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Episode 407: Nerdist Podcast
Jim Rash and Nat Faxon
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Jim Rash and Nat Faxon

The extremely talented and hilarious Nat Faxon and Jim Rash talk about what it was like to win an Oscar, tell some funny stories from their days of teaching improv, and talk about their movie The Way, Way Back!

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  1. Steven Azar says:

    Bruce Gutter T-shirt:


    nothing on the front

    “COCAINE” in white on the back

  2. Cal says:

    “Uhhh… I’d turn around…” I don’t even know what to say. Well done, Sir. Well done.

  3. gonzarro says:

    I have to admit, the only parts I enjoyed of The Way Way Back were the ones with Sam Rockwell. But it is a good film.

  4. Nichole says:

    I missed Bruce Gutter! Can he get his own podcast!?

  5. Steve says:

    I don’t know what it is about Bruce Gutter, but he never fails to make me publicly break out into laughs.

  6. Kevin says:

    Seriously, I don’t know why Jim hasn’t been on You Made It Weird yet; he is the definition of “a delight”.

  7. Pedak says:

    It’s the Nerdist podcast. Not the nerdiest podcast. As long as Big C is the host, we nerds will be more than covered.

  8. Jon Nunez says:

    oh… so now we are stealing guest from CHEWING IT…..???

  9. BobbySmoke says:

    You’re only missing Gillian Jacobs (and Chevy Chase) for a complete set of Community podcasts! What’s the hold up? She’s on just about every single podcast out there except this one. …also Ken Jeong. Help me, Hardwick!

  10. Molly says:

    I’m not a nerd (well, maybe a bit of a comedy one) so I don’t care if the guests are nerdy enough. Keep the comedy guests coming!

  11. DrDyno says:

    I would like to see the podcast get uber nerdy and get Kevin Mitnick to come on and talk about nerdy computer stuff

  12. Jacquie F. says:


  13. Brother Gutter says:

    During the return of Bruce Gutter and the question of his mother, I can’t believe no one jumped on calling her Mother Gutter.

  14. Atticus says:

    Dean-lightful! Also Jim Rash is responsible for writing the greatest episode in season 4 of Community. And likely one of the top ten episodes so far. He deserves recognition for his acting and writing talent.

  15. Rebecca says:

    As weird as it sounds, maybe he’s waiting until Ender’s Game is closer to release. He’s held on to podcasts pretty long for movie tie-ins.

    In any case, I cannot wait to listen to listen. I love Community, I really liked Ben and Kate and they’re hilarious.

  16. Captain Wyvern says:

    What are you waiting on before you post the Harrison Ford podcast?, everyone keeps talking about it, please just post it already.

  17. Jake says:

    You’re telling me, Brian, that the guys who wrote The Way, Way Back aren’t nerdy enough? Or… and let me get this straight, having GODDAMN DEAN (Craigular Joe) PELTON on isn’t nerd-related?

    I swear, people.

  18. nate says:

    Yeah! Give me my free thing exactly the way I want it. Screw these script writing jocks!

  19. Brian says:

    Of course I will listen to this, but when are we going to have someone NASA related on (excluding Buzz obviously) Mike Massimino, Bobak..

    let’s get some nerd related podcasts!