captain_Mcgloo says:

      “Back in my day people were famous for accomplishing something, like being the duke of…”

  14. Three Toes of Fury says:

    i disagree….
    “Every child is an artist.   The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”   – Pablo Picasso
    Peace .n. This is an Ex Parrot!

  15. Stephanie Kinnamon says:

    Great interview! As a long time fan, I learned more about John Cleese than I thought was possible … Thanks! 

  16. Tracy says:

    I am so amazed by how open he is and how much private information John Cleese shared!  What a great interview!

  17. Not what I expected, but so much more! Wonderful interview.

  18. Cap'n Geech says:

    Mr. Cleese can count at least 1 57-year-old.  Well done..  Enjoyed it immensely.

  19. Maria @LaughtAndLived says:

    Oh man, this was such a treat. Have great memories of laughing my ass of watching Monty Python and Fawlty Towers whiles growing up. This was a really great one guys, points all around.

  20. Three Toes of Fury says:

    NOOOOOOO!   The one day im running late and dont check for podcast updates before i leave and Chris goes and drops John @#[email protected] Cleese!?!  Noooooo!   How am i supposed to wait till i get home?!?

    Seriously thou…getting Cleese and Adam West is just fantabulous.   I cant wait to hear the long-form interviews with both.  
    Peace .n. Ministry of Silly Walks
    3ToF doing the fish slapping dance.
    PS:   @Daevid…i agree with you…that moment in Fawlty Towers is beyond genius.  Then again, so is that series.   “Whatever you do DONT mention the war..i did once but i think i got away with it”.

  21. Jen says:

    This made my day. Just when i was having huge Elder Scrolls Online withdrawls Nerdist has an interview with Sir Cadwell himself. Cleese makes that the best NPC in that game from sheer awesome alone. (And the Video Game industry knighted him Chris so we will let it slide.)

  22. Jamie says:

    I used to answer phones at a crisis intervention center and you’d be so surprised how many people called regularly just to talk about the mundane details of their days.  People need to feel connected in some way and that’s the most basic way to do it.  It kind of connects back to how children talk to each other.  I remember when what was for dinner last night was considered titillating conversation.  

  23. Daevid says:

    Awesome. One of my top 10 moments in TV comedy is Basil Fawlty beating his car with a tree branch. Great to hear the man behind him talking in a relaxed forum.

  24. DiHard11 says:

    This podcast episode was such a delight on this rainy icky Monday! It went by so fast!  Major Kudos! Points!   Of course I wanted it to be longer.  (That’s what she said.)  It was such a fun episode!