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Nerdist Podcast: Jessica Chobot
Episode 544: Nerdist Podcast
Jessica Chobot
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Jessica Chobot

Nerdist News’ own Jessica Chobot hangs out with Chris to talk about how Chris is responsible for Jessica meeting her husband, the ups and downs of being a new mom, being goth in high school, and hosting Nerdist News!

Listen to Jessica’s new podcast Bizarre States and watch Nerdist News!


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  1. cubeslave says:

    True, no one says “Figuratively 97 degrees” but sometimes folks will say a given temperature in a hyperbolic manner. If you are taking to someone and have a thermometer reading you want to throw in something to show you are not making things up. 
     Oh course, with Matt, I would still want him to show me the thermometer…

  2. Wraith says:

    I loved Jessica’s comment about GTA4 and her seeing targets walking down the street when she went outside. The game that affects me the most is Gran Turismo. You have to fight your desire to drive your car like a race car after playing it.

  3. Michael Thompson says:

    Both are considered Standard usage:
    “Than is both a subordinating conjunction, as in She is wiser than I am, and a preposition, as in She is wiser than me…. Since the following verb am is often dropped or “understood,” we regularly hear than I and than me. Some commentators believe that the conjunction is currently more frequent than the preposition, but both are unquestionably Standard. – See more at:

  4. Rob S. says:

    What if Nerdist got a Roku channel like Adam Carola?

  5. rich says:

    sorry. i said “nerdiest”, instead of nerdest.

  6. rich says:

    you must be new here. chris doesn’t give a fuck about whatever “nerd cred”, you care to box him in. i feel that this interview is an opportunity to learn about the people that work for him. this is some context of why we should give a shit about the people that contribute to this awesome nerdiest network.

  7. rich says:

    long live chobot! she is my favorite. and she is awesome. nuff said.

  8. Dan Riley says:

    Well, now I have another definition for “blowback.” Thanks, Chris and Jessica!

  9. GJensen13 says:

    great podcast!!! I would love to see more gaming information on NerdistNews Didn’t expect to hear about poop filled hands and blood stained thighs but now i can check that one off the podcast bucketlist

  10. Jessica Chobot says:

    I’m already37, sofar sogood!

  11. VH says:

    I guess it just feels good to be a fuckhead sometimes, huh?

  12. rich says:

    please stop trying to impress us with your armchair psychoanalysis, and just enjoy the free content. please remember that most listeners have more life experience than you. we are capable of deciding our own choices. thanks, but no.

  13. Jessica Duffy says:

    im pretty sure her therapist should be the judge of that

  14. VH says:

    “Than” is never a preposition.  It’s always a conjunction.

  15. m3rc nate says:

    I’d say 15-20, 30 can burn people out….but I agree way way way too short. By the time I’m on YouTube it feels like a waste to watch it cause I already know the news of the day its covering and its only 3 minutes long so its just headlines. 

  16. jessica Duffy says:


  17. Wendee Welwood says:

    Who’s being all accusative?