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Episode 462: Nerdist Podcast
Jim Norton
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Jim Norton

Comedian Jim Norton hangs out on the show to talk about being an “offensive” comedian and dealing with death threats, internet trolls, his theories on why people even get offended and he and Chris’ mutual love of chess!

Check out Jim’s special American Degenerate!

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  1. benjamin murray says:

    Loved this podcast! Love jim and his great outlook on things. Thank you for doing these.

  2. Rick says:

    I was in the mood for some Jimmy Norton…brilliant as always.

  3. Jeff says:

    Computer Chess (Andrew Bujalski) is available on Netflix. Can’t say it was my cup of tea but then again I didn’t live through the time period it took place in. A lot of critics seemed to enjoy it though.

  4. Troels says:

    For a great story about chess, read “The royal game” by Stefan Zweig. It’s a story about a chess player going mad, and living inside his head

  5. DougB says:

    Spending my Sunday morning enjoying the podcast, awesome AS USUAL. Hearing comedian Bill Burr’s name crop up quite a bit…as a new devotee to Bill’s podcast, wondering when you can get him in to the Nerdist podcast room again? Bill’s a frakking riot!

  6. Rob S. says:

    There is a Canadian TV called “Endgame.” It is about a chess master that solves crimes. Sort of like “Monk.” It is on Hulu. Also there is a episode of Monk with a chess master. He plays like 5 people at once. I think Jimmy Pardo is on that Ep.

  7. Walt Jenkins says:

    Came here specifically for Norton, never heard of this podcast b4. As always he is the best. But wow the hosts monologue nearly put me to sleep.

  8. ColinJ says:

    Yay! LI’l Yimmy Norden finally makes it on The Nerdist podcast! His stand-up is great but he’s never funnier than when he’s live and off-the-cuff on radio.

  9. Alexandr says:

    Also, I LOVE seeing all the different “Chip” posters, as “Chip” is Jim Norton’s extremely dim and silly persona on O&A.

  10. Alexandr says:

    @Chris I hope I’m not speaking out of line, but couldn’t you guys up the rate of postings? I don’t know the quantity of recordings you guys have backed up, but I sure as heck know I’d love to see 1 a day, 7 days a week for a few months! Or just a comedy bomb of 20 at once or something. (Although I do fully understand why you can’t do this– each episode of the podcast needs to have some buffer around it for it to get the appropriate exposure as the newest release. I just wish there was an optimal solution to provide us all with the best outcome, guests included.)

  11. Chip Chipperson says:

    @Chris No worries. I guess you heard Jimmy mention it on O&A. I think he overreacted a little. It sounds like you guys worked out the confusion though. Hopefully there are many more crossover appearances to come!

  12. Kevin says:

    Great episode. Jim is perfect for this podcast but FYI he made his disappointment on the timely-ness of this known on O&A earlier this week. I think he thought it was more a promo appearance than you guys did. Either way, very happy that you guys got him on here!

  13. Kevin says:

    You know I never really was a huge Jim Norton fan. Mainly due to my own ignorance. But damn this was a great interview and now I’m a fan. thanks!

  14. PDogg says:

    Denton Tx has a favorite band called PROBLEM DOGG
    Give us a listen and maybe well do a all star celeb bowling

  15. Molly says:

    Thank you Jimmy/O&A/Cellar comics for making words like “stink” and “dummy” cool.

  16. L. D. Chipperson says:

    His special is on Netflix right now too!

  17. tomz. says:

    Great Show! It was a coconut to the head moment with the spiderman reference, love it! And now I realize that it’s not the Chicken Lady I occasionally hear in the background in the intro, but it’s part of the background music. Doh. Thanks for the wonderful content!

  18. @Chip: because we’ve had a string of eps for MONTHS where the interviewee’s reps urged that they HAD to go up on specific dates to promote something. Our release schedule was booked solid. It’s fine, though, I think Jim is a great way to start the new year.

  19. Richie Jay says:

    Jim Norton is by far my favorite comedian of all time, No offense Mr. Hardwick.

  20. Chip Chipperson says:

    Why did it take 6 months to put this up?

  21. Juan says:

    This episode was LOL funny – thanks guys!

  22. @Clay_57 says:

    Chris can you please ask one of your next comic guests why they keep using EPIX over Netflix or other cable venues? Some of us are stuck with Comcast/Xfinity and they won’t carry EPIX.
    Great interview as always though!

  23. Jonathan says:

    I had no idea who Jim Norton was before this, but I am so happy that you had him on the show. His energy was amazing, and he was so funny. Out of 462 episodes we get something that has never happened before! Awesome

  24. Sanny says:

    Jim Norton on the podcast? This is going to be a treat.

  25. JetpackBlues says:

    I’ve been on a Jim Norton kick? bender? recently, so this went up just in time for it to be relevant to me.

    I watched American Degenerate when the EPIX special hit Netflix, as well as a double header of Please Be Offended and Monster Rain on New Year’s Eve.

    I have got to see him live at some point. The way he makes his honesty so unavoidably funny, gets me every time.

  26. austin says:

    Jim was great as always with talking. His special on Netflix is amazing. I love him on the radio and was so-so on his act, but this last special was great!

  27. Kris says:

    Always loved Jim’s perspective, can’t wait to listen.