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Episode 362: Nerdist Podcast
Jim Jefferies
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Jim Jefferies

The always hilarious Jim Jefferies comes on the show to talk about his love of pinball machines, giving his son an American name, and his show Legit!

Why DEADPOOL 2’s “Peter” is More Important Than You Think

Why DEADPOOL 2’s “Peter” is More Important Than You Think

The Story of Fake Wedge in STAR WARS

The Story of Fake Wedge in STAR WARS

ANNIHILATION's 'Shimmer' and Ending Explained

ANNIHILATION's 'Shimmer' and Ending Explained



  1. Bob Sweet says:

    So glad to hear all this trivia about John Ratzenberger. I have a lot of movies to re-watch.

  2. mh275 says:

    looove jim he is so cool & hilarious! legit is a great show and hope he has plenty of seasons!!!!

  3. minor correction comment:

    The Pinball 2000 machine Jim mentioned is “Revenge from Mars” which was a sequel to the very popular “Attack from Mars” machine. It did pretty well so Williams went all-in on Episode 1 and failed horribly.

  4. cliff lives says:

    jim jefferies is awesome. nuff said.

  5. Mike says:

    The documentary about the demise of pinball at Williams (the last company at the time, having bought Bally) is called Tilt: The Battle To Save Pinball. Great doc for pinball fans, or anyone in video games or other entertainment where things are drying up because the creativity has plateaued and the public is losing interest in the same-old same-old. Novelty is king?

  6. Keith says:

    I think some of the surprise you guys had over Ratzenberger being Major Derlin is that his line about closing the shield doors sounds like it was dubbed by someone else–and it probably was. They did that a lot in those movies; Aunt Beru was dubbed (she had a thick British accent), Wuher the bartender in the Cantina was dubbed, and one A-wing pilot in Return of the Jedi–a woman, although easily mistaken for a man in her one brief scene–had her one line “Got it” (after Wedge says “Red Three, Red Two, pull in”) dubbed by a man.

    You definitely DO hear Ratzenberger’s voice later, when Leia’s briefing the pilots on the evacuation of Echo Base. “Okay, everyone to your stations! Let’s go!” It’s unmistakable there.

  7. Tim says:

    Love the podcasts. I listen to them on my walk from my car to work and back. Just hearing Jim Jefferys made me want to DVR is show “Legit”

  8. sheena says:

    Simpsons pinball machines was one of the first big purchases the white stripes got for each other as a gift.

  9. Alec says:

    Sad news: Valve canned Jeri Ellsworth and her canceled spiffy hardware project.

    Happy news: Valve relinquished the rights to the tech she’d been developing and she’s now free to produce it for anyone.

  10. GuanoLad says:

    His John Ratzenberger impression is astonishing!

  11. Ian says:

    They were only all dead for half of the last season, everything that happened on the island really happened.

    Polar bears were explained in season 3.

  12. greyweed says:

    LOVE the John Ratzenberger impressions!

  13. Flyinghogfish says:

    John Ratzenberger also appeared in Outland (1981) as a miner on Io who was taking the drug of choice in the movie. While in space, he hallucinated that spiders inside his space suit, so he took off his helmet — to spectacular effect.

    You haven’t seen Outland? Perhaps you are not a true nerd. It’s Sean Connery’s 2nd best performance of all time, just behind Zardoz (1974).

  14. lookleftandsmile says:

    I was squealing with joy when Jefferies started rambling on about pinball – PLEASE a pinball youtube show would be awesome! I own an Addams Family and have restored a few others in the past. There is a small wonderful community of people who own games, who love them, who do mods, who custom new games out of old ones, who have huge collections – not to mention the conventions. Yes, there are still pinball conventions.

  15. bsg says:

    That picture should alleviate any concerns over what owning Wizard of Oz pinball will do your masculinity.

  16. Overlord says:

    Dear Chris Hardwick or Santa…whoever sees this first,

    Please have Howard Kremer on the podcast.


  17. Mik says:

    This podcast made me love this guy

  18. Wildride says:

    I used to have Firepower and Alien Poker, but I sold them because it was too hard to maintain them. It be cool to have Banzai Run, though, because the vertical backglass playfield is just so cool.

  19. Kraken Attack says:

    Son of a bitch! Now I have the worst itch to play some pinball. Granted, there’s always ZEN Pinball, but nothing beats the real thing.

  20. Eh who cares says:

    Sweet this’ll be the first nerdist i listen to in almost a year not featuring a wrestler. Hope you talked about jason

  21. Storm Wooten says:

    Yes Hell. Jim fucking Jefferies.
    Carbonite sucks ass for real though…