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Episode 480: Nerdist Podcast
Jennette McCurdy
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Jennette McCurdy

Jennette McCurdy comes on the show to talk about her time as an accidental country music artist, what she wants to do after Sam & Cat, and what movie inspired her to get into acting! Also, Matt talks about Frasier and Chris isn’t good at parties.

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  1. AAVVVVVAA says:


  2. Matt wanted her so bad

  3. froyo11 says:

    I won’t even lie, I totally watched iCarly when it was on, and it was pretty hilarious. Jeannette and Chris both had some interesting things to say.

    I kind of cringe when people judge the “Millennials” by our pop culture and fashion sense as if that’s our only dimension. I go to uni with and interact with tons of interesting, intelligent, hardworking students everyday.

    Anyway Jeannette sounds awesome and I was refreshed by her honesty and I wish her the best okay bye.

  4. Joel Castaneda says:

    I’m a kid at heart and loved icarly from season 3 on then backtracked… Hilarious show’s she has done and like her pop/country songs although I kinda think her character on Sam & Cat tries a little too hard and is a little too mean and harsh to the other characters but I love Jennette and Sam & Cat…#VeryFunny

    Did anyone catch an early episode of law & order she did early in her career I think even before icarly as a child star Where she portrayed a gripping and chilling character as a child bully/killer who get’s away with murder with probation and psychological counseling only to go on to not learn her lesson…By The Way Miranda Cosgrove did a totally separate, unrelated eposide of Law & Order You should check these episodes out if you have Netflix.

  5. Menez says:

    Brilliant podcast she was so interesting. Would be so good to see Dan Schneider on the show!

  6. D Turner says:

    They wasted too much time before getting to the interview. When Sam & Cat ends, I wonder what Jennette will do. It may end her career because she decided not to pursue a serious singing career. She can do drama better than comedy, so I hope that she will find a gig on the big screen. I’ll bet she could win an Oscar.

  7. yoyo says:

    was linked to this podcast from the recommendation thingy below a sam&cat video on facebook.
    This podcast was surprisingly insightful, almost like Jennette without the typical interview censure. I just wish you guys let her talk more shit about her tour and her stage fright.

  8. Alison says:

    I know they weren’t talking exactly to me but seriously so cool having them oddly saying my name on the podcast. I will totally talk Frasier with you Matt!!! I love that show!

  9. Matt says:

    the movie about a horse diving that matt was talking about was call Wild Hearts Cant Be Broken

  10. the yates says:

    Jake Lloyd works at Pac-Sun in a Mall in Indiana….She could do better

  11. Glad you were so encouraging, she is a great comedian and stands out amidst a lot of over acting on her network that talks down to kids, she is genuinely subtle and funny and has all the right instincts.

  12. Kathryn says:

    Matt!! Let’s talk about Frasier.

    Sidenote (and this is important) – How do you feel about Wings?

  13. jamil says:

    please start posting videos on your network

  14. Django says:

    She is hot!

  15. fotd says:

    Enjoyed the interview, have not seen any of Sam & Cat but enjoyed iCarly it was a good sitcom even if I’m not in its target demographic, I like good solid stories and as an aspiring writer like to see how different genres are structured and written, so had started watching the show just out of curiosity but became a fan, loved Jerry Trainor, as Spencer, great slap stick actor, reminded me of Peter Scolari on the TV show Honey I Shrunk the Kids… and yes get Jennette back for more…

  16. Brad says:

    I know it has been said but Wild Hearts Can’t Be Brokem is the horsy divey show thingy. Very good movie.

  17. Admiral Kent says:

    We’ll….I guess not.

  18. jedimasta says:

    Saw her at K24 in Hollywood last week but couldn’t remember who she was or where I had seen her before. Good timing on the ‘cast.

  19. Phil says:

    Just wanted to say that I thought it was a great episode and wanted to thank her from coming on the podcast, seriously I know she came off as a little guarded and maybe a little overwhelmed but doing that type of interview that’s as open as that must be scary.

    Usually when child stars (especially leads) do interviews their always on message so you rarely get any sort of insight into who they are as a person because the interviews are short, highly controlled and their portraying an image.

    For example a couple of months ago parents were in uproar that Selena Gomez swore at a recent concert (she was frustrated that a microphone wasnt working and had the bad luck that it came back on whilst she’d said the word).

    So it must have been extremely hard to let her guard down just that little bit and be relaxed enough to actually swear on record and actually tell us the truth about her short lived record career.

    Maybe if she comes back after Sam and Cat has finished she’ll actually be in a position to open up more and Chris and Matt wont have to lead the conversation as much or fill space.

    Anyway I know Jennette probably wont see this but I wanted to say thanks for letting us in a little.

  20. Admiral Kent says:

    Was Matt able to successfully hide his stiffie during the whole interview?

  21. Hey, boB, I’m forty-freakin’-nine and I’ve watched (and still watch) everything Dan Schneider produces. Doesn’t hurt that the chicks are hot, too. Old man TMI?

  22. Setra Peter says:

    I have always loved Jennette so much and she really inspires me.

  23. Ray says:

    Jennette Mccurdy is one of my favorite persons, she made me laugh a number of times.

  24. NYCrex says:

    Jenette was on my radar only because I have kids that I watch the show with on Sats. I think she has a good future ahead of her in this business. Good interview!

  25. Alexander says:

    Absolutely loved the episode and have been a fan of Jennette from her iCarly days. Which makes me wonder when we will hear Dan Schneider on the podcast?
    Also Matt was brilliant in this and can’t wait til there is Frasier cast member episode to add a new chapter to “Push through the Fear Laugh: The Matt Mira Story”?

  26. NotMF says:

    She was surprisingly down to earth and super cool! Hopefully she’ll jump on stage at NerdMelt on of these days.

    Also, horse diving was definitely a thing:

  27. George says:

    This was great! I definitely feel a lot like Jennette in that I retreat into myself because I feel like people don’t understand me (my comedy) and I’m slowly becoming aware of that. And it’s cool because I’ve always been a big fan of hers and never knew she felt like that!

    All the advice you gave her was great stuff, Chris, and I feel like I can apply it to my situation. Thanks so much! Looking forward to hearing her on Pete’s show.

  28. LJ says:

    Sorry for asking the comedy question question (not a typo) back on the Ricci thread, Chris. I was asking a genuine question at the time. But I guess it offended you.

  29. asedou says:

    God did I get the I want to make sweet love to you vibe from Matt in this one!

  30. Mark says:

    Great podcast. I didn’t know who she was going in and now after listening I’m interested in seeing what she does next (especially if it’s Pete’s show). Also I think it’s awesome that you encourage people to try comedy or anything else for that matter.

  31. manfulloftrouble says:

    I’m well outside the target demographic of iCarly and Sam & Cat but I was pleasantly surprised by Jennette and this podcast. She won me over at liking (Steven) Brody Stevens. 🙂

  32. boB says:

    I haven’t had a chance to listen to this podcast yet, but I just wanted to say I’m 37, and I watch Sam & Cat. What a f***ing hilarious show!

  33. Shay says:

    The horse diving movie is ‘Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken’ starring Gabrielle Anwar. I never thought I’d be able to drop that bit of trivia.

  34. ericmci says:

    Whoa- whoa – whoa.

    According to the Nerdist Podcast Network
    I thought that Host-Ga-tor was The Best place do get a new domain name?!(you know essspeciallly if you want a dot net name)
    Up is down- Down is up.

  35. Atticus says:

    There IS a movie about a girl who dives horses into water. Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken. Starring Gabrielle Anwar of Burn Notice fame. Boom.

  36. Tillburg says:

    Is this alluding to a Jerry Trainor episode? Don’t tease me, Nerdist. His smiles are brighter than my florescent bulbs.