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Nerdist Podcast: Joe Rogan
Episode 600: Nerdist Podcast
Joe Rogan
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is finally on the podcast! He, Chris and Matt start out the conversation talking about how they have been podcasting for five years, the risk of robots taking over the world, and working on Newsradio with Phil Hartman. Joe also talks about how he became a commentator for UFC and his new special Rocky Mountain High, on Comedy Central Friday 11/21 at midnight!

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  1. pdpdpd says:

    I was a huge fan of Newsradio, and was more recently delighted to hear Joe collaborate with one of my favorite podcasters, Dan Carlin.  Much respect.  Quality person.  We’d love to have you back!  Pete in Durango

  2. Jalen says:

    Great podcast, I love and simultaneously hate it when the podcast just flies through its runtime. Regardless, good stuff and congrats.

  3. James A says:

    I’m really glad Matt was on this show. Normally I don’t mind when Chris interviews people by himself, but I really like how casual and unstructured the conversations were with Joe. 

  4. Bob says:

    The Dragon Age episode of Tabletop is an excellent look into who Chris might be when not having to do his job.  Though, sure has a knack when working his interviews to gets the guests talking.

  5. CSEM says:

    Thank you Joe, Matt and Chris … for keeping it real …

  6. Michael says:

    You know who else is a nerd? The person who knows every sport stat all the time. The person who is really into working out and knows everything about nutrition. The person who is nuts about food and cooking. Being an “actual” nerd isn’t even close to what you’re talking about.

  7. GrGunderson says:

    That is the most deliberately ignorant statement I have ever read. You are criticizing someone for making, what always been known as a socially ostracized segment of the population, more acceptable to the greater public?
    Never in the history of nerdom have actual nerds had the freedom, less apprehension to be able to express their genuine love for the things they enjoy as they do now.
    And it’s because of people like him who are at the forefront of this cause and is the reason for this cultural shift.
    It’s truly disappointing that you would try to taint that with your slander.
    You should be ashamed.

    • GrGunderson says:

      Of course they are. But is it more socially acceptable now than it has even been? If you can’t agree on that then you are just trolling or willfully ignorant/prideful. And to criticize someone for helping to make it that way? Dude, open your eyes, put away the hate.

  8. Bill T. says:

    Glad Joe finally made it on.  I was hoping you guys were going to be able to go deeper into the internet trolling business.  Chris mentioned he’d noticed a strong correlation between the online hostility he had experienced at the hands of wrestling/fighting/sports fans.  Unfortunately he wasn’t able to elaborate on how nerds online can conduct themselves in a similarly hostile and territorial fashion.  Thanks for the free content, and here’s to 600 more!

  9. Rob in Maine says:

    I always hoped there was a common thread between you guys.  I too am a nerd who does pushups and once in a while fights for fun.  Loving math and movie quotes doesn’t always make you meek.  I am glad that his hulkyness didn’t get in the way of a awesome conversation.  Yes,  his brain enhancers and stuff are b.s. but the guy is cool and very knowledgeable.  another win fellas (and Katie) 

  10. Arabrabbra says:

    Been waiting for this one for a WHILEEEEE!!!!

  11. Ryan says:

    I’ve been a fan of Joe since Newsradio so I was thrilled to see he was on the podcast. Great talk, and I have to admit I got a little choked up too when Joe was talking about Phil Hartman. Such a sad end for one of my favorite comedians.

  12. The Guardians says:

    Joe is, in fact, the man!

  13. Alec says:

    To those who’ve already listened- does Joe spout biotruths about trans athletes in this episode?

    • Arabrabbra says:

      Trans should only fight other trans or whomever their orig sex equal is. Trans man should not fight trans woman ect.

  14. Frankie says:

    I feel like I was just congratulating you guys on your 400th ! Congrats guys ! 

  15. -Di. says:

    Congratulations on 600 episodes! That is an amazing accomplishment.  I look forward to hearing what you have in store for the next 600 episodes!

  16. Kathy says:

    As it was mentioned in this podcast and no one knew the answer, I thought I’d point out two really great resources for people who have a friend who is suicidal or are feeling suicidal themselves: and

  17. Maria says:

    Firstly, congrats guys to 600 podcasts. You all are doing a fab job. Secondly, this pod really grabed me. Some heavy stuff in there. 

  18. BassBone says:

    So about halfway through this and so far no crazy conspiracies about the moon landing. Maybe Joe has grown up?

  19. qwijibo says:

    Joe Rogan YOU CRAZY

  20. Patrick says:

    Powerful Joe Rogan

  21. Ky says:

    Powerful Joe Rogan.

  22. Chris says:

    Badass! Finally… Big fan of both pad casts. Congrats, guys.

  23. Isaac says:

    I need to start listening to the Joe Rogan Experience again, he’s a truly awesome guy. Give the last couple SModcasts a listen, Joe was also on Kevin Smith’s Podcast, those were great listens too. 

  24. brandon says:

    hell yes finally

  25. JJD says:

    So happy you guys finally birthed this baby

  26. jeff says: